Warning Concerning the “Templar Church” By Chev. James R. Reese, KGCTJ.


The Confederation of Scottish Knights Templar, which is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, and which has priories around the world, hereby declares that it is in no way affiliated with, nor in any way sanctions, the “Interdenominational Templa

As the spiritual and organizational descendants of those knights who founded the Knights Templar in 1118 A.D., and as the guardians of the Order and its holy truths, we hereby declare that the “Templar Church” is not Templar.

As defenders of the faith, for which so many knights gave their lives on fields of honor, we hereby declare that the “Templar Church” is not a church.

We also declare that the founder of this so-called “Templar Church,” Gary M. Beaver, is not a duly ordained and consecrated archbishop. The Church of Wales agrees, with Archbishop Barry Morgan declaring on September 30th, 2004, that the “ordination” of Gary Beaver, which was performed in an unauthorized ceremony by a part-time priest, was “invalid under the canon law of any Church and would not be recognized in any way by the Anglican Communion.”

While we respect religious freedom, and recognize the “right” of anyone to start a new church or even a new religion, we must point out that Gary Beaver cannot claim to be a duly ordained and consecrated cleric in Apostolic succession, and for all practical purposes remains a layman parading about in clerical vestments, and rented vestments at that.

The Confederation of Scottish Knights Templar makes this declaration to the general public as a warning against joining what we feel is not a legitimate church. Of course, all of this begs the question as to why someone would want to devote time, effort, and money to what is basically an “Internet” organization rather than a legitimate church in one’s own town or city. Surely, we all can agree that serving in a local church is infinitely preferable to sending money to an “archbishop” one has never met, and one whose “ordination” has been ruled invalid by a major church within the Anglican Communion.

We have been the object of many attacks by Gary Beaver. He has called us cultists and even Satanists, but we would point out that it is he, and not we, who has started his own “church.” We would further point out that we have always encouraged our knights and dames to work within their own churches, and we have never attempted to make the Order a substitute for one’s own church. Our “Declaration of Atlanta,” to which all the priories in the Confederation of Scottish Knights Templar are signatories, has codified the principle that we would never ask any knight or dame to do anything that would violate his or her own conscience, the canon law of his or her own church, or the laws of the land (Article V). Also, we proscribe any and all occult practices, making them the subject of automatic excommunication (Article III).

Eventually, the “Templar Church” will fall into the dustbin of history, like other “churches” that were not centered on our Lord Jesus Christ, but upon the ego of their founders. In the meantime, we will continue to warn our fellow Christians against becoming part of the “Templar Church,” and parting with their money. We do not believe that any good can come out of anything that has had such unholy beginnings.

Without a doubt, the attacks upon the Order will continue, always under the guise of an “archbishop’s” pronouncements. However, we will weather such attacks, as we have weathered them for 886 years.

The “archbishop” has launched legal attacks in the United Kingdom to silence us on this subject, but we will not be silenced. If we were silent on this subject, how would we answer to our Lord on the Day of Judgment? No, as long as something is referred to as a “Templar Church,” we consider it our duty to show that it is neither Templar nor a church.

We bear Gary Beaver no ill will, and we have prayed that he will lay aside all pretensions of being an “archbishop” and will submit himself to the spiritual authority and discipline of a legitimate church. We believe that by claiming to be an “archbishop” and daring to perform those sacraments reserved for real Christian clergy, he is putting himself in danger of the Judgment.

We leave him with the warning that our Lord does not look upon the “bending” of holy rituals with favor: Leviticus 10:1-3 records that Aaron’s sons, Nabab and Abihu were killed by fire after offering “strange and unholy fire” to God. A layperson, parading about in rented vestments and pretending to be an archbishop, is surely at great risk for offering “strange and unholy” things to God.

Nor can honor, or prestige, or holy things may be purchased with money. Our Order does not sell knighthoods or other titles, because we recognize this immutable fact. Any prospective member of the “Templar Church” thinking about “purchasing” a “bishopric” or “archbishopric” from the “Templar Church” should read about Simon the Magician in Acts 8:20: “But Peter said to him, ‘May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain God’s gift with money.’”

We also pray that he will dissolve the “Templar Church” and cease his attacks upon his Christian brethren. We pray that he will rediscover love, and will let the love of God and of his fellow human beings guide whatever he does in the future.

The Apostle Paul said in I Corinthians 13:3: “If I give away all my possessions, and if I hand over my body so that I may boast, but do not have love, I have gained nothing.”

For a church to be of God, it must be founded on love. A church must be about healing and reconciling people to God. But if a church is founded on false pretenses and the fomenting of hate and discord, as the “Templar Church” appears to be, then it is not of God.

May our Lord guide those who are seeking a true church to serve, and may He favor the efforts of all who are working for His church on earth!

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