Man who lost an eye in the accident rejoicing in the Lord. By Sapru, Paul Ciniraj Ministries


My name is Sapru. I am having 45 years of age. I was born and brought up in Kerala State in India. I was an ethist and became a strong communist. Though I was born in a nominal christian family, but I never believed in Jesus or christian religion. And slowly I became an addict of alcohol. I was a car driver too.
I married with Blessey. She was a prayer woman, meditating Bible every day without seeing me. If I see I would not let her allow to pray or take the Bible in her hand. She holds the promises of God and regularly praying for my repentance.
Once, I was fit by alcohol, quarreled with my wife and severely beaten her and took my taxi car and left home. On the way I had an accident. My taxi hit with a truck and I was seriously injured and hospitalized. My left eyes came out and totally destroyed. I saw death face to face.
When Blessey heard the news of my accident, she rushed to the hospital with some evangelists connected with Paul Ciniraj Ministries ( and they knelt down before Jesus in the hospital chapel. She read the Bible and cried before the Lord. She asked God to give her husband back with a new life and mind.
While the surgery was going on, my soul was wandering to get a seat in heaven. But angels did not allow me to go to heaven but pushed me to hell. But Jesus did not allow me to be fallen to the hell, but hold me in His mighty nailed hands safely because of my wife’s intercession. Lord showed me that my wife and prayer team knelt down and praying with tears for me. And Lord said to me, “Go; be saved and baptized and live for me with your family”.
During this time, few seconds my pulse and heart showed no response at the operation theater. Doctor’s thought of declaring my death. But after a few seconds I started breathing. So doctors said, “Thank God; now he is all right”. Truly when Jesus allowed my soul to go back to the body, I started breathing. Before that my death was happened. While this time I heard my Lord’s voice again, “It is better for you to lose an eye than to have your both eyes thrown into hell. Let it be a testimony of yours”.
I got well, but my left eye has been totally removed. I don’t worry about it, because Lord wants me to be with Him in heaven without an eye. He loved me, so that He did not allow me to go to hell with both eyes. Praise the Lord for HIS wonderful love.
I confessed from all of my sins, accepted Lord Jesus as his personal savior and Lord and within few days I was baptized in the water and witnessing Lord Jesus with Paul Ciniraj Ministries along with my family.
Though I have only one eye, I can easily drive the car. My boss, a believer in Jesus gave me a car to drive for him. That is my job.
I have two sons. I am so happy to see them rejoicing in the Lord because of my conversion.

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