Mockery of Christian Pregnant woman during attack by Muslims in Pakistan


Faisalabad: August 31, 2015. (PCP) “Now our Majority brothers will decide whether the Christian women will give birth respectfully or like animals” such alarming observations were given by Chief Coordinator of “The Voice Society” after visiting victim family in a village in near Samaundri who were attacked by Muslims who tortured men and women of labour family. Muslim attackers when beating a pregnant Christian woman were loudly saying “You cannot be pregnant without permission of Muslim master who pay you” Its sad episode of bonded labour Christian family working in Brick Kiln factory; Khaliq Masih is a resident of Nangli 221 GB and is a brick kiln worker. On 27th of August The Voice Society received an information about the torture upon the family of Khaliq Masih by the Muslims of the community. The Voice Team reached Samaundri’s (about 50kms away from Faisalabad) Village Nangli about 275kms away from Lahore and met Khaliq Masih in the Civil Hospital Samundri. He was admitted in Male medical ward on bed no11. Khaliq Masih: Khaliq Masih told the Voice team that on 27th afternoon about 3:00pm, his nephew Arshad aged about 12 years was playing in the street, while Muhammad Shahid was passing by the street, he mocked Arshad that his sister-in-law is pregnant and she will give birth as their cows and buffalos do. Arshad Masih got offensive and replied the same way to him. Muhammad Shahid started beating Arshad Masih while Khaliq Masih and his wife interrupted and settled the quarrel. Later in the evening Muhammad Shahid and his fellow brothers named Zeeshan and Muhammad Adnan went to the house of Khaliq Masih, broke his house and beaten his son named Khawar Masih, his wife Kalsoom Bibi and him. Khaliq’s arm was broken while his wife got injured seriously. Khaliq was admitted in civil hospital while the doctors sent his wife home after treating her. Musarat Bibi sister of Khaliq Masih and Khawar Masih were staying at the hospital. The police station tarkhani’s Police refused to lodge an FIR and asked the family to bring the medical certificate for the registration of the case. After attending Khaliq Masih, in the hospital The Voice team headed towards the Village of the family along with Khawar Masih to the Village which is about 13kms away from the city. The team met Kalsoom Bibi, her sister named Naseem Bibi and Khaliq’s father named Mehanga Masih at the village and also listened to their comments and statements. The family of Khaliq Masih was very upset, and scared and were looking forward to some help from God. The Voice team assured them of the Legal help and Justice. Reservations: Christian Community is facing all sorts of discrimination and disgrace from their land Lords, neighbors, or where ever they live or work. Christians have no right to respect, education, free living and now they are under observation/mockery of giving Birth, now our Majority brothers will decide whether the Christian women will give birth respectfully or like animals.

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