Christians concern over MMA vows to introduce Shariat laws in Pakistan.


It was not surprising for the political analysts that Muslim religious Parties can bag more votes than usual in these elections 2002 in NWFP and Baloucistan provinces, the eastern border provinces with Afghanistan after the strong campaign of extremi

The terror harboring government in Afghanistan led by Taliban was infect the production of these religious parties with the help of ISI wing of armed forces of Pakistan and they were looking forward to topple the military government of Pakistan in the Taliban style invasion in Pakistan in near future. After the fall of Rabbani regime in Afghanistan by these extremist religious parties of Pakistan by support through Taliban, the students in the religious schools in NWFP, run by the both groups of JUI, now the major leading group in the MMA, the grand Alliance formed by all the religious political parties of Pakistan, before the elections of 2002. The major role played in the MMA victory in these elections were the Afghan Refugees in these border provinces of NWFP and Balouchistan, where they settled, the decades ago and by the forged documents like national identity cards and passports turned to be Pakistani nationals and duly emerged as the vote bank of religious groups which harbored these illegal immigrants on common social, cultural and ethnic values when the moderate political parties in these provinces always demanded their safe return to Afghanistan after the Russians push back from their land.

Its fact the Afghan refugees were the wealthy Afghani who left Afghanistan after fall of Shah kingdom by the radical group backed by the Russians in Afghanistan. Most of these Refugees feared their life and property because they have controlled the Afghanistan economy and poor people by their multiple interests curse and binding them in their circle of interests. On which the general population was not happy through generations bonded in this money interest business run by the refugees. These refugees came with their illegal drug money and established business and bought properties in Pakistan. They were funding these religious parties in Pakistan and to run the religious schools in Pakistan. After becoming voters in Pakistan they became the vote bank of these religious parties and any sensible Pakistani was fully aware of this fact and government was too.

We can assume from the facts that ISI favored these religious political groups to win the elections of 2002 as they supported to form the Taliban as conquering force in Afghanistan. When ever the military government was asked to repeal the Islamic laws in Pakistan, the administration refused to pay any consideration on this issue but openly declared that they have no intentions to changes in implementations of Islamic laws when this military used all the laws and amendments in the constitution of Pakistan to prolong their rule in Pakistan which seemed moral support to these religious political parties.

On other hand the government used Christian agents to form one alliance and forced them to openly announce their support to PPP to bring them on frontline in this game unless Christians supported the liberal and moderate groups in Pakistan in all elections but never clearly sided like this in past.

Now the leadership of MMA is openly declaring to implement Sharia law in Pakistan, which have feared the Christian population who have been victimized by Islamic laws and massacred by the Muslim extremist militant groups in the recent years. The fear by the Christians is more when these religious political groups have won the big number of seats in National assembly of Pakistan and are preparing to form governments in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces. from this alliance of MMA. There is no such clarification by these religious parties leadership about the rights of Christian minority in Pakistan who are under potential threat by Islamic groups in Pakistan

Nazir S Bhatti

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