Nationalism or Racialism. By Pastor Farhad Bhatti


The Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah” is the great founder of country named Pakistan. We look to name of our country “Pakistan” that is made through votes of Christian and Muslim. Pak is in Urdu translation that means in English translation Holy. The Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that “a country has no relationship with religions”. A country’s people respect nationalism as “Pakistanis” more than religions. A country is made with different nation’s struggle and hardships.
After the existence of Pakistan, national, provisional assemblies and Government of Pakistan never realize to give actual rights of Christian as Pakistani but as minority. Minority is discriminated word. Minorities have no freedom of opinions, freedom of thoughts, freedom of living, and freedom to practice their own faith. Now it is happening with minorities. After conclusion, analysis of scholars, philosophers, experts of religious and spiritual think tanks.
Minorities have no protection of life, faith, girls, women and children in Pakistan. Christian are forcibly converted into Islam, Christian colonies, villages had been burnt and bomb blast, If the churches or temple even mosque are burnt and blast, then Muslim organization Al Qaida or any other proclaiming religious organization of Islam took responsibility for burning and bomb blast. Even Holy Quran explains that Islam is religion of peace. Then what elements are destroying human values and rights.
Two nation theory of Illama Muhammad Iqbal for Muslim and Hindus is before existence of Pakistan. But now crucial point of thinking, Pakistan had come into existence because of votes of Muslim and Christian. Christianity is religion of peace, compassion and tolerance. They never extremely demand for their rights of employment in every department of daily life in Government and private sector.
Now decisive point to think for all minorities after spending 67 years in Pakistan that Minorities have no stability in any part of daily life and in every department of government. There are so many religious organizations that are forcibly converting Christian into Islam. Even it is written in Holy Quran that Islam is not religion of forcibility to convert anyone. Now this terror of lives, employment, earning daily living had come into point of uncertainty. Even there is problem to worship, engrave the dead in graveyard. After 67 years of Pakistan existence could not solve the problem of Christian and other minorities as minority to be recognized as Pakistanis.
Now where is certainty to live as good citizen of Pakistan which came into existence by vision of Illama Iqbal and Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who said that a country is not for religions? Muslim are in majority that is why, country’s religion must be Islam. Minorities admit that Muslims are in Majority. But what is Law for Minorities in Pakistan to live as good citizen of Pakistan from uncertainty to feel confident as Pakistani. When we look to provinces of Pakistan, they demands for their rights as Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, Pashto, Christian, muslim and hindus. Where is nationalism to be Pakistani according to current situation?
Now question comes in minds, is it Pakistan which was made by the founder Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, where all minorities are in danger of lives, their families from educational institute to Government level and in very field of life. This current system of Pakistan clearly shows religious extremism and discrimination from all Part of country. Where nobody has freedom to say their opinions with freedom, thoughts for his own country Pakistan, Now here minorities are in fear to fly from Pakistan to save themselves and their families to save from extremism. Now where are the human rights to feel freedom in Pakistan to say anything without danger of their lives?
When we look to civil society organizations that are struggling for peace of country but they also need protection of their lives to be saved from terrorists. All religion has same respect to practice their faith but they have no privilege to practice their faith and good work for humanity. Even they have no privilege to get justice from governess of current system.
Now we look to the departments of Government, what it is doing peace, justice and Law enforcement. There is no department which is acting upon Law even their own religion to do justice. There is no justice for any one. There is only justice for rich people who can buy their seats and feed them with great dinner in hotels. This is current system of Pakistan in courts, peace, and justice and Law enforcement departments.
After watching all system of minorities rights, majorities treatment, justice and peace, Law enforcement terrify a normal, sober, decent human being to escape from his own country Pakistan. Where all Human being had no rights for any thing to live decent life?
After watching condition of economic policies, Pakistan is under international huge loans, even here in Pakistan, there is no policy to return those loans even to solve any matters because of conflict, frustration, disputes, deception, and mode of all enjoyment, selfness, rudeness and extremism. Whole industry is fallen down because of extremism. But question is who sincere with country. Everyone is thinking about himself than stability of country.
Is it not time to think for all political, religious, liberated parties for stability of human rights and Pakistan? Is it not time to think about collective progress of Pakistan’s stability instead of fighting with each other for personal party rights?
Is it not time for media to teach them through educational articles to promote human values, rights more than religious, personal interest, plan and schemes.
In eyes of whole world, Pakistan is under world country where all kinds of crime, drug dealing, robbery, terrorism, fraud, falsehood had been grown up and spreading. Where everyone worships money than human values, It means that Pakistan is for crime or criminals. But it is not dream of Illama Iqbal and Quide - E - Azam. This is plot of enemies to destroy Pakistan through criminals, uneducated minded people to spread ignorance, darkness to grab rights of their neighbors and steal their peace for their own pleasures and enjoyment. This is reason that judiciary has no justice. They are enjoying their luxurious that they had got free of cost through “black money, RISWAT, editorship, amendment, dictatorship of someone personal interest and scheme to become rich”
One person or one family is base of Society, if one family is destroyed by its neighbor. Then conflict, frustration, deception, lust of someone prevails in whole country through social media and companies by news and chest by chest. Then think about quotation “Think globally and act locally”. They live here in Pakistan but they have bank balance in foreign countries. They don’t give credit to own country’s bank for profits. They are getting Pakistan into looses.
The whole world see Pakistani with discrimination as Pakistani, they did not ask us about religion, what you are Christian or Muslim or Hindu. When they see our green passport that is our identity in other countries, they stand us aside; even they did not ask what our religion, who we are, they consider us as Pakistanis. As there is so many Pakistani terrorist had been caught in foreign jail, as they had heard news through different News agencies about discrimination and extremism on minorities? All Pakistan are terrorists. Now good and evil had no recognition by designation of Pakistani.

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