Lebanon in Faustian Deal with Saudi Arabia and France: Suleiman Blinded by Reality. By Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker


President Michel Suleiman of Lebanon made a shocking announcement whereby he made a Faustian deal with Saudi Arabia. Of course, given the fact that Saudi Arabia relies wholeheartedly on Western technology then France will obtain many military contracts. Therefore, two nations that are destabilizing the Levant by supporting an array of terrorist forces in Syria are to be rewarded by Suleiman.
France is currently entering another period of major schizophrenia because on the one hand this nation is responsible for the destabilization of Libya and Syria alongside other Gulf and NATO powers. Indeed, in Libya it is clear that France played a pivotal role in overthrowing Gaddafi and this applies to the media war, supporting various militias and terrorist groups, covert operatives on the ground, bombing from the sky, supplying military hardware, and other important areas. The knock on effect of the deeds of major Gulf and NATO powers is enormous instability in Libya and this nation is now a conduit for military hardware, terrorists and mercenaries going to the Levant and other areas.
However, on the other hand France stepped in quickly in Mali and now is seeking to stabilize the Central African Republic. Of course, part of the schizophrenia like policies of France can be witnessed in Mali. After all, the collapse of Gaddafi enabled international jihadists to make the most of the situation by also destabilizing Mali. Despite this, France, unlike other destabilizing nations, for example America, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom; did at least take their responsibilities more seriously in Mali and now in the Central African Republic.
Despite this, it is strange that staunchly secular France is in league with Saudi Arabia because Gulf petrodollars seek to crush secularism, religious liberty and the emancipation of women. Not only this, Saudi Arabia is the most despotic nation on this planet because at least in North Korea women have a million times more freedom than “the land of shadows.” Also, irrespective of what North Korea is, it is abundantly clear that sectarianism, terrorism and spreading a dangerous Takfiri worldview belongs to Saudi Arabia and other feudal Gulf nations. In other words, North Korea is containable within Northeast Asia but Gulf petrodollars are spreading a dangerous ideology to all the continents of this world.
In Lebanon the main Shia and Christian political movements both know that the real threat equally applies to Gulf and Western powers when it comes to destabilizing Syria and the Levant. Likewise, the role of NATO Turkey in allowing al-Qaeda affiliates, and an array of terrorist forces, to utilize the border areas with Syria is abundantly clear. Indeed, the Erdogan government in Turkey wanted military action against Syria just like France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Therefore, for Suleiman to announce a $3 billion deal with Saudi Arabia is shocking because this nation is behind much of the sectarianism and terrorism in Syria along with other Gulf and Western powers.
The $3 billion grant given to the army of Lebanon by Saudi Arabia, which also will reward France, is a Faustian deal of mega proportions. Christians and the Shia represent a sizeable majority of the population of Lebanon when both religious groups are lumped together. Yet in Saudi Arabia not one single Christian church is allowed and apostates to the Christian faith face death. Similarly, the Shia community in Saudi Arabia is oppressed and marginalized to a major degree. Despite this, Suleiman appears aloof to the reality of Saudi Arabia and Qatar being especially behind sectarian and terrorist forces in Syria. This means that Suleiman is turning to the very nations who are spreading instability throughout the Levant and causing greater sectarianism in Lebanon.
Suleiman says “The king of the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is offering this generous and appreciated aid of $3bn to the Lebanese army to strengthen its capabilities.”
The BBC reports “French President Francois Hollande said his country would “meet” any demands for weapons from Lebanon during a visit on Sunday to Saudi Arabia aimed at boosting commercial ties with the kingdom.”
“I am in touch with President Suleiman… If demands are made to us, we will meet them.”
This “brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” is currently sponsoring forces, along with Qatar and Turkey, which are cleansing religious minorities in Syria. In other words, the land of Saudi Arabia, which will not tolerate one single Christian church, is now behind Takfiri sectarian forces that are cleansing Christians and destroying churches. Of course, true to the nature of Salafi and Takfiri militancy, which can be found throughout Saudi Arabia, then Alawites and the Shia face enormous persecution in Syria based on Saudi and Qatari funding.
In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: “Gulf and Western powers easily sacrificed the Christians of Iraq and clearly the same powers care little about the Alawites, Christians and the Shia minority in Syria which face Takfiri persecution and daily massacres. It is therefore incumbent on General Michel Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) to maintain a firm relationship with Hezbollah. The FPM is mainly supported by Christians while Hezbollah is a powerful force within the Shia community. If the FPM and Hezbollah are hoodwinked by outside forces which seek to cause divisions, then both communities will suffer in the long-term given the shifting sands being backed by Gulf powers throughout the Levant.”
“In Syria it is Takfiri Islamists and a plethora of sectarian terrorist groups which are involved in beheading minorities, brutally killing captured Syrian soldiers, committing atrocities against civilians based on religious and political affiliation and setting off car bombs throughout this nation. Hezbollah, on the other hand, is fighting alongside the Syrian armed forces in parts of Syria irrespective if the soldiers are Alawite, Christian, Shia or Sunni. This isn’t surprising because Hezbollah supports the Palestinian cause and it is abundantly clear that the majority of Palestinians are Sunni Muslims. Therefore, the mass propaganda angle against Hezbollah is easily dismantled because this movement is resisting the hegemonic dreams of major Western powers, Gulf nations and the state of Israel.”
Suleiman therefore is trying to “hoodwink” the people of Lebanon by signing a Faustian deal with twin forces that are supporting the demise of the rich mosaic of the Levant.

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