President Kiir of South Sudan accuses the UN of bias: Another Bosnia – indeed, another Syria? By Lielit Kebede and Lee Jay Walker


President Salva Kiir of South Sudan is extremely dismayed by the behavior of the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission. Kiir is hinting that the UN is providing safe havens for rebels inside UN camps. The UN denies this but Kiir is adamant that the UN is behaving like “a parallel government” based on the role of this organization in South Sudan.
The accusations are very serious but this isn’t the first time because in Bosnia the UN was manipulated by many parties despite the noble intentions of many within this organization. Likewise, the UN arms embargo in Bosnia was a field day for America, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and others, who all involved themselves in supporting Islamic jihadists to kill and slaughter Orthodox Christians. Therefore, the words of Kiir should be taken seriously because all too often the UN is becoming embroiled in certain power processes that are well outside its remit.
It is true that many rebels in South Sudan will naturally be able to enter UN camps because a reported 70,000 civilians have taken shelter under the auspices of this organization. However, if military arms are being taken into the camps or rebels are being protected, or both, then this raises serious issues.
Philip Aguer, spokesperson for the army of South Sudan, is clearly dismayed by the UN preventing a government minister from entering a UN camp. The
Sudan Tribune reports: “Philip Aguer said on Monday that the UN should come out to explain why the minister was not allowed into the camp.”
“What was inside that UNMISS [compound] which they don’t want the minister of incumbent government to see,” Aguer told Sudan Tribune by phone.”
In Bosnia the UN enabled conditions whereby outside nations could openly violate the arms embargo because too little was done to challenge nations that were openly violating the stance taken by the UN outwardly. Similarly, the Croatian army was being developed on the one hand in order to attack the Serbs in Krajina and in Bosnia; while the Bosnian Muslim forces and various Islamic jihadists groups were able to manipulate UN areas and the no-passport controls of regional players. The same is happening in Syria because jihadists from all over the world along with military weapons are flowing easily via Turkey into northern Syria. Therefore, while certain individuals in the UN were trying to be honest brokers in Bosnia, it is clear that at a bigger level it was nothing more “than a shadow” for the intrigues of America, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda affiliates who were all on the same side. Of course, the icing on the cake was the media war and the same ratlines and processes are currently being used against the government of Syria.
The Guardian published an article in 2002 by Richard J. Aldrich titled America used Islamists to arm the Bosnian Muslims. Aldrich says: “In the 1980s Washington’s secret services had assisted Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran. Then, in 1990, the US fought him in the Gulf. In both Afghanistan and the Gulf, the Pentagon had incurred debts to Islamist groups and their Middle Eastern sponsors. By 1993 these groups, many supported by Iran and Saudi Arabia, were anxious to help Bosnian Muslims fighting in the former Yugoslavia and called in their debts with the Americans. Bill Clinton and the Pentagon were keen to be seen as creditworthy and repaid in the form of an Iran-Contra style operation – in flagrant violation of the UN Security Council arms embargo against all combatants in the former Yugoslavia.”
“The result was a vast secret conduit of weapons smuggling though Croatia. This was arranged by the clandestine agencies of the US, Turkey and Iran, together with a range of radical Islamist groups, including Afghan mojahedin and the pro-Iranian Hizbullah. Wiebes reveals that the British intelligence services obtained documents early on in the Bosnian war proving that Iran was making direct deliveries.”
“Arms purchased by Iran and Turkey with the financial backing of Saudi Arabia made their way by night from the Middle East. Initially aircraft from Iran Air were used, but as the volume increased they were joined by a mysterious fleet of black C-130 Hercules aircraft. The report stresses that the US was “very closely involved” in the airlift. Mojahedin fighters were also flown in, but they were reserved as shock troops for especially hazardous operations.”
Croatia gained enormously because arms were flowing into this nation from Argentina, Belgium and Germany directly – and from a host of other nations based on Croatia charging a high tax before they reached Bosnian Muslim forces. Aldrich says: Rather than the CIA, the Pentagon’s own secret service was the hidden force behind these operations. The UN protection force, UNPROFOR, was dependent on its troop-contributing nations for intelligence, and above all on the sophisticated monitoring capabilities of the US to police the arms embargo. This gave the Pentagon the ability to manipulate the embargo at will: ensuring that American Awacs aircraft covered crucial areas and were able to turn a blind eye to the frequent nightime comings and goings at Tuzla.”
Indeed, some in the CIA were alarmed because they feared about blowback in the future and clearly they were correct. After all, the Bosnian Muslim connection and international jihadists are involved in various aspects of the chain that led to the barbaric terrorist attacks of September 11 and Madrid. Similarly, some in the CIA and in covert operations in Iraq are alarmed by the Obama administration and its role in the destabilization of Syria because of the negative knock-on-effects in Iraq and Lebanon.
Of course, the devious nature of foreign powers in Bosnia is not being compared with the current crisis in South Sudan. However, what is clear is that the UN was manipulated from the outset and images even show UN individuals helping Islamist terrorists and others to enter Bosnia. At the same time, the Croatian armed forces were being built up while the media war focused on neutralizing the Bosnian Serbs and Krajina Serbs. The media image of the Bosnian Serbs being in the ascendency was rather farcical because they were fighting with their backs against the wall against the Bosnian Muslims, Croatia, Islamic jihadists and the intrigues of America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran – and others. In this sense, who were the real underdogs? Of course, if the mass media focused on the reality on the ground then clearly the perceptions of what happened in Bosnia would be very different because it was a murky war being played by “many shadows” against one ethnic group – the Orthodox Christian Serbs. On top of this, the Serbs have terrible memories of the Ottoman Empire, slavery and dhimmitude; Croatian Fascism; Bosnian Muslim SS Units; and NAZI Germany.
Therefore, the words of President Kiir of South Sudan should be listened to carefully. He says about the UN Mission in South Sudan (Unmiss) that: “We did not know that when the Unmiss was brought to South Sudan, they were brought as a parallel government with the government in South Sudan.”
“They fell short of naming the chief of the Unmiss as a co-president of the Republic of South Sudan.”
“If that is the position of Ban Ki-moon, he should make it clear that he wants the UN to take over South Sudan.”
The same Ban Ki-moon is being manipulated about the crisis in Syria because why no motion about condemning Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for openly supporting terrorism, sectarianism and sedition against Syria? Likewise, it is clear that America, France and the United Kingdom along with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are using many ratlines in order to transport military weapons, international jihadists, mercenaries and covert operatives to Syria. Also, Balkan jihadists and military arms from Croatia are all part and parcel of the usual ratlines along with Turkey being a binding factor with regards to the Balkans angle, Islamist jihadists from Chechnya and other parts of the Caucasus and so forth. In other words, apart from Iran being on the opposite side this time – the other usual players are all ganging up against Syria and using the same methodologies that they used against the Bosnian Serbs and Krajina Serbs – of course, at a later date the media war and bombing of the Serbs would also take place in their Jerusalem in Kosovo.
South Sudan is not linked by the Bosnia-Kosovo-Syria connection of intrigues but the role of the UN is questionable just like it was in Bosnia and Kosovo – and just like it is questionable today in Syria.
South Sudan unlike the former Yugoslavia and modern day Syria is lucky that regional powers like Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda will not tolerate outside interference to any great extent in the long-term. In other words, the Khartoum government and the intrigues of other entities will be held accountable if the crisis in South Sudan persists. However, the neutrality of the UN, other aid agencies and the role of the media must be addressed because the same patterns keep on popping up.
Syria likewise is fighting for its survival and despite the conflict being inflamed by major Gulf and NATO powers, the mass media set the tone from day one of a brutal government against peaceful demonstrators. This in turn turned into “a just war” principle whereby the side of sectarianism, cleansing of minorities, beheading captured soldiers and people deemed pro-government, various al-Qaeda affiliates – and so forth – were turned into the “usual angels.” Of course, when Bosnian Serbs were being beheaded – including in Sarajevo – and when Orthodox Christian women were being violated and having crosses cut into them – then all this was ignored and rarely shown in the mass media. Therefore, today Syria is facing the usual re-run of “media blindness” and mass propaganda.
The usual reality happens in all wars and this applies to massacres on all sides because war in itself is brutal. Of course, you have “no angels.” However, the flames of war and the destabilization of nation states isn’t a gray area because these nations should be held accountable for their collective deeds. Therefore, nations involved in destabilization – or inflaming conflicts – in Afghanistan, El Salvador, Iraq, Libya, Nicaragua, Syria, the former Yugoslavia, Vietnam – and many others – are “the real collective evil.”
In history you sometimes do have nation states that become a threat to their own people and other nations. This notably applies to NAZI Germany and Pol Pot in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. Of course, even Pol Pot became favorable to some individuals in the government of America because of their loathing towards Vietnam. Ironically, of all the above named conflicts in the proceeding paragraph it is clear that the internal governments were not a threat prior to outside meddling with the one exception being Iraq. After all, in Iraq under Saddam Hussein it is clear that chemicals were used against Iran during the Iran-Iraq war and against the Kurds. Likewise, the Shia suffered terribly during his leadership if they refused to remain compliant. Sadly, true to the nature of nations that meddle into the internal affairs of others and then will use any means available to destabilize and inflame the situation – then Iraq under Saddam Hussein was once an ally of major Gulf and Western nations. What does this say about the Old World Order and the New World Order?
Meanwhile, in modern day Syria and South Sudan it appears that the UN is not a genuine honest broker – just like in the Balkans.

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