A Christian Prime Minister in Pakistan? By Ishaq Yaqub


At the time of Christmas 2013, Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, when he was congratulating Christian for Christmas day ,on his twitter account wrote that" I want to see Christian prime minister in Pakistan in my life time. It is his wish to see Christian prime minister in Pakistan.
This statement is very handsome and encouraging for Pakistani Christians. This seems that he is very liberal and secular minded leader and lover of human being who has very deep concern with the nationalism. On this statement of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, some main figures of the country discussed unlikely and did not show any interest. Although the whole Pakistan heard the voice but there was silence.
If we see the history of Pakistan after its foundation, Christian people of Pakistan served their country patriotically. .Even they struggled in movement of Pakistan to get Pakistan with the Muslim leaders but they still have no full rights. Today, still they have to struggle for their rights. First time in Pakistan four minorities’ senators are the part of Senate. And now they have no electoral power to elect their members for the national Assembly or as for Provincial Assemblies. Pakistani Christians or Minorities still have to struggle for their rights and still they have to get their identification in Pakistan as real citizen of Pakistan. This is not the question that they should reach the honorable seat or not but the question is that why they don't have right for this seat.
In the constitution of Pakistan 1973, is written that "Only a Muslim could be qualified for election as President (male or female) and Prime Minister (male or female)................ By this article, it is very clear that in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973; obviously we can see that Constitution of Pakistan does not allow the minorities of Pakistan to have this honorable seat. We always declare that in Pakistan democracy is everywhere but if we see practically, it doesn't look that democracy is there. Every government clearly says that in Pakistan minorities have equal rights but there are many places where equal rights are not supporting the minorities.
There is no doubt that majority of the country can choose their candidate for any seat by the power of the vote. But it should be open forum for contest. If there is real democracy than there is no problem to elect prime minister from the minorities. We accept it that majority (by vote) can change law or any article of the constitution but basic rights of every citizen of Pakistan should not be ignored. Yes it is very true that by the power of the vote, anything can be changed. If there is discrimination regarding religion, no one from minority candidate can win the election. So than there was no need to put this kind of article which put the minorities so behind. By this article minorities of Pakistan always feel that it is discrimination.
The present era of the world, is called democratic era. And everywhere we feel that in the majority of the countries, have democracy. Only few countries are there, where democracy is not, but they are few. In many countries we can see that from the minorities, as a prime ministers, served their countries in right way. For example, in Iraq, one of the Christian was the deputy Prime Minister, namely Tariq Aziz. He served his country as a deputy prime minister for a long time. In other example Butras Ghali from the Christian Community of Egypt was also the deputy Prime Minister and afterward he became the General Secretary of United Nations. There was another Prime Minister from Egypt who served Egypt as a Prime Minister in 1908 to 1910. In Egypt Christian are in minority but the people of Egypt gave them this responsibility as a prime minister of the country.
It is not just in two countries but there are more countries which are paying full prestige to the minorities. For Example, In Lebanon, there, Christian and Muslims are living together but always president from the Christian community. In India there is majority of Hindus but several times presidents from the Muslim community have been served the country.. These are the examples from other countries. In Pakistan any person from any community should have right to become prime minister or president of the country. I think this is one of the big lacking here which makes the minorities of Pakistan disappointed.
Now according to Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's statement, minorities need equal rights in Pakistan. I repeat his statement that" I want to see Christian Prime Minister in Pakistan in my lifetime ".It is very encouraging statement in Pakistan for the minorities. Some people like Mr. Rouf Clasra pointed out that Mr. Bilawal Bhutto should also include Hindus or Sikhs in this regard because they are also from Pakistan.. It is very true that they are also minorities. But the statement was at the time of Christmas, when he congratulated all the Christian people of the world, especially Pakistani Christians. They should not be bothered about this statement, if Christian is there than all the minorities are there. It is for all the minorities of Pakistan. So if this statement comes true at his lifetime. It will be the great event in the lives of all the minorities of the world.

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