Bilawal Bhutto's tweet and a humble question to Ansar Abbasi. By Indranil Maitra


Sometimes we forget that a new millennium is running on and in 2014 nobody is unknown to anyone in this global village. Particularly people of this SAARC region are very much aware of each other’s socio-economic scenarios and conflicts.
Few months ago when Hameed Mir of geo channel was shot & severely injured by a terrorist attack in the city of Karachi then not only his fellow Pakistani collogues but the entire journalist community of this civilized world condemned the attack and showed sympathy for him. As I'm going to tell U some facts about Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's tweet on his tweeter account, so tried briefly to uphold my point of view. Mr. Ansar Abbasi is a well-known senior journalist of Jang group which is estimated as the largest news media group [both print & electronic] of Pakistan. Abbasi saab's latest column named 'Bilawal Zardari's politics violates constitutional limits' [‘The News International' of 22oct wed 2014], where Mr. Abbasi tried to explain how the latest political speech & tweet of the PPP Chairman violates the fundamental spirit of the Pakistani constitution.
Mr. Ansar Abbasi has all the rights to raise these questions and on the contrary I've no right to make a single word regarding the constitution of Pakistan.
I fully admit it. & moreover I'm not a mad yet who'll speak anything for the pak constitution. I'll just try to elaborate the moral base of Mr. Abbasi's column & a neutral explanation of Bilawal's view point. What the chairman off the PPP said in his Karachi speech was a totally political motivation to the party workers & being a Pakistani Mr. Abbasi can overthrow Bilawal's speech if there's anything objectionable of violating the constitution in his speech, at least as a senior journalist Abbasi saab can easily raise his logical stand against Bilawal's speech. But in his column unfortunately Mr. Abbasi also raised his question regarding a personal tweet of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari which was made a year ago during the time of Christmas in 2013.
Last year at the time of merry Christmas Bilawal tweet like this - ''I want 2(to) see a Christian PM (prime minister) of PK (Pakistan) in my lifetime.''
Everybody even a child knows that it is quite impossible for Pakistan & obviously Mr. Bilawal is very much aware of this reality.
As I mentioned earlier that in Islamic Republic of Pakistan any non-Muslim, I mean a Christian or Hindu or Sikh can't be the chief of the government or the chief executive of this Islamic republic, we like it or not may be a different issue of debate but we can't deny it. Then why the PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari tweet on his twitter like this way? The answer is very simple. In a single word answer it is 'duty'. Yes it's the 'duty' of any responsible politician to keep all the religious minorities of his state on a common stage of action where all the citizens with any religious identity would act unitedly for the development & progress of their country.
Bilawal Bhutto's tweet is nothing more but to charge up the Christians & other minorities, so that they can whole heartedly participate in the national process of progress.
But it not means that the religious minorities of Pakistan aren’t giving their full supportive power to the national process. All the non-Muslims are equal Pakistani & are taking part in the nation building undoubted. But it’s a fact that the overall scenario and security condition of non-Muslims & other minorities in Pakistan are at their highest risk & mostly impossible to survive.
I'll not mention any one here among those of thousand examples and no doubt that those incidents totally fractured the self confidence level of all the religious & other minorities of Pakistan.
At this moment nothing can improve the broken heart of the minorities of Pakistan to exist. Bilawal's tweet is just a 'trying' to somehow manage the worst impossible social atmosphere of Pakistan. We know that Bilawal Zardari can't improve the condition but at least he tried to feel their pain. By tweeting this at least he tried to give a little bit of mental support to the Pakistani Christians and other minorities. But most unfortunately this 'trying' went in vein when Mr. Abbasi wrote a column in 'The News International' of 22 October. Why did U do this Mr. Abbasi? Why??
When Peshawar church blast occurred, when incident of Rimsha Masih occurred, when state minister Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti got killed in open broad daylight, when the blasphemy law of Pakistan takes the lives of innocent Christians, when Pakistani Christians are getting killed because of their Christian identity then what the role U use to play! I mean as a famous senior journalist what U use to do when blood of innocent Christians over flow your land?
Being a highly educated responsible man you don’t understand the objective of Bilawal Zardari's tweet, is a cruel joke for the peace loving people. Being a faithful of Islamic politics U may contradict with Bilawal Bhutto but hasn’t means that U have to opposing the idea of peaceful co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims. And above all, is an Islamic republic not enough to safeguard the Muslim interest of Pakistan. I said earlier that Bilawal's tweet was just a 'trying' to share the sympathy for the Christians and it’s the duty of any politician who cares of his country.
Now from Ansar Abbasi's point of view U may think that technically he is correct and Pak constitutional term is defending his stand. It may be wright but as I'm not a Pakistani citizen, it’s not a matter of concern for me. But the lives of Pakistani Christians & all human beings are very much a matter of concern for us. Actually there's nothing more valuable than human life & protecting human lives are much more valuable than anything. For the sake of protection there's no doubt that Pakistani Christians need some support to somehow increase their lost confidence and that'll be necessary for their lives. Is Pak constitutional term much more valuable than the life’s of their citizens? But who'll tell this to Ansar Abbasi.
The intellectual society of any nation help to guide their state in the wright path and it’s the main reason that Mr. Abbasi shouldn’t contradict with Bilawa's tweet statement. Mr. Abbasi will get enough time and scope to contradict with Mr. Bilawal in future. Even it’s the religious duty of majority Muslims in Pakistan to safeguard their non-Muslim citizens. Otherwise you don’t need Taliban (TTP) to marginalize yourself from the rest of the world. One Ansar Abbasi would be enough to isolate Pakistan from the civilized world.

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