The Future Of English In Pakistan. By Maheen Mustafa


It is well conventional fact that no nation can steps forward without education . People can not get privileged skills and guidance without education . Pakistan has the lowly literacy velocity in the world; it is not more than 26% . The governments have been provided that funds but these allocations could not amplify tempo to a substantial coverage. This mean the funds unaided are not sufficient. Our planners will have to take bold steps. The most imperative education that should be provided to the populace is of English .The education of English is of to a large extent importance in this epoch and its become the most challenging language in all fields.
There has been a immense fuss in topical years about replacing English with the national language . Some of our educationists had been advocating instantaneous steps to exorcise English from the country . They propose four reasons in sustain of their view . First, they say that no nation can accomplish the uppermost inventive level in a foreign language . They mean to say that no ingenious work is probable excluding in the mother tongue . Secondly, translations of the latest scientific books can augment. Urdu; hence no necessitate of English . Thirdly, English is doing impairment to the cause of national language . Lastly; much of the time of our students is shattered in learning English .
The wiles against English are not based on deep deliberation and can be refuted. First, history does not shore up the view that inventive work in a foreign language is not feasible. Sir Isaac Newton’s great book Principia was in black and white in Latin and not in his mother tongue English . Many creative workings of high quality were written by the Persian, the Turks, The central Asian, not in their mother tongue but in Arabic, Farabi, Al Beruni, Bu Ali Seina, Ghazaali, Nasiruddin Tusi and Shah Walliullah were non-Arabs but wrote their master pieces in Arabia . Allama Iqbal delivered his renowned lectures in English . Secondly, real knowledge can not be gained through translation . Translator stands between the students and the author and the precision of perception. The advanced students are shorn of the access to the original sources. Then knowledge is going at a marvelous swiftness from capacity to capacity. By the time a pamphlet is translated, at least half a dozen on the subject will have appeared. All our moment and currency will be worn out in translations. Thirdly, English has never done any destruction to the national language. The paramount artistic and valuable work in our national and religious languages has been done by those who has been masters in English . As such, our vernacular languages are indebted to those who have domination of English language . Lastly, it is our insistent require to be scrupulously acquainted with one press forward foreign language , be it Russian, German, French or English. The study of at least one foreign language is unavoidable even in advanced countries. If we bring to an end English and try to learn another language, it will fritter away more time. We have a back ground, books and teachers in English.
We may not like English in the syrupy ground but there are many reasons to preserve English, in our society till our own languages are affluent. English is an international language and we call for it at every stride. It is a gate to the acquisition of knowledge in science and technology. More ever, English has its derivation very profound in our society. It cannot be done away with so soon. English has been the official language for more than two centuries in our country. In many universities, it is used as a medium of tuition. In cities as well as in towns, lawyers, doctors, teachers and other educated persons provide work for this language for communication of ideas. It relics the language of our educated class . As a theme of verity it has helped in influential the minds, outlooks and estimation of our people.
Our intelligentsia has a yawning accessory to English. The consequence of the national language cannot be denied, but who are going to give this language the place it deserves? Those who can enrich this language do not come forward. Our educationist and writers linger demanding in mounting slogans for the national language. They could not manufacture something creative and precious during the last 35 years. As long as, this class is under manipulate of English the national language cannot take the place of English for many more years to come.

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