Hello! I am an unborn of British Columbia, speaking from Oregon. By MEHTAB-UD-DIN


I am little one, too little & an unwanted or unborn child. You can say me a foetus also but I have a full brain and other parts of my body. My mother condemned me and a doctor threw me away in a special dustbin. I was suffocating but soon I was used to the environment. Both of them considered me as dead but still, I can feel, hear and think everything as my various nerves have some life. Now, I am lying near an electric furnace of the Incinerator in Marion County, Oregon (US) and waiting for my turn to be razed from this real Mother Earth forever.
I am not alone here; I have my other companions, fellow-beings and friends also who have different backgrounds. Their origin lie in the whole world means they belong to the parents from all over the world. Though we were unloaded from the 24-tyres’ trailer, which came from British Columbia, Canada. When we were travelling in the truck. The journey was almost 700 kilometers. I peeped in all the ways & scenic landscapes and beauties of the nature from a small hole. Really, Canada and USA are fantastic countries of the world. On the way, the drivers of the trailer drank alcohol and enjoyed some other drugs also. They were telling that they could not go for the long drives without any intoxication. Some of my companions here told me that they know the influence of alcohol of other drugs as their mothers used to take all these non-sense. Some of my friends couldn’t see the world only due to these drugs. One of my friends’ father stabbed in his wife’s abdomen only under absolute stupefaction. My unborn friend tried to save herself a lot from the blade of knife but that was much bigger than her.
I wanted to live a life of an Army man. My mother told her fiancée i.e. my father about me and she said that she had wanted to see her child in army. But my immigrant father was afraid of his Society & Community. They were not married, that is why they planned to get rid of me. I heard all their conversations in the womb.
Here, my other friends belong to different religions, creed, race & different countries. That is why, now I have knowledge of the whole world. Here, none hates anybody for his or her colour and caste. I wanted to serve my Canada but alas! my life was too short. Anyhow, what can be done, now I will serve the humanity by sacrificing my life but will illuminate the houses and streets of the human beings as some employees were talking here near our container that they would generate energy from us. Yes, I and my fellow beings have a lot of energy but so called society don’t like us and they wasted our energy.
Another friend of mine also couldn’t see light of the world as her mother didn’t had money to treat her carcinoma. Actually, she was a failed refugee in Canada and was waiting only to be deported. The Canadian Government has earlier stopped the benefits of free treatments for the failed refugees.
My two friends are here due to some rail mishaps in Canada. They told me that now the rail accidents have been occurring in wholesale in the country. Perhaps, the government is taking some measures in this regard.
The rising prices i.e. inflation and unemployment were also the reasons for many of my friends’ extinction. They told me all this, which they knew from their parents’ discussions. I am somewhat happy that I am going to be melting for the generation of energy. But some of my predecessors were not so lucky, who were buried in the 200 year old cliff top graveyard of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Canada) and now their bones are scattered in the open. The Atlantic Ocean is washing and devouring some of them.
I have noted that there are some female foetuses, whose origin is from the South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal & Sri Lanka. Their grandmothers allegedly chose them to be aborted. Though, in the society, these elders obstinately don’t accept the accusation/charge. I couldn’t understand, why they are afraid of telling the truth that they still don’t like the girls and averse to them from the cores of their hearts. Some of my unborn friends’ mothers told their friends that female foeticides still occur in South Asian countries, particularly in India despite strict legislations. The so-called elders of the Societies involve in female foeticides with the collusion of the qualified physicians. After foeticide, they go to their own respective religious places and they become again happy and consider that God is always with them.
Now, I am hearing some noise of the foremen of this Incinerator. Perhaps, my time has come to be destroyed forever. Goodbye forever!!!

Chandigarh (India)
(The writer is an author of two original books & five translated books in Punjabi language. Two more original & two other translated books are under publication)

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