Christians demand repeal of Pakistani blasphemy law. By Farooq Bashir


Pakistani government is trying to give the impression to the world that Christians are safe in Pakistan instead of giving them equal rights. Present govt has totally failed to protect minorities. Christians are living under the fear of blasphemy law as a hanging sword upon their neck. Christians and other minorities are facing severe persecution in Pakistan. If the govt cannot repeal blasphemy law yet it must stop its misuse. Govt just takes stand at a time when a blasphemy case gets international intention. Our media just highlighted that case four or five days, people from civil society condemn the state of persecution against Christians and after that the situation remains as it was before. When shanty Nagar (Christian village)was burnt to ash at that incident government should have taken certain steps and culprits of that incident should have been hanged so that exemplary lesson must be given to others. But government did not pay interest in it after that many other Christian colonies were burnt like Gojra, Sharakpur, Joseph colony and more than thousands blasphemy cases were registered against Christians. And most of them were fake and wrongly used.
Many Christian’s colonies have been burnt and the culprits are freely walking in the society. Many Christians are facing life imprisonment in false cases of blasphemy and some of them have been killed under the boundary of respected courts just before their final judgment. Whenever the current government came into power the level of persecution against minorities particularly against Christians rose. In reality, government has failed to protect minorities.
On the other side everyone knows about the finical status of the Christians in Pakistan as they are living under absolute poverty line and this is wide result of discrimination of the Government through upper level and Christians could not run their own business, because majority of them are not allowed do that. It is fact that for their bread and butter Christian girls are compelled to perform domestic work in Muslims houses, unfortunately it is also a great phenomenon that Muslim also like to recruit Christians girls because they don’t allow Christian men to work in their houses or factories and in all work places.
In every year almost thousand girls from minorities are being converted in Islam. Approximately 70% are Christian girls and rests of them are Hindus, they are being married with Muslim men against their will. Question is it? If Muslim girls are in large number then why girls from minorities are being targeted. The Muslim abductors are of the view that they will get eminent position in heaven by converting non-Muslims into Islam as it is their religious obligation. Here is another problem if a Muslim girl marries a Christian boy, in that case both will be killed because the govt and certain Islamic sources allow their killing.
In previous days, a Pakistani news channel committed blasphemy but neither were they did not arrest nor they were given death sentence because they were not Christians. It is also observed that they were just punished in shape of fine of ten million Pakistani rupees. Christians are also humbly requesting government to release Asia Bibi by charging fine of ten million rupees because they are ready to pay ten million rupees of every Christian who is behind the bar.
Christians also want equality of law so that they may lead their lives without fear of victimization in the name of religion. All Christians humbly request to law makers to enforce laws which may ensure the protection of them.

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