My beloved Pakistan has become Blasphemybanistan. By Nazima Shaikh


Pakistan is and remains a major shareholder of blasphemy. The country is characterized by a total ban on anything that is possible. How big or small the occasion is, rightly or wrongly, blasphemous content always ranks in my beloved Pakistan. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is offended so a crowd on its feet. Just like that. How to do it? Scoring with insults or hurt and human emotion of anger, sadness, and disappointment prevails in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Resulting in a ban!!! This is how we do it!
Very sad what’s playing in my beloved Pakistan? Sigh ... Rural protests and demonstrations began against Geo Media Group on laying a Qawwali number. That could be considered "blasphemous content" This happened on 14 May, in the morning entertainment program "Utho Jago Pakistan" (roughly translated Wake Up Pakistan) aired during the GEO TV broadcast.
As of February 1, 2014 banning libelous blasphemy is actually from the Criminal Code deleted in the Netherlands. Blasphemy is literally speaking ill of one God or Gods devoted to the business. This may mock a God or Supreme Being or religious traditions, through spoken word, written or other communications. Say something or do what is supposed to be reserved can be regarded as blasphemy.
Over the years, Pakistan remains sadly with pain in my heart shareholder of blasphemy. In 1989 the novel came out by Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses. During this period fell violent demonstrations several deaths in India, Pakistan and Egypt. The book begins with the explosion of a hijacked plane over southern England. Jibreel Farishta and Saladin Chamcha, two Indian actors, falling from the sky in the English beach. Both survive the fall. Jibril Farisjta then transform the Archangel Jibril (Gabriel), while Saladin Chamcha turns into the devil. It is a novel about the English immigration. Contradictions and east / west, earthy / religious and present / past are woven into the story. The publication of this novel has a lot of dust. The cause was the way in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is put down by Rushdie's book; as a man who succumbs to earthly pleasures.
Muslim communities around the world organized protest rallies in which copies of the book were burned, these pictures and images went around the world. I will never forget that I was called forward by the history teacher, Mr. S. in 1989 during the course of history
"So Nazima you explain once again to the class why Muslims react so furiously in the world and especially in your homelands India and Pakistan? They do not even read the book and do not know what it says."
Little did I know? I was in the summer to Pakistan for the first time in 1988, to meet my father's family in real life in Karachi. I was treated to a lot of unconditional love, warmth and hospitality. I love Pakistan and Urdu. That was my frame of reference then and still now in the year 2014. However, when the consciousness emerged that "being a Muslim with a Pakistani-Indian background" for the first time distinguished me from my classmates.
Pakistan March 15, 2012
Charismatic Imran Khan, famous and well-known former cricketer, was the leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) political party. Khan cancels his trip to neighbor country India and also taking part in a conference organized by media group India Today as a protest because Salman Rushdie also had to join this conference in Delhi. Khan said that the author has caused much suffering and immeasurable pain among Muslims. Still regarded by many Muslims The Satanic Verses as blasphemous. The book is still banned in India. A statement by his party PTI, "Khan expressed his regrets to the organizers but stated categorically that he could not imagine why he would participate in a program where Salman Rushdie who caused immense pain to Muslims around the world present" the statement said.
Pakistan May 14, 2014
The suggestion is that by playing as background music during the public henna & wedding ceremony of actress Veena Malik and her husband Bashir Assad Khattak a famous wedding Qawwali "Ali ke Saath Hai Zahra Ki Shaadi" about the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) daughter Syeda Fatima Zehra (RA) with his cousin Hazrat Ali (RA). The names of Ahl-e-Bait (family of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH) blasphemy has occurred. A viewer is so outraged and file a complaint. The flame of indignation was awakened. There followed more and more. Unimaginable in the Netherlands. Realities in Pakistan. It rainsalmost 64,000 complaints against the media group GEO website at Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority's Viewer Feedback & Complaint. Pemra the government website.
Very special to label this incident as blasphemy. These morning show where wedding ceremonies with renowned and famous couples are common, marriage Qawwalis be rotated, sang and danced, the presenter ask questions too, invited guests also enjoy themselves in the studio and the audience is cozy and cheerful joins, the outrage the time now again very special. Does it have to do with that celebrity Veena Malik who comes home after years in her beloved Pakistan? Many Pakistanis in Pakistan but also Dutch Pakistanis have difficulty with Veena Malik. Two comments on Facebook:
"What they represent is definitely not Pakistan, the Pakistani culture and especially Islam. During the qawalli they get compared to the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Astakhfirullah, but something really cannot. Certainly not Veena Malik all but Muslim women represented”
"For me to marry them 100 times, but this phenomenon is just nonsense. All Shows, Drama, Television ratings, Commercial ... more. While the country is in ruins, people are going to get married on TV who is already married. I will always defend Veena, and will now do so in the context of the threats. But I get annoyed for months this morning shows that small elite pretends like it’s all okay. The point is the commercial aspect. "
Throughout Pakistan the general masses are fuelled. Students, lawyers, members of social, religious and political organizations protesting loudly by organizing various demonstrations and take to the streets. Strikes occur. Slogans and placards with the lyrics "BAN GEO TV!"
On 19 May I contact the manager of Veena Malik. My condolences and expressed that they are in my thoughts and prayers. That they may Allah protects this madness, Ameen! May 20 I received a message from whatsapp from Veena Malik herself. She thanked me for my compassion. I have to do with her. So happy and excited she was to return to her homeland and my beloved Pakistan. (I had an exclusive interview with her for the Netherlands in 2012;
Pakistan oh Pakistan you have a problem and not Veena Malik, her husband or station Geo TV. Freedom of its individual expression and press freedom including GEO TV should be respected and protected. We in the West attach great importance to.
Most blasphemy cases in Pakistan are politically motivated and disruptive to the minorities. Laws of blasphemy in Pakistan have always been abused by clergy. Demonstrable facts, evidence or no evidence, this happens to moderate Muslims, liberals, Christians and Hindus in Pakistan. Even the former governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer was assassinated by his own security guard a few years ago. Christian Aasia Bibi was convicted to death in 2010 was of blasphemy. Bibi came in 2009 in the news after she was put imprisoned for her faith. Some Muslim women refused to take water from her because it was touched by a Christian, and therefore would be unclean. After the quarrel that arose women attacked her, made her face black and wanted to ride her on a donkey through the village, the police arrived and Bibi was taken into custody. Asia Bibi later stated that there had been because the women tried to convert to Islam.
Stresses its earlier Remarkably, radical clerics raise issues of blasphemy after fabricating evidence and facts. Example, in the case of the 14-year-old girl Rimsha Masih. Cleric Khalid Jadoon, also complainant fabricated evidence. Simply fabricated facts to engage on blasphemy. Rimsha Such tactics and techniques have always been used to threaten minorities. Rimsha fled to Canada after threats from radicals and clerics. Those accused of blasphemy or acquitted by the court flights from Pakistan or were killed after their release from prison.
More Pakistanis whose names are not known or does not get the media suffered such things.
Unfortunately, the biggest TV channel of Pakistan "GEO" prohibited by May 20, 2014. That's a shame! A ban on the book by Malala Yousefzai and now is a ban on GEO. How many bans am I still missing? In 2012, a ban on mobile phones. motorcycles, scarves and jackets, the BBC, Twitter and YouTube. In 2011, a ban on porn websites. In 2010 Facebook was. In the 1990s, it was the Indian television and musicians with long hair. In 1980s Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses. "And in the 1970s the drink. All were banned. In Pakistan. Through Pakistan. For decades Pakistan regulates a way to boycotts and bans on technology, information, literature, media and even entire communities. I start to understand the warm and intimate friendship with Turkey and Erdogan even more and more sarcastically.
How do you bring to the mind of the Pakistani people and the government that you are not allowed to impose and execute? That's the only thing that is happening now, and solves nothing. You really only can draw one conclusion giving the examples above. That blasphemy laws should be subject to reforms to avoid. Their abuse by opportunists and clergy. The need to reform the blasphemy laws should be explained by attracting religious scholars and the general public. To the people of Pakistan Religion in Pakistan is misused to gain political power. The blasphemy laws are wrong causing many innocent people languishing in the violent and filthy jails of the country.
On Twitter, many Pakistanis go loose. With the hashtag # bannendinPakistan come many tweets passing of known activists, journalists and Twitter phenomena.
Ploumen wants to trade and investment relations with Pakistan
Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, Lilliane Ploumen, pays visits to Pakistan and Bangladesh from May 23 until May 27 to take measures to improve working conditions in the textile chain. Pressure with her visit to Pakistan, the minister wants to emphasize that not only earn in Bangladesh working in the textile chain attention. In Pakistan, a country that many domestic textile exports to the Netherlands, to which in many cases to be desired. For example there are poor working conditions in the cotton harvest, which is mainly done by women. The minister's dialogue with key figures from the Pakistani textile chain, visit a textile factory, meet with the Ministers of Planning and Trade and participates in a seminar on the status of women in Pakistan. Ploumen wants to expand trade and investment relations with Pakistan while the development is being phased out of the country
Believe it or not, but like I had a nice and positive piece on Pakistan. How beautiful and green it is, the warmth and hospitality of the simple sweet people I know, the hopes of the young people who live, study, work and live, their inspirations, and especially about my city Karachi. My first rain dance as a 14-year-old on the roof of the house of my grandfather. Sleeping on the roof and watch the stars and the moon. About the female defenders of equal rights. About the most romantic language in the world, Urdu. Over journalist and documentary maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. She won an Oscar Academy Award for her documentary Saving Face in 2012 and in 2010 she won an Emmy Award for her documentary Pakistan: Children of the Taliban. The legendary Sufi singer Abida Parveen that our country is honor with a visit on June 6 at the Holland Festival in Amsterdam About my fine vacations, about thriving fashion industry, about the delicious food and especially, especially about my love for Pakistan.
Exactly what singer Marco Borsato song with his daughter Jada Together Forever
I've known you as long as you exist
I carry you with me no matter where I go
I do not know what it would be without you
I love you
I'm with you
you belong to me
We stay together forever
I'm with you
You belong with me
We stay together forever
I'll never leave you alone
You make me happy
I'm holding you
And leave you free
And I trust that you know the way
But secretly I always look over your shoulder
Yes Pakistan forever in my heart
Copyright Nazima Shaikh May 23, 2014
Freelance journalist publicist research Nazima Shaikh (1974), half-Surinamese Hindustani, half Indian-Pakistani, was born and raised in the Netherlands. Her specializations include Islam, Bollywood, politics and gender issues in the Netherlands. She also has extensive knowledge of Pakistan. Z IIJ has experienced expert in the field of diversity, women's rights and Islam, former board member Council of Ideology and Religion Nijmegen, former board member of the Surinamese consultative body in Utrecht and former board member of Villa Lila the social and cultural centre for LBGT in Nijmegen.

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