From Hindu temples to the Blood of Jesus Christ. By Lekshmi Bhai: PAUL CINIRAJ MINISTRIES


My name is Lekshmi Bhai. I belong to a Brahmin Hindu family in India. My parent’s practiced me in idol worship. My family is well to do and so I do not experience poverty and suffering. My parents loved me so much, so everything I wanted them was given to me without any difficulties.
When I was studying in the University I happened to come in contact with a young man and fallen love with him. I was aware that my parents will not agree with this love because I am a Hindu Brahmin, but he was from a low caste. Yet, our love prospered day by day. I loved him whole heartedly. He was from a poor family too. So I used to help him.
Slowly I came to know that he is addicted with drugs, brown sugar and cybersex. He introduced me many friends. First I thought they were good friends. But they too were all addicted with drugs and all. By the time, I too influenced with their habits and became addicted on those things.
Also I came to know my boyfriend’s love was not real but was a cheat to get money from me. He also had several girl friends like me. When I realized it, I cried loudly and cut my friendship with him. I could realize that my mental strain caused by my love failure and worry.
I was completely depressed and became more and worse. I was in front of the computer for whole night with cybersex, and thus my life was worse than ever before.
My parents came to know my changes and bad habits. They worried and distressed too much and they believed that relief from this fatal practice could be obtained by pilgrimages to famous Hindu temples of India. But my idol worships and bathing in the holy rivers could not do any good to me.
One day we met a Pastor and we had a conversation about the peace of mind and salvation. He explained the Way of Salvation through Jesus Christ. He said, “By the blood of Christ we are set free, that is, our sins are forgiven”.
At the same night I saw a pool of blood, which was coming from the heart of Jesus Christ and angels took me to the pool and bathed me with the precious blood and I became a beautiful woman with an unspeakable peace.
I believed and experienced that my sinful life has transformed through Lord Jesus Christ. His blood in Calvary cleaned all my lusts and sins, I believe in His Death and Resurrection on the third day. And I am experiencing this every day in my life with a great peace and consolation in my mind. My parents along with me also beleives that Jesus Christ is the only way for salvation and He is the only living God.
We got Bible and gospel tracts from Paul Ciniraj Ministries – . Those were very much useful in improving my faith as well as my parent’s faith in Jesus Christ.
By studying the Word of God I understood the need of baptism and I have taken water baptism. I waited upon the Lord and He filled me with His Holy Spirit with gift of tongue.
Now I am totally set free and my mind is over flowing with peace and happiness. I am praying and crying for my friends to beleive in Jesus Christ.

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