Minorities have no choice in Pakistan. By Shamim Masih


Sitting on the top roof of the four stories building in the capital, a man roared that if you uttered a single word from your mouth I will send you directly into the hell. There were four people from three different faiths, Sunni, Shia and a Christian. It can happen only in Pakistan that Sunni Muslim can use rough language about others but they are not ready to listen against themselves, because they are in power. Religion should not be the state’s business; I am sorry, but it’s clear that your religion is not your personal matter. It is the matter for all of us to interfere in, as and when we feel necessary or find a choice.
The recent attack on the Sikh community of Peshawar and on an Ahmadi community in Gujranwala has given out a clear message to minorities that Pakistan is not for them. Harjeet Singh, 30, was present in his grocery shop in Nothia Bazar of Peshawer, when two unknown assailants on a motorcycle opened fire on him and killed him on the spot.
It’s clear message to all minorities that they don’t have right to practice their religion or sect either or to run their business for their livings. If you did so, you better ready for an army of so called preachers deliberately enforcing a religious polemic argument on you. It makes no difference, how patriotic you feel for Pakistan, you will always stay an American or Zionist agent. Although it is fact, American or Jews least bother about Pakistani Christians. Taliban have already given warning to the people of Chitral valley (heretics) to either convert to Islam or ready to die. Few months back, three Hindu temples were desecrated in Mir Pur Khas district. Earlier this year, in Larkana, the heart of Pakistan Peoples Party, a mob looted a Hindu temple before setting it ablaze. After the attack on Peshawar Church last year, Taliban made it quite clear that the attacks were exactly according to Sharia. Religious extremists looted the houses in Joseph Colony, Lahore before setting it ablaze. Asia Bibi, Sawan Masih and Christian couple (Shagufta Bibi and Shafqat Emmanuel) in Gojra is sentenced to death. And all it started with Christians allegedly framed a blasphemy case.
Killing of Christian family in Gojra including small kids and burning of the 100 years old church in Mardan were some chilling events that can’t be forgotten. Even, the sizable Shia community faces the same fate as other minorities do. Shias are killed on regular basis in the country. People are pulled down from the buses, identified and they are mercilessly massacred.
It’s again pathetic when we see that neither Pakistani Christian organizations like CLAAS etc or international community step forward to protect Christian rights. Some so called social activists are active for their vested interest on the name of protecting Pakistani Christians. Sorry to say, but this is not a country for minorities, you better leave. But how come, it is possible neither European nor other Christian countries welcome Pakistani Christians. We are left here to suffer and suffer no bright future for children but stiff environment around.

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