Bad to worse to very much Worse. By Shamim Masih


Targeting religious minorities in Pakistan will remain a sore spot in the Asia. Pakistan, 96 percent Muslim is one of the most hostile nations for religious minorities. All religious minorities in Pakistan, not just Christians face discriminatory laws, forced conversions, and bombs and shootings aimed at minority-sect Muslims, such as Shiites, Hindus and Ahmadis. Pakistan was among the top five overall for restrictions on religion, singling out its anti-blasphemy laws as a prime example, says Pew Research Center. The report found that violations reached unprecedented levels because of growing incidents of sectarian violence against religious minorities including Shiites. The government also failed to protect Christians, Ahmadis and Hindus, it said. Pakistani courts frequently use blasphemy laws to give death or lifetime-jail sentences to minorities accused of insulting Islam. The government continues to engage in and tolerate systematic, ongoing and egregious violations of freedom of religion or belief.
In the country it is typical to kidnap Christian girls to forceconversion to Islam then forcibly force to girl to marry Muslim. And the courts protect it as well. On the other hand if a Muslim girl willingly and voluntarily decides to marry a Christian man in many cases it is illegal and in all cases Islamic rabble rousing will most likely occur to reclaim the Muslim girl to her family. I published a report about a Christian boy, who took a bold step to cross-faith marriage a dangerous ambition in Faisalabad. But Muslims leadership warned the local Christian to produce the couple otherwise they will set ablaze their houses.
It is common practice that minority’s girls are abducted and forcefully married to Muslims. But now things have gone from bad to worse to very much worse. Though constitution guarantees freedom of religion in papers but there are reports of force conversions to Islam, kidnappings of non-Muslims, job discrimination, persecution at job places, blasphemy arrests and razing of minority houses and worship places remain commonplace.
In the recent, reportedly, the married couple was recovered and religious leaders of the area forced Christians elder that if both (boy with girl) remain and practice Islam, they will spare them. Otherwise, ready to face hardships; so the boy forcibly converted to Islam. Apparently the girl was willingly agreed to live Christian boy in a peaceful manner while the hard-line jihadists in Pakistan have threatened the couple with death if he lives with the girl or even leave her. This is worse situation in the country that not only girls are forcibly converted to Islam but now boys need to convert and practice Islam. The major example of this case is Pakistani cricketer Yousaf Yohana, who turned to Mohammad Yousaf and practicing Islam.
Religious minorities; especially Christians are often stuck on the lower rung of the economy, often working as servants, sweepers and day laborers. So they normally don’t want to go into the courts due to the lack of resources and protection. In spite of this bleak outlook, minority leaders are not speaking internationally in the media but the human rights organizations. The world is turning to interfaith harmony for more tolerant Pakistan, they argue, would translate into another goal for many.

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