Demoncracy. By Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir


Introduction. The word “Democracy” may have hundreds of thousands of definition, yet it can be termed as the “personal collective will of the majority” at all levels. When we talk of “Political Democracy”

My “theological doctrine” of democracy is that democracy is “collective disobedience” of God that brings the wrath of God on mankind. In the Holy Bible we find this collective disobedience. >From “Day One” till today, the majority has always been corrupt and disobedient to God. From the mutely agreed disobedience of Adam and Eve till today all collective (democratic) decisions and acts of mankind are “Satanic” and against the Will of God. (Genesis. 3:1-21, 6:5-7, 11:1-9, 18:20-19:28, 37:18-29, Exodus 1:8-14, 14:10-12, 32:1-6, --------till Revelation 13:12-18, 19-21 and 20 7-10 and especially Matthew 22:14). According to the Word of God, majority “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

The Resources of Ancient and Modern Democracy.

In last century the “epidemic” of democracy started to spread in the world more openly than ever before. We can find democracy in some shape and form in ancient civilization. Greece in West and India in East is cradle of modern democracy. Before the modern democracy many countries had democratic system of governing their respective countries or states. In my opinion the French Revolution was the base of all modern democracies though the idea was not new. Democracy in France came sailing in blood with the oar of sword and rudder of spear. Today the democracy has become so popular form or ruling a country or state that it is imposed on people even at the cost of war and mass killings and barbaric economic sanctions. Very recently, America went to war against Iraq to establish “democracy”. Since “day one” of American war on Iraq for the sake of democracy, started with endless and continuous destruction. No body asked the people of Iraq whether they want democracy at all. Libya went in isolation for years for sake of democracy. So is the case with Pakistan, which faces the sanctions from every corner of the world for not having democracy in the country. In my opinion “Democracy” has become a “religion” rather than a system. “Great Britain” introduced democracy in British India, “the biggest Colonial Power” of that time, while still having kings and queens in their own country. In France democracy that came floating over “rivers of blood”, turned into imperialism under Napoleon Bona Part. The Europeans settlers in America fought many battles for the sake of democracy and American democracy is considered the strongest democracy in the world and the “Only Supper Power”. The Imperial Britain having every thing “royal” claims to be the mother of all democratic constitutions that was never written therefore even today the British constitution is called “conventional or traditional constitution”. (Last week the Secretary General of the “British Commonwealth” visited Pakistan and gave lengthy statements on democracy. This is the same Commonwealth that suspended the membership of Pakistan for the sake of democracy five years ago. (Certainly at that time no body needed Pakistan. After 11th September 2001, Pakistan was “temporarily pardoned” by democracy seekers, lovers and imposers so that Pakistan could become “Front Line State” against so-called war against terrorism as we were against Soviet Union from 1979 to 1989. I call it “democratic hypocrisy”).

British Commonwealth.

What is the “British Commonwealth” in reality? It is a continuation of British Colonial Rule on papers. In reality there is nothing “common” in Commonwealth countries. The basic concept of British Commonwealth was and is to keep reminding its former “Colonial Slaves” that once they were their masters. The role of Commonwealth” has always been negative. During elections in countries like ours, its teams of “monitors” floods our land along with their media to see if the elections are being held “fairly”? They praise the “fairness of our elections while they are still in Pakistan and declare them unfair, rigged and low turnout when they go back.

Democracy from Religious and Biblical Point of View.

What I have seen and experienced about democracy it is nothing but “demoncray” or Devil. From religious point of view, it is the worst kind of system of governing and I will to explain my point of view on my statement (If 51 our of 100 tell me not to preach an teach the Holy Bible and 49 out of 100 tell to preach and teach the Holy Bible, “democratically speaking”, I must not teach and preach the Holy Bible. Should I or any one adopt all kind of sinful acts and behavior because 51 out of 100 want that, I shall not do that even 100% disagree with me) No religion ever indicated democracy that we see in present shape and form. The Holy Bible has narrated many scientific facts but no democratic indications of modern democracy are given in the Holy Bible or/and the books of other religions. The democracies that existed in olden times were not on “one man/woman one vote” system. It has always been one man and few other men bases. All mankind (that includes women too) lived and is still living under the concept of “God or god” who has revealed His/his Will/will as guideline for every human being. The adversary of God or god/gods is Devil or Evil. Look around, who has more people on His/his side and with Devil and Evil? Devil or Evil commands the “majority” in every religion and society. From Christian point of view there are more none Christians in the world than Christians. Shall we give up Christianity only because none Christians command the majority and we have to accept their choice? Even in Christianity, there are more none believers than believers, should the believers submit to the none believers? In the Book of Revelation, we can find fewer people on God’s side and again find huge number of people who will fight the final battle against Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore I conclude that “democracy” is against the very Will of God and favors Devil only.

The Modern Democracy.

Modern democracy does not favor a good man if he is poor. It does not matter how good and intelligent a common man may be, what matters is how much one can spend for being elected. (Just look at the on going election campaign in United States of America. Can a common, intelligent, God fearing and good person be elected if he/she does not have extra wealth?) In democratic system the will of common person is respected only once in years. After casting his/her vote, he/she is forgotten. It is personal or party agenda and policies that are followed not the requirements of a common person. On the bases of so called “mandate” of common man, the rulers fulfill their own or party agenda, yet the interest of common man is not given any importance. Common man has the right to come out in the streets and chant slogans, but the democratic rulers have seldom taken notice of such demonstrations of their voters. In democracy mostly false promises are made, knowing well that these promises cannot be fulfilled. Democracy brings all sorts of evils and wickedness in society. I do understand that no democratic head of state can be an angel, yet we witnessed “adultery” in the “Capital” of present world. In 1998 an adulterous person stayed in power for good two and a half years because required votes for his impeachment were not enough. A homosexual became a bishop because he had support of the majority of the people. Both these men were not selected as head of state and bishop but elected through democratic system. In United States President Bill Clinton won elections against the sitting President with the support of homosexuals. There is another kind of democracy that existed forcefully for seventy years in Soviet Union; it still exists in many countries around the world. These countries also claim to be not only “democratic” but “people’s” republics. Please note and think of such names, “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, “Union of Soviet Socialist Republic”. Just have a look on freedom of “real” democracies. Where the democratic freedom has taken them? (For details please read my article, Moral Home Front” on and

Indian Democracy.

The largest democracy of India elects “Bandit Queen” Pholan Devi as its lawmaker and Mr. Lallu Parshad Yadive and Rabrhi Devi. This is the criteria of Indian democracy. What can be expected from such people? Pholan Devi known as “Bandit Queen” became member of Indian parliament. Mr. Lallu Parshad and his famous wife “Rabrhi Devi” are openly involved in all types and kind of cheating and corruption. Both husband and wife are playing game of democracy since long time. Most of their “Movies” tell the real nature of democracy in India. Indian cinema has so far not touched the Central Government but you can see a political leader who gains power through democracy is the protector of all types of “Mafias”. I do believe that there is lot of exaggeration in Indian movies but there is certainly some element of truth. In might be true in majority of the cases, who knows?

Democracy in Pakistan and its Evils.

The “evils of democracy” in Pakistan are my very personal and first hand experience. Democracy in Pakistan never existed. The fact is that being an Islamic country, the concept of Western Democracy is totally un-Islamic. (Khilafat in early days of Islam was not through majority votes. A Kalifa was selected or appointed by his predecessor or a small number of people the “Majlis-eShura”). Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah founder and father of the nation, knowing his bad state of health preferred “independence”. He knew he could not wait any longer. He died only 13 months after the independence. Therefore he left the job of making a “Road Map” or the constitution to his successors. Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated son after and the politicians of “Poluticians” and the democracy lover fighting amongst them while the common citizen of Pakistan waited for a “Road Map” to take a start towards prosperity. Nine years after the creation of Pakistan we got the road map in shape of the 1956 Constitution. Yet democracy failed and was replaced by military rule in October 1958. The people of Pakistan welcomed this change because it was a positive change. Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan led the country towards prosperity and in his ten years of rule, Pakistan made tremendous industrial and economic progress. Ayub Khan’s ten years rule was not an angelic period but he brought stability in Pakistan. In March 1969 President Ayub Khan resigned after a prolonged democratic agitation in Pakistan. In February 1969 while I was in United States, what I read in American news papers was astonishing. Commenting on the political situation in Pakistan, it was written, “what President Ayub Khan has given to Pakistan (prosperity) in ten years, Pakistanis have destroyed it in four months”. General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan became the President in March 1969. He held fair and impartial elections in December 1970. Awami League won majority in 1970 general elections. Yet the champion of democracy refused to accept the majority status of Awami League and created a situation in West Pakistan that infuriated the people of East Pakistan. Net result was rebellion in East Pakistan, prolonged insurgency, secessionist movement, Indian invasion and creation of Bangladesh. I have no hesitation in stating that Bangladesh was engineered by Mr. Z. A. Bhutto so that he and his “People’s” Party could rule in West Pakistan. A “democratically” elected person was appointed President of Pakistan in December 1971 who also became the “Chief Marshal Law Administrator” (a general without uniform) till 14th August 1973. From 14th August 1973 to 5th July 1977 he ruled Pakistan as a “Dictator”. He destroyed every institution of Pakistan. Nationalized the industry, gave total freedom to his party to destroy each and every department of Pakistan. (After October 1968 prosperity did not retuned to Pakistan) The darkest era of Pakistan started in December 1971 and ended in July 1977. In this era no one had basic and fundamental rights as a citizen of Pakistan as they remained suspended after an emergency that was imposed by President Yahya Khan in March 1969. (This emergency was lifted during President General Muhammad Zia Ul Haq’s time, by the then Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Khan Junajo on 1st January 1986. Emergency could be understood under military rulers but what was the justification for a democratically elected Prime Minister not to lift the emergency? Why couldn’t he restore the basic rights of the citizens of Pakistan? What was the justification of suspension of basic rights in democracy? He killed and jailed his opponents without mercy. He could not tolerate a word against him. Here I give a small but serious personal experience. While serving at Karachi in 1976, I went to the Air Port to see off my sister. There was still time and we had supper at Karachi air port restaurant. After paying the bill the waiter brought a new Ten Rupees Note as we still use the same word for Currency Bill. This “Bill” was different in color and size. I saw and said, “Well! You don’t know when, what is going to be changed”. Immediately a fellow came to me and asked me for my national identity card. I took out my military identity card and showed him. He said, Captain, be careful in future while commenting on the present government. That fellow was from the “private army” of the democratic Prime Minister Z. A. Bhutto, the Federal Security Force. Atmosphere of fear prevailed every where under a democratic Dictator. Later in March 1977, I witnessed the worst kind of rigging in general election that sparked an agitation against him. I was part of the “Martial Law” imposed in Karachi by Mr. Bhutto, though he claimed that he has closed all doors on military to intervention and any kind of “Martial Law” in 1973 Constitution. In the streets of Karachi, people begged for “Martial Law” and when General Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq did impose “Martial Law” common people welcomed it. When Mr. Bhutto was executed a very small number of people mourned his execution. General Zia’s period was fairly better than the years of oppression, fear and instability of a democratic regime of Mr. Bhutto. In year 1988 Ms. Benazir Bhutto managed more seats in National assembly than any other party, yet she was not in position to form a government without the help of other parties. Even then she insisted that she must immediately be made Prime Minister of Pakistan. She made a deal with the Acting President Mr. Ghulam Ishaq Khan for his Presidency and got the office of Prime Minister, “her ultimate goal”. After becoming Prime Minister she started working on her own agenda. Financial misappropriations, personal gains, wasting national resources and introducing the term “Horse Trading”. Finally in August 1990 she was removed from the office of Prime Minister on charges of corruption. In 1990 general elections Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s collation “Islami Jamhuri Ithad” (IJI) won the elections and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister he was removed on corruption charges in April 1993. He went to the court and in the last week of May 1993, the Presidential order was over ruled by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The National and Provincial assemblies and the office of Prime Minister was restored but Ms. Benazir Bhutto termed the verdict of the Supreme Court as “Chamak” (Bribery), collaborated with the President, announced “Long March” on Islamabad creating a serious law and order situation. The then Chief of Army Staff had to intervene. Without taking over and declaring “Martial Law” even on demand from the people of Pakistan resolved the matter. Both Prime Minister and the President had to resign. In 1993 general elections Ms. Benazir Bhutto won enough seats to form a government at her own, new President was elected and a new chapter of corruption was opened. The law and order situation was so bad that her real brother was assassinated by the Police, yet she did not take any measures to improve the situation. Her own elected President Mr. Farooq Ahmad Laghari dismissed her government in November 1996. Her husband Mr. Asif Ali Zardari was arrested on so many charges that he is still in jail. Ms. Benazir who was also facing corruption charges managed to go out of Pakistan and so far has not returned. In February 1997 general elections, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif won a landslide victory and he too opened a new chapter of corruption. (His favorite Break Fast use to be flown from Lahore to Islamabad daily) He built a big Estate near Raiwind a city just 25 miles from Lahore. His kitchen was 5,000 square feet in specification. His aim was to become the first king of Pakistan. He fired the Chief Justice of Pakistan with dishonor, forced the President to resign, amended the constitution according to his own goals. He dismissed the Army Chief for very petty reason. In July 1999 he surrendered the Kargil war gains to President of United States Mr. Clinton. And finally on 12th October 1999 he tried to remove the Chief of Army Staff General Pervaiz Musharaf while he was on his way back to Pakistan from Seri Lanka. He tried to prevent General Musharaf from entering Pakistan by not allowing the Pakistan’s Flag Carrier (PIA) to land at Karachi. It was a matter of life and death of over two hundred men women and children. He dug the grave of his political carrier himself. He was arrested tried and sentenced. In December 2000, he agreed exile in Saudi Arabia and joyfully boarded the Saudi Air Liner that was sent by the Saudi government. The chapter of democratic dictatorship ended on 12th October 1999. President General Musharraf held elections under Legal Framework Order (LFO) and all democracy lovers contested these elections. Before the elections no one objected to “LFO” but after the election, the champions and advocates of democracy behave like “drummers” did nothing for their voters, who certainly did not elect them to beat the desks in Parliament. In two years time the democracy lovers received without thanks millions of Rupees from the pockets of “tax payer” but failed to deliver any thing. They are working on their own agendas and the voter is right there were he was on 10th of October 2002. No body in Pakistan now cares who is ruling them, a general or a politician. They want their problem to be resolved. That is why the turn out for October 2002 was so low that the people friendly party managed only 2.5 million votes and the religious party got 1.1 million votes. PML (Q) got 2.4 million votes Muslim league Nawaz Group and other parties got even less votes. People of Pakistan are sick and tired of democracy, and I am afraid in next general elections no one will take any interest. The people of Pakistan want a devoted and strong leadership and not the thieves they have tried twice each. Pakistan failed to abolish the “Feudal System” for so many reasons. Majority of voters, vote according to the instruction of their “Feudal Lords”. If they don’t, they may suffer at the hands of Feudal Lords all over Pakistan. In cities the situation is a little different. People vote for their cast or sect without examining the agenda, character, educational, moral and human credibility of a candidate or a particular party. Religious Political Parties indulge in religious blackmailing. During 2002 elections the religious party alliance opted “book” for party singe. A secret campaign was launched door to door that any one who will put stamp on the “book” printed on the ballet paper will actually vote for Koran. Any one who does not stamp the “book” rejects Koran will be termed as “Kafir” (none believer). Of-course Afghan voters also voted in favor of Muthida Majlas-e-Amal (MMA). After reaching the assemblies our democratic heroes forget the democracy till next elections. Therefore democracy and the heroes and champions of democracy have lost their credibility.


As I wrote in my opening statement, not only in Pakistan but every where majority or “quantity” must not be taken as a certificate of political system. Quality must be kept in mind. The history of human race is the biggest teacher on very important issues in all ages. Political system is on of the most important issue. Britain ruled the word, not with quantity but with quality. Christianity does not rule the hearts and minds of millions on human being because of its statistics but because of its quality of teachings, faith and salvation. If a general is a good leader and ruler, it does not matter even if he is in uniform. Above all let the people of a particular country decide what is better for them, democracy, dictatorship or monarchy. Having three hundred and fifty idiots sitting in a Parliament, it is better to have fewer wise and capable men/women for the long term prosperity of their country. A person who works for the larger interest of his people and wares uniform or civil dress is better than a number of persons working for their own agenda and interests. Please remember, Jesus Christ had very few followers yet they were good workers. The Disciples won souls for their Lord and Master not through democracy but loyalty, devotion, hard and quality work. Devil works on large numbers or votes bases and democracy works on the same system. I must further add that democracy can nor ensure peace in the world. If tomorrow Mr. Bush or Mr. Kerry on demand of majority decide to stop war on terrorism or pull out of Iraq or Afghanistan, America will receive a blow from which it will never recover. If Pakistani people decide to have the thieves ruling them again, soon it will disappear from the face of earth. Majority is not always right and minority is not always wrong. Therefore democracy might be good for Europe and America, maybe India, yet democracy has failed to stop corruption in many countries including civilized and advanced countries. I will request the champions of democracy not to impose democracy on us that has revealed it self as “Demoncracy” for us.

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