Democracy and September: [Part-1] By Indranil Maitra


3rd September has not only in American history but also in the modern civilized world has its own significant interest to preach human values, liberty & democracy for the sake of mankind. We all know that this day in the year 1776 of American freedom struggle, has almost reached their final destiny & a peace treaty was signed between American, French, British & Spanish troops. But I am not interested now to describe American war of independence but I would like to research the influence of 3rd Sep. in the making of a powerful democratic nation like the USA.
There were 3 most powerful components of human values (liberty, democracy & unity), the key factor to establish the foundation of the USA not only in a theoretical sense but also in the right way of implementation. I would go through over the highlights of these ideological basics. A couple of months ago, we saw that the US president Barak Obama was declaring the date n time of the next US presidential election which would come 4 yrs. later just before his 2nd term president election. As a Bangladeshi it is even unimaginable for me, but the Americans are practicing it today. A fact is always a fact whether the anti-American feeling accept it or not.
As a commentator u would watch the consistency of US policy regarding some of their fundamental principle. At the time of Bangladesh liberation war, the US govt didn’t support it but soon after the end of the war, the US govt recognized Bangladesh as an independent state just because of its ideological belief in the status of liberty. We can find many more American examples like this one. Human liberty & freedom r always a static present as good sence in the mind of USA & its people.
If u analyze American war of freedom, would find that the war all through fought & directed by a democratic process. US political leadership never creates pressure to any person or state govt. to join the war.
It means the US leadership always respects the 'self-respect' policy established by them even at the war time period. It can b said easily at this age of time but was very difficult to implement nearly 240 yrs. ago. And in those days, the US authority implemented it successfully.
I mentioned about liberty & self-respect policy of the US philosophy & combination of these two would bring you 'democracy' by real means.
Unity is the principle that the Americans learnt by enjoying their democratic rights through a long walk of sacrifice & from the experience of their civil war time. At the time of civil war US got the leadership of the great Abraham Lincoln, who ultimately brand as a symbol of democracy.
The constitution of the US preserves the maximum rights for the states to b a sovereign state at any time according to its wish. The states may separate itself any time but unity is the strength & being united they can make a difference. They (US leadership) let their people understand about the value of unity. There r many separatist movement in many democratic nation but not anymore in the USA, because of its democratic teachings & self-respect to each other. They know as long as they remain united altogether nothing can beat them, nothing can upset them.
These 3 philosophical components r very much like a chain circle, one can’t spread up properly without the right implementation of the other one. From liberty to unity and then democracy thus lead the US foundation of superiority to b an authentic democratic state for its citizens.
Personally I am not a loud speaker of US policy always but it is their fundamental state principles that impressed my action of thoughts. So hats of cheer to the US particularly in this historic day, I would try to research the reasons of US economic status & its contribution to the modern world history in part

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