Nationalism or Racialism – series 13: By Pastor FS Bhatti


It is so sad to write on topic of “Nationalism or Racialism” after watching and analyzing bitter killing aspect of life to Pakistani Christian, we are faithful and good citizen of Pakistan. Before Pakistan’s existence, Christian voted for the establishment of Pakistan. How Pakistani Christian was exploited in getting rights as Pakistani after the existence of Pakistan. It is miserable, pitiable, unsatisfied condition to live in every department of life, education, employment, government, even assemblies for Pakistani Christian. After existence 67 year of existence of Pakistan, Christian had no rights.
All Pakistani Christian have no leadership still to give their opinions and suggestions for the establishment of Pakistan, having no safety of Christian belief, houses, families and children. But inferior complexes had become perpetual on mind of generations as slave in Pakistan. But we are called as hatred, insulted word “Cherara”. Even Christ’s name is written in Holy Quran. Uneducated people are still calling us “Cherara” with hatred in every department of life, if we are teacher or on high post. They are calling us “Cherara” because of Christ.
Even all Muslim leader’s children want to be educated in foreign countries who followers of Christ. They profess that they find good thing in foreign, there is laws for all citizen, and they are living in paradise where human had rights. Then why they are polluting Pakistan' innocent human being who are living after existence of Pakistan. They had made Pakistan for the citizen as abusive and especially for Pakistani Christian, who had no security of anything, even girls are raped, converted in traps, even most of Christian families are supervised by Islamic extremists who rules all members according to their desires even for nasty purposes. Even ministers can not raise voice for Christian rights.
No Pakistani Christian can lead any leading organization, management, administration, establishment and government etc for as Christian. Now churches had been condemned for recommendation where Christian are baptized and enrolled as membership from childhood. Recommendation of Church is not acceptable in the Government institution.
If Christian leadership is in National and provincial assemblies, they belong to their specified parties those had selected them not elected. They can not go against their parties’ rules and regulation. Even they can not discuss Christian rights to be imposed in Pakistan, Where are Christian rights who are suffering and persecuting for last 67 years.
Pakistani Christian nation is tired to suffer by the domination of extremists who just terrorizes Christian families, children, people who are working among markets place, department to work as nasty representative or wine provider and drug provider above humanity basic. Why these extremist are presenting all of us Pakistani Christian as nasty work, drug work or as slaves and condemn true identity of Christ. This is the conclusion of Pastors, Bishops and high priesthood of Pakistan after suffering of 67 year in Pakistan as salve to who are called as “Cherara”.
We, Pakistani Christian Nation appeal to British Government, UNO, USA and Amenity of International to give us Asylum in other countries or separate province to be respected as good citizen of Pakistan where we will have safety of our women, girls, and children in every department of life. We don’t hate Muslim but we don’t like this system which is going on. Freedom is also our right. We are crashing down under different political parties’ selection system, discrimination, persecution even we have no suitable “Quota” in Government employment.
It is sad to tell you truth. Our Christian leadership and government still could not raise voice for Christian rights to be saved in Pakistan. Even we have no proper laws for Christian divorce, Even there is Christian Act in Law. But still there is a difficulty by denomination, extremist to impose their enforcement for their decision for divorce not Christian Act or people who want divorce because of their problems in family life.
I am suffering in court for many years for divorce purpose, some denomination war started among people, something government leaves, strikes in department of Law and Justice for so many days’ even years, Sometime advocates are on strikes, sometime advocates judges are on strikes. Then when justice will be done with common Citizen?
These are facts, when there is no justice, corruption and extremism comes in minds that are tired to be tolerated for years for justice.
These are Facts Finding:-
1. All Christian mission schools, colleges and universities had been nationalized to be property of Pakistan’s nation.
2. Cities and roads names were changed in Islamic names to eradicate Christian names.
3. Christian villages, churches are burned.
4. Girls and women are raped.
5. Conversion by force even whole families under extremists.

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