Christian of Sindh have lost an other opportunity in sindh province to join hands in the struggle of boycott of local body election along with nationalists, MQM, a major political force in urban sindh and JSQM, Jia Sindh Quami Mahaz, an important cul

. The youth in interior Sindh having no equal opportunities of education and employment accepted the massage of G.M.Syed and followed him. In urban Sindh, the Urdu speaking community, immigrants from utter pardesh and central province of India, the true soul in Pakistan movement and founder of Pakistan, with their struggle and secrifies, also felt after decades, that their rights are secure in Pakistan. There fore urban sindh community united them under banner of MQM.
In recent years the forces active in urban sindh came closer to built Consensus on nationalist forces in urban and rural Sindh, as one Sindhi nation, to safeguard the rights of Sindhi people.
When we discuss the nationalism issue in Pakistan, we find upper and western Punjab in wave of serakie movement, in Balouchistan, the clear division of Pakhtoon and Balochi nationalists, In NWFP the pakhtoon nationalist movement led by Bacha khan was the very early call of adoption of nationalism, but after the death of khan Abdul Ghaffar khan, his followers were scattered by the government agencies on different pretexts and moreover the Afghan war provided religious groups of NWFP with more funds and arms that nationalist were forced to step back ,but its crystal clear, nobody can ever be able to corner the Pakhtoon nationalist movement for a long time.
The Punjab, is in no need of nationalist movement when the majority of privileged class holding control of resources of Pakistan, Unionist Party, a feudal lords political group in Punjab, now have been in best social and economic situation, after the existence of Pakistan.
1857 was the year of revival of nationalism in sub-continent of India. Muslim of India started Pakistan movement and sub-continent was divided under two-nation theory based on religion. In 1971 the two-nation theory on religion proved to he a failure when Muslim of East Pakistan demanded independence from the Muslim of West Pakistan and Bangladesh emerged as an other Muslim state on globe.
Now when Muslim in Pakistan are following the truth of the international define nationhood, based on race and language, if the Christians, in the respective boundaries of language and race shall avoid to join the struggle respectively, they shall he gambling on their fate, like they did in the Pakistan movement to vote in favor of two nation theory based on religion instead of presenting Christians as the third religious nation in the division of sub-continent of India.

The situation of Christian is worst comparing to the Muslim nations in Pakistan demanding rights. Christian youth have no equal job and education opportunities. If the string of nationhood is not played now there shall be no ground for their tomb in Pakistan.
It was the best time, that Christians of sindh even have joined, the move of boycott of local body elections to share the struggle of MQM and JSQM to secure future standings. The so-called Christian councilors elected or selected in these elections shall be addition to some more elements to salute every democratic or un-democratic regime in Pakistan. But it was again time for Christian youth to set up for struggle, to revival of their nationhood in Pakistan and to prove Christian identity as Nation.
Christians are 12% of population of Pakistan and their identity as Nation is only and last chance to live with dignity and respect in Pakistan.

Nazir S. Bhatti.

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