Case study Of Aisya Noreen that is known as Aisya Bibi. By Farhad Bhatti


Cast system of Hindus, Sikh, Barahman and Sodar had been walking from decades even after existence of Pakistan. All nations and religions had been living in sub – continent. This is vivid difference between discrimination of religion from History of sub- continent that forms future of religion and nations.
Educated community is only 7 % from all aspects of life in Pakistan. Majority of Pakistan is not educated and living under poverty line of illiteracy. How can seven percent effect on 93 % who are uneducated mentally, spiritually, ethically and morally. But there is term that light is very small that can shine darkness. That is why I am trying to write on this burning and sensitive issue of Nationalism and Racialism series on Pakistan Christian Post.
When Pakistan came into existence because of two nation theory by dream of Muhammad Illama Iqbal, it is in itself discrimination. All religions and nations (Hindus, Sikh, parashi, Bhai, Christian and Muslim) are living after the existence of Pakistan. Even Majority of Muslim is still living in India. But old cast system and discrimination had been in mind of people after long distance of History. It was formation of mind to let down lower communities as Hindus did not allow in their holy places and houses to other lower cast, they believe that they will be unholy with presence.
Pakistan had come into existence with Christian and Muslim votes, but Christian are persecuted and forcibly converted by extremists still. Even there is discrimination between sects of Islam. One sect did not like other sects because of some difference.
Islamic History
When Kafers wanted to kill Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and His follower in their living, Prophet Muhammad said to his follower to run to the Christian King “Najashe” who had Holy Book (Bible). The king will understand Holy book and save you from Kafers. Christian King friendly accommodate follower of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from danger. Even the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not allowing them to hate anyone. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) allowed and accommodated Non – Muslim (Jews) in Mosque who came to trade. It is wonderful aspect, the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Even it is holy month of Ramazan for the believer of Islam. We all see condition of corruption in this holy month of Ramazan in every thing daily basic needs. It is not for only month of Ramazan but for all holy events and Eids. These are attitude of people of Pakistan with fellow human being and Islamic believer. People are forced to do corruptible things for basic needs.
I was interviewing simple Muslim. He was saying that it always happened when any religious event and holy month came. Everything had been become very expensive than other months and other countries. These are attitudes and mentalities of people who did not follow Holy Books that leads to paradise or hell. Only attitudes and acting upon the holy books can change someone life, nation and country.
Forcibility should not be for Christian citizen of Pakistan who is trying to survive their lives in this current age of Racialism of the jeopardy than Nationalism. Force is ever against evil forces. Christian is not evil, because Christian respects all. Otherwise Prophet Muhammad did not send his follower to Christian King Nejeshi for the shelter. But if some extremists who are running ahead of the teaching of Holy Books to convert forcibly some one, is it not misuse Blasphemy Law in revenge of their extreme or blasphemy against other faiths. They are raising civil war, cold war between sects and minorities.
It is sadly said that Pakistan is already in the condition of civil and cold war under extremists hands because of discrimination with human being through prejudice, attitude of corruption and power. Which one department is pure to function for the sovereignty of Pakistan, Everywhere is a corruption, misuse of authority, law and justice.
Case study Of Aisya Noreen that is known as Aisya Bibi
It is very sensitive case of Aisya Bibi where two major murders ( Governor, Sulman Taseer and Minority minister, Shahbaz Bhatti) had been done by extremists. We see the some educated Muslim brotherhood wanted to protect and save Aisya Bibi case from Blasphemy Law. But they had been killed by Islamic extremists. Still her case is not heard in court for justice even she is extremely beaten in prison.
In fact, she is innocent by surveys reports and news reports of local and international resources, BBC, Express Tribune,, Call for and amnesty International. She just discriminated for drinking water in same glass with other Muslim ladies due to her faith in Christ. Even there is another fact to trap her in this case by revenge and hatred of her neighborhood.
This poor lady denied and still denies after much persecution, that she did not do blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She is poor lady whose husband is laborer and she has five children by fact and survey reports of teams explaining everything. Her case study shows main facts that she did not do blasphemy. Now It is not only tragedy but also cruelty. Her court hearing is not fixed properly. All are in fear of Islamic extremists to save their lives.
There are so many women, girls of Christians and Hindus believers like Aisya Bibi who are crying bitterly and loudly under Islamic extremists to save their lives. Even it had been observed that a lot of case had been made intentionally for terrible example for innocent Christian and lower communities to accept Islam. Extremist showed the miserable condition of tortured believer whose daily basic need had blocked from all aspects. If they will not accept otherwise they will be misuse by Blasphemy law. Then who is Blasphemer? Even in Islam, there is no forcibility.
They are being forced to leave Pakistan to get Asylum in other countries. Pakistan Christian Congress is struggling for Christian rights even raising voice for persecuted Christian through Pakistan Christian Post online news for Christian. There is so many case studies of Blasphemy Law which are misused by someone personal interest and schemes of revenge.
Aisya bibi case is series of an old discrimination instinct of religious system between minority and majority, lower and superior. Unfortunately Christians are facing same discrimination which Muslim had been facing in India by the attitude of Hindus and Sikh. I am so sorry to say that they are repeating history over poor Communities believer of Christ.
This is specific people’ ignorance that were in the darkness of their own heart and mind, they are not still civilized by education and teaching of Holy Books. The Holy Quran did not teach this kind of teaching. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who hospitalized Christian even Jews in Mosque who came to trade.
Aisya bibi is grinding in the part of millstone of her poverty as minority member under old discrimination system for the revenge of someone. Law is good but misuse of law is the darkness of someone heart and mind to kill innocent. Critics and philosophers, scholars and historians have observed that the landlord system of Pakistan’ different regions are killing innocent laborers with brutality. Then it is injustice of rich with poor.
The whole world, there are too much educated people who wants to help Pakistan to see educated and civilized from all aspects of life. But some negative thoughts still thinks wrong in negative sense, why they are supporting poor people in Pakistan. In other words, they want to see Pakistan in a complete darkness. Even there is another aspect of misusing funds under the hands of extremists, before imposing law of Blasphemy, there was not too much case of Blasphemies. But now it is intentionally made to set example for innocent and poor.
There was no insecurity and uncertainty before imposing blasphemy law in every department of life. If some thing is being used for good, it brings a good results, But if it is misused in negative sense, it become darkness. God forgives but people don’t forgive, people had made their own thoughts for the paradise, but it is not God’s paradise according to His holy words to kill human for getting paradise. God doest want to perish any one but he wants from everyone to come on point of repentance.
God is the creator of Heaven and earth, His names are called by people according to their faith from beginning as God, Father, Jehovah, Yah, Elohim, El Shaddi, Bagwan, Parabo, Allah. There are so many names
Now it is tragedy to explain the darkness of those people who feels pride to kill innocent by misusing laws and the Holy Books for their own pride and supremacy to dominate minorities and lower communities for someone personal interest and revenge to get paradise. It is sad to explain that some of case had come up on scene for someone sexual harassment and lust.
Now it is same tragedy with NGOs and ministries who are getting donation from kind hearted people who loves humanity and wants to remove discrimination, wants to bring human on the standard to know dignity of humanity. Most of them are misusing funds of righteous people for their own interest even innocent are crashing in spirit by their injustice and common attitude of discrimination and greed. Human are killing human for their personal interest and fame.
There is so many NGOs which were working for Aisya bibi,
Here are link who had been working on this issue.

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