Christians butchered in Nigeria by Boko Haram Islamists while Praying in a Church. By Paul Joseph Nzeribe and Lielit Kebede


Christians in in the village of Waga Chakawa woke up on Sunday morning (January 26) in Nigeria and prepared for a day of worship. However, a day of rejoicing turned into another Islamist hell because Boko Haram members were waiting to start their usual slaughter. Boko Haram, like all militant Islamist groups, appear to enjoy killing in the name of Allah irrespective if they kill fellow Muslims or members from other faiths. Indeed, the one binding reality of militant Sunni Islamist groups is that killing all and sundry is part and parcel of their bloodlust.
Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times says: “In Syria militant Sunni jihadists behead mainly Muslims irrespective if they slaughter Alawites or the Shia. Indeed, they slaughter fellow Sunni Muslims who are not deemed Takfiri enough – or if they oppose their brutal methodologies – or if fellow Sunni Muslims support the government of Syria. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan did the same because they slaughtered the Shia in vast numbers when the Taliban was in power. Likewise, today in Pakistan the Taliban and an array of Sunni Islamist factions slaughter the Shia for fun, while persecuting all non-Muslims and forcing women into the shadows.”
Therefore, if Islamist jihadists enjoy slaughtering fellow Muslims so much while praising Allah, then one can only imagine the glee they obtain while slaughtering Christians. Sadly, for the village of Waka Chakawa last Sunday turned into a day of “Islamist hell” because the forces of Boko Haram were waiting to slaughter.
Christians in the congregation were praying to God but sinister forces outside only worship death and destruction. It is known that Boko Haram attacked the congregation by firing into the place of worship and setting off bombs. Yes, this was a premeditated attack against people who only wanted to pray to God. This sums up the mentality of Boko Haram and the evil seed of Islamist Takfiri terrorism.
It is known that 22 Christians were killed after this brutal attack took place. However, the number may increase because of injuries that occurred. Following the attack against this Christian congregation, the same Islamist terrorists then took hostages and burnt homes.
If the armed forces of Nigeria can’t contain the Islamist Boko Haram threat then sooner or later sectarianism will be ignited. Currently, the sizeable Christian population in Nigeria is not calling for vengeance unlike what is happening in the Central African Republic. However, with each new fresh massacre and each year witnessing the usual Boko Haram barbarity; then can the lid stay on?
Of course, Boko Haram desires a sectarian conflict because Gulf petrodollars will increasingly flow into the vacuum. Therefore, it is essential that all Nigerians, who support the unity of the state, stand firm against the creation of divisions – irrespective if this is based on ethnicity or religion. Despite this, central forces in Nigeria should be worried about the growing menace because the lack of containment is upping the ante.
The simple reality is that Christians in parts of Nigeria are under siege in their own homeland. Yes, Boko Haram also slaughters fellow Muslims and students irrespective of faith for merely studying. Yet clearly Boko Haram seeks to cleanse Christians from areas where they are potent.
Also, it is essential that the armed forces of Nigeria reach an agreement with regional nations in order to attack their hideouts near border areas. If not, then attacks against Boko Haram camps in Nigeria will have limited success.
The latest massacre against Christians also highlights the magnitude of hatred that runs throughout the veins of Boko Haram.
Lee Jay Walker gave guidance to both writers

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