But what will you do in the end? By. Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir


“An astonishing and horrible thing has committed the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own power; and my people love to have it so. But what will you do in the end”? (Jeremiah 5:30-31)

The global church is facing the worst crisis in its two thousand years old history. The preaching and teaching of the Holy Bible is “side lined”. The church is talking on every “none-issue”, like homosexuality, Gay and Lesbians rights, Pro abortion and pro life. The church is even talking to “killers” and “terrorists”. Tough these issues have been resolved by the Lord God in His Holy Word, yet they keep pooping up like an epidemic. Thus the churches in America and the Western countries have lost their credibility. Yet on “home front” (Pakistan) the situation is a little different. The top leadership of all “main line churches” has gone worst from bad in recent years. The situation of the Church of Pakistan is no secret among the Christians in Pakistan and Pakistani Christians abroad. All the bishops are fighting to control the financial resources of the church. “A” Bishop who did not have a second hand bicycle twenty-five years ago has become the richest man in Pakistan. Reportedly the every bishop is fighting in courts to take the monetary control of not only his own Diocese but also other Diocese with in the Church of Pakistan. It is being said that millions of Rupees have been spent on these court cases. Church properties have been sold and are being sold by this ignorant lot. Even church buildings (worship places) and cemeteries have not been spared by these greedy, selfish and worthless “Priests”. Almost every Christian in Pakistan and around the world knows this fact. The business of Christian or church property sale has flourished so much in last thirty-seven years that every bishop and bishop has become a “Property Dealer” as we call Real Estate people in Pakistan. Yet we are forgetting the unfortunate situation in the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan “PCP”. According to my knowledge the properties of the former United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan (Mission Group) and The Lahore Church Council, (Which is present Presbyterian Church of Pakistan and is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA, World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the World Council of Churches) has sold most prestigious properties in last thirty seven years. That includes the “Christian Training Center” (CTI) Sialkot. (Please see http://www.siloampak.org/main.htm to get the data of church property sales. (This does not include Church of Pakistan and former Lahore Church Council). Around this time of the year when the annual meetings of the General Assembly gets nearer and nearer, the church leaders start running around to get support of the delegates of various presbyteries. They also request the support of former United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, (Now Siloam Biblical Christian Church of Pakistan) and invite the SBCCP to join the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. While living in Gujranwala, I keep getting information on the leadership of various groups of Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, mainly “Arthur James Group” and “Ajmal Khan Group” and some independent groups within the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. I was horrified to learn that the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan and its main leaders are criminally involved in the business of sale of church property. In 1993 when the “Iqbal Nisar Group” and the “H. L. Hayat Group” reconciled. The then “United” leadership sold forty seven “shops” in Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi for only three million Rupees and put the money in their joint account. Later when the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan split again, one “group leader” refused to singe the cheque. Both the groups are already in ‘”High Court” over the illegal money that is kept in a local bank. In Sargodha city, the brother-in-law of one of the “group leaders” sold the “Mission Compound” (The term “Mission Compound” is an identification that the property belongs the “Sialkot Mission of the Punjab Synod of the United Presbyterian Church of North America” it is commonly known as “American Mission”). One “group leader” claims that he has collected Forty Million Rupees for Presbyterian Endowment Fund. Yet a common Pastor and retired pastors are living in miserable condition. One group pays its pastors 450 Rupees per month as subsidy ($ 07.25). The other group claims to pay 800 Rupees ($ 13.25) per months to its Pastors but has failed to pay since last four years. This subsidy is not regular in any group of Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. Normally some portion is paid in the month of November to keep the delegates in their control. This heinous crime is being committed by the leadership of Presbyterian Church of Pakistan with the blessing of the World Wide Ministry Division of the Presbyterian Church USA’s representatives in 6 Empress Road Lahore Pakistan, where no American representative is seen after August 1998. (I did not write “WMD” as Presbyterian Church USA names it, I am afraid that Mr. Bush my attack Presbyterian Church USA to find out “Weapons of Mass Destruction!). The “Property Coordinator of Presbyterian Church USA had put notices on the walls of each “Mission Compound” and “Sialkot Mission” property “commonly known as American Mission”. It reads, “This is the property of the Presbyterian Church USA and no body is allowed to sell this property”. Yet he issues “Power of Attorney” to sell these properties to the people who offer him “Loin’s Share”. (The Loin’s Share goes to the leadership of WMD. Believe me wherever this notice is displayed, that property is sold by sold by the leadership of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. In 1998 the “Christian Training Center” (CTI) playing grounds and cultivated land was “officially” sold for 10.7 million Rupees. 2.5 million was the share of one leader in Gujranwala, 2.7 million Rupees was the share of another “hidden” leader and the administrator of a Presbyterian Church Institution. 2.5 million went to another leader in Faisalabad and 2.5 million went to the “Property Coordinator” of Presbyterian Church USA’s properties in Lahore. It is said that the real price of “CTI property was over 70 million Rupees and after deducting their share the local leadership managed to sent the money back to United States.

The “Priests” of this land called Pakistan have committed this astonishing and horrible thing. With the blessing of “Prophets” sitting in World Wide Ministry Division, Presbyterian Church USA. The priests (Local Leaders) rule the church with the power bestowed upon them by “WND” Presbyterian Church USA and with the money through the sale of Presbyterian properties in Pakistan. They rule the poor Presbyterians of Pakistan, yet the local “clergy and laity” loves to have it so. But the “lofty planes” of the leadership of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan are misleading an ordinary or common and poor Christian. But what will they do in the end? They will fly off to their eternal home the United States. What else will they do or can they do? In January 1993 Dr. Victor Macery told me at Stony Point New York, when I asked him about the long term planes of Presbyterian Church USA in Pakistan, he very frankly said, “we have no planes, we are thee (in Pakistan) for our properties. Once we settle (sell or dispose off) the issue of “our property” we shall pull out of Pakistan”.

Today, the 23rd of October 2004 a “sub-leader” followed me to Lahore where I had gone for funeral service of a relative, again invited me to “join in” Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. I declined the offer, as I feel insulted being identified with the “business minded” leadership of Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, where leaders do not retire even after crossing age limit. Here I refer the National Council of Churches of Pakistan (NCCP) and Texilla Christian Hospital. This bad “Omen” followed me on my way back to Gujranwala and I escaped a fatal accident on Motor Way, trying to avoid collision with another car that suddenly met an accident due to front tire bursting at the speed of 120 Kilo Meters an hour. My son was able to avoid a major accident yet we suffered some damage to our car. I was traveling with my son, daughter-in-law and five year old grandson. None of us was injured however the passengers of the other car sustained minor injuries. Lord God saved us all.

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