Jesus Healed Hindu Brahmin Girl from the Issue of Blood. By Mercy Ciniraj


Miss. Vaishnavi, 22 years old Hindu Brahmin (hindu priestly family) girl, who was suffering from heavy bleeding since last three years.
She consulted a Gynecologist. Doctor advised her for ultrasonography. She has done ultrasonography and doctor said that according ultrasonography there are several cysts in both of her ovaries. Therefore, Doctor advised her for hysterectomy. Since she is unmarried her parents were not willing for the hysterectomy and also at the same time they can’t afford to pay the expenses for hysterectomy.
Few weeks ago, Vaishnavi met a lady evangelist who was distributing the Bibles from Paul Ciniraj Ministries ( and received a Children’s Bible from her. At once our Lord interfere her to share her physical problem with the evangelist. She also told her that she is having more problem as she is not able to purchase medicines any more. It was very difficult for her to live without medicines.
Lady evangelist shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of healing in Jesus’ Name. She told about the woman having an issue of blood twelve years and came behind Jesus and touched the border of His garment and immediately her issue of blood stanched. Hearing the Gospel Vaishnavi repented from all of her sins and accepted Lord Jesus as her personal saviour and asked the lady evangelist to pray over her.
Next Sunday Vaishnavi attend the worship service in the Church of God upon evangelist’s request. During the worship service she shared her problem and the church prayed for her. While church was praying, Vaishnavi got annointed by the Holy Spirit and she felt she was completely healed from her sickness. Now she is regularly attending the church service with full of joy. She shared her testimony that she totally healed from the issue of blood.
Three Days Fasting Prayer And Night Vigil on 6 to 8 Feb, 2014
There will be a three days fasting prayers and a full night prayer service (night vigil) in India. Pastor Paul Ciniraj alongwith several other pastors will be leading the fasting prayers and night vigil.
The three days fasting prayers with a full night prayer vigil will be started on 6th February (Thursday) morning at 9 am and break on 8th (Saturday) morning at 6 am Indian time. (Thursday and Friday fasting pryers will be at 9 am to 3 pm. And again Friday 6 pm to Saturday 6 am full night prayer vigil).
Those who want to submit prayer requests, please send it to the email id: Those prayer requests will be praying during the fasting prayers and night vigil.

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