I want to heaven. By Shamim Masih


I dwell in Pakistan as well as my forefathers experienced willingly thought we would stay right here. Our forefathers get led in the development of the nation. But now it has become hard to live in accord because since (Talibanization) mulish Islamic team ended up lording it over in the country they have turn out to be difficult to call home in a helpful environment. This article which often practices is supposed to be a standard intro for the Muslim’s analysis – not just a complete affirmation. Certainly not every little thing right here will also apply to Islamic nation or every Muslim particular person. This article can be offered to present understanding straight into some of the poisonous involving Muslims on the globe.
In the reporting room, I was working in my office; couples of colleagues were discussing that if any person works honestly for the humanity, whether he can go to heaven even he is not a Muslim? One of them was a visitor in our office who had served in the past; having long beard and had Taliban outfit. The said person said even if Mother Teresa had worked hard for humanity, even than she will go into hell reason because she is not follower of Prophet Muhammad. The discussion went on and I plead that it is up to God, to whom He grant heaven or hell. Mother Teresa worked for noble cause and was world recognized her services and now it is up to God to decide her fate. During the discussion he exchange harsh words and started fighting with me in the reporting room. We had clash on the bases of religion and certainly other colleagues came in to settle down the issue. We went to resident editor room and he solves the matter for the moment, just after causing the space he vulnerable me in order to blast and so on.
These days Islam has grown to be second-largest faith on the globe. In Muslim decided nations religious liberty means that the Christian minority stay in limitations. These are banned to talk about their own trust rather Muslims inflict their own trust about them. And another must either pay attention as well as obey these or prepared to pass away. This is Pakistan, Mullah’s nation. This kind of rigid circumstance turns into destructive once you help these as well as you aren't allowed to speak.
Whenever a man first becomes religious extremist and think about mankind on next, society suffer like Pakistan. Where by fundamentalists are generally allowed to get regulation in very own hands and authorities fails to conduct their own duty and where each and every person doesn’t include overall flexibility according to their own faith. In this contemporary society one-and-a-half-year old newborn isn't allowed to lay to rest for four days because she was born in another faith family. Despite the fact that any dying in a loved one’s is usually sad and painful extramarital relationship and it's also on this sort of time period when almost all sympathy and tolerance must be expanded on the survivors. To utilize religious hate to avoid your deceased’s loved ones from accomplishing this kind of standard work connected with reverence for his close relatives is usually unconscionable. But also for the length of time you will probably have on the people who wipe out a huge selection of your worshipers to venture to heaven to have 70 hoors (waives). Image equipped realize these kinds of phonetic not just include detest intended for other faiths yet into their as well. To my opinion it can be unbelievable truly what religion is usually educating this type of mankind. Is actually this kind of Islam, there're serving? OMG….. Is actually this kind of educating connected with Islam? To wipe out other intended for particular stake…. Mumtaz Qadri, protection safeguard was equipped to be able to governor Punjab, Salman Taseer yet he mortally wounded him and said which he features dished up Islam.
It happens when extended horses are geared with no steam and gusto! It happens when Islam comes first and humanity stands second. Then residents living in concrete houses were set into fire and people use law to settle score. It was observed in Joseph Colony, Lahore incident that the houses were concrete often with wooden doors and windows, but enough combustible material to catch fire just by the throwing of a matchstick. Residents who had dared to stay close to keep an eye on their homes saw bottles of chemicals used for the arson. The burning has been presented as the work of a frenzied crowd but this was clearly a planned attack. The picture of “illiterate masses” prone to illogical burst of violence and uncontrollable religious passions is ultimately a comforting myth that helps establish the superiority of the elite.
But they all forget, as soon as you die, your identity becomes as body. People use phrases like, bring the body lower the body in the grave… take the body to the grave yard, etc…. people don’t even call you by your name…. whom you tried to impress whole life…. Dwell along with make it possible for other folks live in a good relationship, it is interfaith a good relationship along with globe is actually looking at dwell with each other with enjoy, acknowledge other folks. Celebrate this event called life.….

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