HYDERABAD. October 14, 2003: The Bonded peasants mostly belonging to minority community languishing under the private jails of feudal lords/land lords of Sindh have began to seek help from National Commission For Justice and Peace (established by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Pakistan) On 10 October a peasant Neela son of Hewshi resident of village Ishaq Mahar Deh 215 Tehsil Kot Ghulam Mohammed district Mipurkhas came to Human Rights office of NCJP situated at St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral Tilk Incline Hyderabad and sought recovery of his family members held hostage by landlord Aslam Mahar. He told Sooba Bhatti and Imtiaz Amanat at NCJP office that he had run from the private jail of the said landlord only to seek release of his 10 other family members who were kept in private prison of the landlord and forced to work on his lands as bonded labor without payment of their labor. He told the commission that his brother Kirshan Hewashi had also fled the bonded camp and had applied to administration for his and his family's release but his application was turned down by Pakistan authorities. Neela told the commission that said landlord was committing atrocities with them. He molests their women folk and takes labor from them day and night. He said that they were tied with chains in the electric poles so that they lest could not run away. He said the landlord never allows their children to go to school. He requested the commission to help him release his 10 family members from the clutches of landlord. HYDERABAD: 4 more peasants Tilchho son of Sakro, Mavji, Par Khan and Ramji all by caste Kolhi clan of Hindu minority community from the same Tehsil Kot Ghulam Mohammed's village Deh 331 accused their landlord Abdul Manan son of Sulleman Qaimkhani of discrimination and other atrocities. They visited Hyderabad town of Pakistan where they held news conference and told newsmen that their families were tilling lands of landlord Abdul Manan Qaimkhani for last 7 years. They said they had raised the crops of cotton on 10 acres, sugar can on 8 acres, chilly on 3 acres, wheat on 6 acres as also other vegetables on the lands of the above landlord. They told that an amount of Rs.159, 000 of their share of labor was outstanding to landlord who had first promised to make payment in August 2003 but now was declining to pay them their share of labor. They said when they insisted on payment they were called by landlord to his Otaq (rest house) where they were tied with ropes by his manager Mohammed Khan Qaimkhani and Kamdar (clerk) Munroopo and tortured whole night and left only on promise that they would not disclose the torture story to anyone. They said they had made complaint to Mohammed Jaffar Kalro the Nazim(administrator) of Union Council (local body) of the area but he also failed to help them. They said the manager and clerk of the landlord intrude into their house in drunken condition and tease and made attempt to rape their women. They have now threatened the peasants to eject them from the lands and homes. They said as they belong to minority community they were being discriminated at all levels and they could not get justice. DEMO AGAISNT LAWLESSNESS HYDERABAD: The workers of Mazloom Bachayo (Save the oppressed people) Committee held demonstration in front of press club Hyderabad the other day to protest against the recent killings in Pakistan.The demonstration was led by Roshan Sunder Chandio a noted writer of Sindhi language. Addressing the demonstration he said that the life of any one was not safe in country. He quoted the recent murder of journalist Amir Bux Brohi who was killed by gunmen in Shikarpur Town of Sindh, the murder of famous Sindhi writer Zakhmi Chandio, another writer and intellectual of Sindh Malik Agani and murder of religious leader Maulana Azam Tariq. He demanded arrest of killers. Advocate Amanullah Soomro addressed the demonstration, advocates Sachal Awan, advocates Sattar Sarki, noted Sindhi poet Shaheed Soomro and chairman of Pakistan Awam League Talat Sabir Ali advocate.

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