Nationalism or Racialism – series 16: National and International Call for prayers for Asia Bibi. By Pastor FS Bhatti


I went to attend marriage, everything was looking good, we were sitting on table of banquet hall, there were three seats empty on round table, but there came one man who was drunk, he asked that there two men who needs seat on table, these three of them were drivers who had drunk wine, they came with groom from far away, one was Christian and two was Muslim, they had drunk. One Christian driver started talking in abusing manner, Muslim also, one person on table tried to tell him, please don’t talk in abusing ways because women are sitting around in the banquet hall.
But Christian driver did not stop his language, then I told to another driver who was Muslim, please tell him to stop abusing language because women are sitting around in the banquet hall, I told him, there are so many people who had drunk, but they are not reacting like this driver in realm of drunk, if someone will raise against him. Then dispute will increase and marriage atmosphere will be polluted and happiness will be changed into sad situation. Parents of bride and groom will be terrified and will be sad on the situation. It will be tension for all of us.
He said to Christian drunken driver, but he was stubborn, he said who will stop us, then he said to boy, stand up and go to another chair. Because he was waiting another driver to dine dinner, boy was just coming into anger, I suddenly stopped boy, ok, you can call your another driver, this boy will change chair on the table for your another guest. Because they want to still closely with each other, whole table came in anger but be silent decently. They were disturbing through abusive language.
A person who came, he was also drunk, he also started to talk in abusing manner, then I request to Muslim driver, please understand that there are women. He told me that this is your Christian community member; I told him that it is no matter, if he is Christian or Muslim. You are also our brother as human; we are sitting on the same dining table. But it is not good way of communication with each other in abusive words among women. I said to me that he is also drunk but he is not talking in abusive manner like this Christian driver. Then he gives sign to Christian driver, he left table and find another place in banquet Hall for dinner. Then dinner was started, everybody ate dinner peacefully.
Moral Lesson
1. Good attitude, good supervision, tolerance can change evil attitudes, bitter situation and atmosphere into good atmosphere, situation.
2. But evil attitude cannot change evil attitude even increases dispute into bad situation for all.
Religious Point of views
A human is not perfect in his acts and ways of life to act upon His holy words. The Holy Bible and Quran did not permit to drink wine. Both nations are drinking and doing work against His Holy Book because there is deception in their own understanding for pleasure of world. Christ Jesus said, what you eat that will not pollute you but what will come out from your inner being like abusing, doing abusive manners, making noise to spoil atmosphere of others who sitting around in peace that will pollute your character, language and way of life.
Most of Christian gets this verse to please themselves that they are allowed to drink. Christ Jesus said this in spiritual sense. But it is written in His Holy words that drunken man cannot enter into Kingdom of God. Some Christian gets wrong meaning by verse of Lord Jesus Christ from first miracle when Christ Jesus joined marriage party and vine was finished in marriage party. Even Mother Mary was there, he said to Christ Jesus, their vine has finished. Christ Jesus said that oh women, mine time is not yet come to do any miracle. Christ Jesus is Lord, Christ said in spirit, He is God also by creative miracles and blessings, authority to create and doing miracle, He said to His mother as women. There is difference between word of Wine and Vine.
Vine is made purely with sweat grapes that are good for the health, but wine is made with different kinds of alcohol and medicine. What these people are drinking, it is purely chemical and alcohol which does harm health to increase blood pressure and loose senses. A person who drinks, he comes in the realm of anger and hyper soon. It is medically harmful for different of people, age because of blood clots that is mostly used in communities which is not purified. Last year, so many Muslim and Christian were died in communities of Faisalabad because of poisonous wine even in different cities of Pakistan.
Even it is also observed that some people who gets revenge from someone, they intentionally give drink people who are in their confidence to insult their opponents or making noise loud sounds. In this way, so many evil activities had been spoiling communities, new generations, and human attitudes without religious boundaries because when they come in realm of drunk. They forget everything.
National Call for prayers
How beautiful and wonderful blessings of Almighty God on all human to live in peace with other beliefs and faith. It creates good atmosphere among all like paradise on earth because discrimination and prejudice creates difference among human’ feeling of inferiority and superiority among human. But God made all human on His Image. There was on religion at that time. I remember about my childhood story, we have cricket team, there was one Muslim boy who had been playing with us from childhood, Christian Organization held tournament among Christian teams. Team discussed with Muslim boy. Even he also wanted to play match with team, he told team. You can call me Peter Masih during team days; it is the loving feeling and his heart for his team. It is sacred feeling above religion. I say because there is no difference of faith and belief but mutual kindness and love. Even he is true Muslim still. He shows his attitude that he is on right of God because God is love.
Before few days, I met him again for some reason. A Christian needs driving license of Pakistan to get job, he was very young when went to another country for earning purpose. We made fun each other, enjoying childhood days with each other. I told him, this man is not still married, he needs job, when he will get license then he will become earning hand, Muslim friend suddenly talked with joy, you should become Muhammad Yousaf that get married there in the Muslim country. A Christian man told him that there is no too much discrimination as he is feeling here in Pakistan; he told how Pakistan is under loans and different kind of plagues and adversities because of religious extremism.
He told his story of his childhood match about name of Peter Masih for playing match. We all again laughed loudly. Even Christian did not like Muhammad yousaf now in communities because of his conversion. Christian and Muslim are living together each other.
Love is taking care, Love has no boundaries and Love has no specific language; even not any religion but it is loving relationship as brotherly on human basis. Because God is love, Love is beautiful feeling, who has God within himself, he is taking care, All religion shows right path to be positive to get paradise. But it is action that shows hatred, revenge, love and kindness. Now people are being killed in name of religion with religious extremism. Before imposing Blasphemy Law in Pakistan, there was rare case of Blasphemy Law. But after imposing Blasphemy Law in Pakistan, there are mostly cases of Blasphemy. It is very sad to say, Law has allowed people to trap innocent people, because people are using it wrongly for their negative purposes.
Love has cold down in heart now. Innocent and poor Christian people are afraid of this Law, very careful to make relationship with Muslim brotherhood; most of Christian is flying to other countries because of this law.
There are so many cases like Asia Bibi, she is innocent in the reality, it is confirmed that she is getting Cross of Christ because of some people revenge, selfishness and brutality. Now she has sentenced to death. Even she is saying that she did not do any kind of Blasphemy. She has three children; she knows that Muslim is in majority by fact. She is very poor lady who labors then eats among Muslim majority. How can she think about Blasphemy? Even she knows that she fulfills bellies of his children through Muslim land lord’s work. Intellectual mind investigates all things and facts. Even I have felt that those Christian who works among Muslims, they loves them and takes care of them as like the Christian driver who wants to give chair to his Muslim fellows. He changes his changes his chair in the shame because of his attitude. But he tried to become hero in eyes of his Muslim friends in the Christian community.
Even there are so many Blasphemy cases, Christian made victim Christian because of their own interest, purposes, self – prominence, man power and self – praise.
But it is tragedy; people are finding paradise to kill human to whom God had created on his image (Genesis 1: 26). Might be a person who kills human, how much he/she loves God who is creator of all human being, human cannot measure human’ heart for God. Even prophets are created and appointed by God Almighty.
A human is not perfect anyway, a human cannot perfect, if anyone profess that he is perfect in acts then he is liar because human does so many mistakes in a day. But paradise will be given according to human’s ACTS. What is human, he is like grass that will be fading away soon till evening (Isaiah 40:6, Peter 1: 24). Innocents had been killed for someone’s revenge, self-praise, self-prominence and manpower. Even people use religions for their personal pleasure, benefits, supremacy to get revenge.
All educated, scholarly mind understands that human is not perfect. But they are fighting for their personal interests, purposes and supremacy. I am sorry to share those cases of Christian men and women who were falsely accused for “blasphemy law”. Because Christian are 3 or 4 % of Pakistan as minority, we can never think about Blasphemy but Law which was made to allow some people to kill Christian. Thank God, Law of Pakistan was made from Indian, Indian laws was made by England Law, England Law was made by Romans Law. Romans Law was made by the Holy Bible.
It is humble request
It is humble petition to the Muslim friends and Intellectual Muslim leaders and Government Leaders; all allied Governments, Human Rights Commission, organizations to save Asia Bibi. Please think about Asia Bibi before her death who had been sentenced death, and she has three children.
We, as Christian cannot think about Blasphemy, our Lord Christ’ teaching is patience, love and tolerance. But this Law of Blasphemy had terrified all of us in Pakistan now to walk in every field of life and make relationship with Muslim. But we still work by faith in love of our Lord Christ Jesus who taught us to love your enemies. But we never consider human as enemies. We are living here from decades even before existence of Pakistan. Now why this Law is terrifying all of us to lose our confidence good citizen of Pakistan, all Christian are trying to find escapes and shelter in other countries.
All of them are trying to fly from Pakistan. It is very sad to say that our bank account of Trust “Shelter Organization” is not still opened in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Here organizations want to use us for their interest than live independent life. Our children are living as slaves; our needs are not met fully to carry on good for peace and salvation for humanity.
Everyone wants to get Asylum in other countries. Even All religions are teaching peace, love and kindness. But peace does not kill human. But now it is creating discriminated system in Pakistan. Most of Christian had been run away from Pakistan. We, all Christian respect All Prophets, we love Pakistan. Even we respect Muslim and Islam. Our forefather struggled for Pakistan establishment and progress. But we are still considered as third class citizen with religious prejudice.

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