Fake Ministers, Fake Democracy. By Waheed Anjum Bhatti


Recently one Christian Minister of Punjab Govt. (Pakistan) was highly disgraced by Chief Minister. And he was so wounded up by this act and resigned from the ministry. But has he thought for one second that his reaction could be fruitful in the future or just wanted to be a spectacle for some days. In fact his reaction was just proved as pageant nothing else. His extreme initiative could not bring any impact on Chief Minister and why shall it be? He is not any relative of C.M. Resigning from his ministry has given people chance to laugh out loud at him. Minorities have shown a mix reaction on it. C.M is famous for his temperament and whenever he is visiting any department every one try to not get noticed by him.
When C.M was scolding the minister, it felt like he was talking to one of his housemaid. Agreed, that C.M is a man of hot head but has he not even thought for a second that the person to whom he is addressing is a Lawyer of Supreme Court and assigned as a minister for couple of ministries. Has he ever talked to any other of his ministers like this? Mr. Tahir Khalil Sandho stated in his resignation, today felt that he belongs to minorities. This is very alarming statement and revealed the truth showing religious discrimination, division of classes and persecution. Which testify that minorities are not being treated as equal citizens of Pakistan. Chief of PML(N) and Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef stated several times that he does not like the word “Minorites” but by the acts it seems he does not like minorities. God knows well if he is telling truth but one thing is crystal clear that minorities of Pakistan still could not get equal status and fundamental rights among the society. Even in 21st century religious minorities consider themselves insecure. Most of the time, they have to face discriminative attitude. Extremist mind set just need an excuse to burn their colonies, attacks on Churches cost hundreds of innocent lives. If someone has to take personal enmity, blasphemy case is the best way to launch. What kind of democracy and country is this? Law and order can’t be seen anywhere. Is this the Pakistan of Quid-e-Azam which was dreamed by Illama Iqbal.
On the other side of Picture, it has exposed the value and respect of current representatives of minorities who have been selected by this poor electoral system. Until this electoral system continues, such kind of Ministers, Senators, Advisers and Representatives will keep continue to be disgraced. Today Tahir Khalil Sandho proclaimed his helplessness, powerlessness and treated as minority. When a minister is crying for worst behaviour and injustice then what an ordinary person can expect. If minorities have to live their lives in a respectful manner then they have to take some solid initiative to bring change. (I’ll discuss these solid initiatives in next article.) Can you afford if your next generation has to see the current circumstances where you and me are being crushed in the mill of oppression and repression. Do you not wish that people respect you by your work, not by religion. Can supremacy of law and order not be placed in this country? Can we not make realize to these so called rulers that we are human beings as well, we eat the same food and drink the same water which is a production of this soil. We are not less than any other patriots, till today none of minority’s member has taken part in knitting any conspiracy web in the favor of any enemy of the state, none of minority’s member has made any money from any foreigner to weaken the foundation our country, our home. Then why we are being treated as expats?
Punishment of such Fake Ministers of this Fake democracy will be continuing until we do not try to change this system. Oppressors will keep make us realize that we are minorities, but not Pakistanis.

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