All is well. By:Zairah Fatmi


I see cheerful mobs turning into graveyards, Mothers crying over their sons scattered bodies and to every heart shaking sight we have become so ignorant that now if we see a news of some bomb blasts we stop for a while say, “OH!” and move on to our favorite T.V show. I don’t understand that who is teaching those people that they can bring peace or WIN by such destructive means, I do not understand how they sleep or eat or carry any routine task after killing people so inhumanly, and the byproduct of this continuous terrorism is our YOUTHFUL youth, confused, ignorant, and somewhat insensitive. People through a well planned plot are corroding our youth to keep us from rising and developing so easy it is to sit and comment on those bomb blasts how difficult it is for the people who fall victims to this bitter reality, How difficult it is for a wife to search for her husband’s name on the “Martyr’s list”, for a brother to identify his brother’s wrenched dead body. Mosques, markets even hospitals are no more safe. I ask the people responsible for this, if they can read me. Where are your efforts leading? Stop for a while look around, look at the ashes of what once used to be a beautiful scenery, what good is it bringing to you or any other person? How can killing your own people benefit you? Stop and try to see your mother’s reflection in those mourning mothers faces. Let people breathe freely! Let them live! Let them enjoy!
I see T.V and newspaper filled up with Sania-Shoaib issue, How energetically our youth has respond to that, people sending in articles regarding how they feel, every kid in every school is discussing what I consider a pretty personal affair and what’s depressing is how they remain serene when a serious issue is raised, when a little girl is forced to marriage, when lives of innocent little angels are destroyed brutally, when the doctors play the “ANGEL OF DEATH “,when the teenagers corrode their lives with drugs and what not, when the police “DANCE DRUNK” by the roads.
Our problem is that we are sleeping under a lullaby that’s now leading us to hibernate completely. We see it as our right to speak of some two glittering star’s marriage, and we overlook the problems where we must raise a voice.
I dream for a nation where people won’t fear being blown up during Friday prayers, where doctors will start moving with a responsible attitude, where exams and other important events won’t be postponed, the traffic won’t rush fearing they might be struck by that “unknown-bullet “and end up in I.C.U’s ,The T.V wont brim with the sounds of sirens from ambulances and fire brigades, A dream that people with beards won’t be regarded as terrorists, A dream that the gardens of my motherland will be filled with colorful flowers of love, sweet fragrance of hope and vibrant butterflies and cheerful birds of peace, and I and you will be able to sleep knowing “ALL IS WELL”.A dream that my dream be your dream and be the dream of the whole nation!

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