US in spin about Syria: Kerry and the beheading and cleansing of minorities “Revolution”. Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker


Gulf nations and powerful NATO powers alongside a major media war against Syria have all failed to either gain public sympathy at home, and in overthrowing the government of Syria. The “kitchen sink” of so-called Western democratic nations and feudal monarchs in the Gulf comprises of supporting al-Qaeda affiliates, Takfiris who behead for fun, barbaric mercenaries, Islamist sectarians, a plethora of terrorist groups and of course covert operatives have utilized NATO Turkey, Jordan and parts of Lebanon. Despite this, and helping to destroy the economy and infrastructure, the Syrian armed forces remain steadfast and determined to rid Syria of outside forces.
John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, not only resides in “fantasy land” but his manipulation of language is extremely dangerous. Kerry is trying to urge Syria’s opposition to join peace talks in order to create the false image of a united front. Of course, even Kerry knows that the so-called opposition is currently killing each other by means of beheadings and the usual barbaric traits that they utilize in order to rule by fear. Kerry similarly knows, just like the United Kingdom, Turkey and France does, that all religious minorities fear radical Takfiris and the plethora of militant Sunni Islamist forces. Therefore, religious minorities flee various terrorist groups that are currently being supported by outside nations.
The US Secretary of State comments about the proposed Geneva II by stating: “It is about establishing a process essential to the formation of a transitional governing body with full executive powers, established by mutual consent.”
Again, the above is incorrect because you have the Syrian government and an opposition that agrees on little. Indeed, on the ground the so-called opposition is killing each by their usual brutal standards. If mainstream Sunni Muslims, Christians and others in the opposition really believe they can enter al-Qaeda affiliated areas, militant Free Syrian Army (FSA) areas and so forth; then, they should try but clearly they can’t. Therefore, they stay in fancy hotels in foreign nations and sprout propaganda on the behest of their various masters. Even then, the so-called opposition argues like no tomorrow and when viewing the models of Gulf and Western intrigues in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – then clearly the various factions reside in cloud cuckoo land alongside Kerry.
Kerry also says: “It is the only way to bring about an end to the civil war that has triggered one of the planet’s most severe humanitarian disasters, and which has created the seeding grounds for extremism.”
Once more, this comment is ridiculous because the “civil war” is based on the intrigues of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Kingdom – and others, which have collectively sided with sectarian and terrorist forces. Indeed, NATO Turkey is now highlighting the reality that al-Qaeda affiliates and other brutal terrorist groups have an open ticket to enter Syria. Similarly, Kerry and others clearly know that Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and others, are supporting terrorism, sectarianism and mass Salafi indoctrination openly; therefore, the only way to bring a brutal end to the crisis in Syria is for outside nations to stop meddling and funding brutal forces.
It begs the question just how many beheadings, massacres against minorities, cleansing Christians, slaughtering Alawites, destroying Shia mosques, killing Sunni religious preachers who are loyal to the government, eating body parts of soldiers, and so forth, does it take until democratic nations stop peddling the Takfiri sponsored killers of feudal Gulf monarchs alongside the treachery of the Erdogan government in Turkey? In other words, Western powers should stop destabilizing nations and if Kerry is sincere – and obviously he isn’t – then America, France and the United Kingdom should stop their power plays with brutal feudal monarchs that export terrorism, sectarianism and sedition.
In another Modern Tokyo Times article it was stated: “Endless talk of a peace conference appears hollow unless the main sponsors of sectarianism, terrorism and chaos are made to back down. Of course, in an ideal world then Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and others, would be held accountable for supporting terrorism and sectarianism openly. However, nobody expects equality in international law. Therefore, nations are being allowed to funnel military arms, terrorists, mercenaries, sectarians, al-Qaeda groups, covert operatives – and so forth – to Syria irrespective if openly through NATO Turkey or clandestinely.”
“Christian ethnic cleansing and forced conversions are only happening by Gulf and Western backed forces of sectarianism. Alawites also face the real threat of annihilation if the Syrian government loses and the Shia are openly killed and butchered by various terrorist groups. Sunni loyalists are also tortured and murdered by Takfiris who praise Allah while beheading people in front of children. Indeed, video footage also shows Gulf sponsored Takfiris openly killing children while praising an entity which adores blood according to their mantra. This hatred is being spewed far and wide and it shames all Western nations who are siding with such barbarity. After all, nobody expects morality from Saudi Arabia who supports killing apostates to Christianity (and all non-Muslim faiths) and allows old men to marry little girls of 8 years of age and so forth. Indeed, the Takfiri killers in Syria just like the Taliban in Afghanistan are the raw version of the real Saudi Arabia which hides behind its wealth.”
Of course, Syria needs peace but this can only happen once outside nations stop meddling into the internal affairs of this nation. Similarly, President Bashar al-Assad made it clear from the start that reforms are needed. Also, if America, France and the United Kingdom are so concerned about democracy then why don’t they clean up the nightmare called Saudi Arabia? After all, not one single Christian church is allowed in Saudi Arabia, old men can marry little girls of 8 and 9 years of age, women are even forbidden from driving cars, apostates face being beheaded – and so forth. Syria under the current government prior to outside nations destabilizing this country was vastly more advanced and will continue to be so providing brutal Takfiri and sectarian forces are defeated.
Syria needs a political solution once the serious threat to the nation state is defeated and outside nations stop supporting sedition, terrorism and sectarianism. Once the barbaric ratlines are stopped then Syria can move forward under the guidance of Syrians who care about the sovereignty of their country. Also, neighboring nations including Iraq and Lebanon will benefit greatly from stability in Syria because sinister forces are supporting sectarianism in their respective nations because of the chaos in Syria. It is time for outside nations to admit that they have failed to overthrow the government of Syria and that their methodologies are not only brutal and barbaric but they are also endangering Iraq and Lebanon alongside threatening the rich mosaic of the Levant.
Finally, Kerry mentioned “revolution.” Therefore, in his world this must equate to terrorist attacks, beheading individuals, cutting up Syrian soldiers, cleansing Christians, destroying Shia holy places, threatening to wipe-out Alawites from the face of this earth, killing journalists, teaching children to behead captured Syrian soldiers – and so forth. Some “revolution,” Mr. John Kerry!
Photo Image: U.S. Department of State

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