Nationalism or Racialism – Series 17: By Pastor FS Bhatti


Why church is facing deficit? Why Christian leadership is not performing the duty to save souls? Why sons of light are in the darkness of flesh world? Why new generations of Pakistani Christian are on the edge of destruction morally, spiritually and economically even almost dead walking? Why Pakistani Christian are failed to get their rights in Pakistan? Why Pakistani Christian could not perform their duties as light in the darkness. Why Church is facing double standard of mentality? Why Pakistan is facing difficulties, under loans even nature disasters?
When human’s conscious dies then Humanity dies. I currently studied a case of Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. Ijaz Inayat, diocese of Karachi who was accused falsely by the group of Bishop Sadiq Daniel. Bishop Dr. Ijaz Inayat had been working for the Christian heritage for last 17 years to protect Christian properties for the “Church of Pakistan” from Peshawar to Karachi and Quetta even all over Pakistan. He is successful to protect Christian properties. Bishop Dr. Ijaz and his team had taken approval from high Court of Sindh and Balochistan for not selling of Pakistani Christian’s properties. But moderators and opponents groups are still on their purpose of selling for their percentage.
Bishop Dr. Ijaz Inayat had never demand any kind of financial help from Pakistani Christian for this purpose of protecting Pakistani Christian properties. Bishop Dr. Ijaz said that He is spending last days of his life appealing to all Pakistani Christian nation to wake up and protect their heritage and properties. Dr. Ijaz Inayat’s statement for Pakistani Christian “who is consciously dead then how he can proclaim that he is faithful” because dead can not defend their lives and properties. Therefore all Pakistani Christian must wake up from dead work’ walking and protect Christian spirit, values, doctrines and properties. Otherwise there will be nothing to save as living witness being Pakistani Christian in the eyes of God. Everything will be mixed up. Our Christian nation’s children will never be educated on good standards; they will never get their rights. Church of Pakistan’s door will be closed forever for poor Christian.
Bishop Dr. Ijaz said during his interview on Skype online and phone to Pastor Farhad shahzad Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress for publishing Interview about this crucial case of “Christian heritage of the Church of Pakistan”. A dispute was started from selling of Julius’ Garage in the Church of Pakistan. Karachi Church’s properties selling Gang of Bishop Sadiq Daniel and some old Bishops are also involved in selling Pakistani Christian properties to get their shares. There is proof of unlawful things what they are still against Bishop of Karachi, even he had taken degree from Court for not selling properties. Opposition group are still stubborn to sell Church properties to get their percentages of shares. Therefore these old Bishop are supporting and taking back of this group of Bishop Sadiq who are selling Christian heritages. Now they are getting target whole Pakistani Christian’s heritage of churches. Christian should condemn Land Mafia and group of Bishop Sadiq Daniel who implicated Bishop Injaz Inayat in False and Fabricated case.
Real Cheaters and Renowned Church Properties Broker’s Yousaf Gill and William John, the left and right hands of Sadiq Daniel Judge yourself; who is behind false FIRs against Bishop DrIjaz Inayat. This is the level of so-called church men supporting this clique.
In Shikarpur: Sir Henry Holland Mission Eye Hospital's property at sale, old heritage building is being demolished to construct shops and godowns, by the joint venture of Sadiq Daniel, Kaleem John and Irfan Jamil. Pay attention dear beneficiaries and ask these persons, what is going on? Ask them what they are doing to abuse and demolition of century's old inheritance of Christian Community. Innocent and ignorant Christian did not know about these so called Christian leader' deep down deception, trick and illusion to destroy Christian heritage. Dear brothers and sister in Christ, there is most urgent need of your prayers to save Pakistani Christian heritage, values for upcoming generation. Other they will ask question for old heritage of Christian.
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Ijaz Inayat Masih, National Coordinator, Church Property Bachao Tehik Pakistan has filed a Constitutional Petition bearing No. D-5358/2014 in High Court of Sindh at Karachi against the defacement, abuse and misappropriation of Protected Heritage Church Properties, particularly the properties of St. Andrew’s Church, Christ Church Mission Road and Holy Trinity Church situated at Karachi and Sir Henry Holland Mission Eye Hospital situated at Shikarpur, Sindh, while preservatory orders for the properties and buildings of Dar-ul-Khushnood, YMCA and Gora Qabrastan Karachi have also been sought from the Court. The Readers, Reformers, Church Members and Lawyers Community so the Civil Society is kindly requested for their concern, support and suggestions. Copy of Writ Petition is available on request.
This contempt Proceedings initiated against 5 Bishops by Sindh High Court. Karachi: The High Court of Sindh here on September 18 has initiated Contempt of Court proceedings against 4 bishop-elects of the Church of Pakistan namely Rev. Irfan Jamil, Rev. Kaleem John, Rev. Leo R. Paul, Mr. Humphrey Peters and the officiating Moderator, Bishop of Raiwind Diocese Rt. Rev. Samuel Azariah. The orders for issuance of contempt of Court notices were passed by His Lordship Mr. Justice Zafar Rajput against said persons on account of their explicit, willful and deliberate disobedience of order dated 24-11-2009 passed by the Honorable High Court of Sindh whereby it was directed that the result of the impugned elections (of bishops in various dioceses of the Church of Pakistan being conducted in utter violation and against the procedure provided in the Constitution of the Church) shall not be put into effect. Allegedly, despite the clear directions of the Honorable Court the afore-named bishop-elects with the active participation of Rt. Rev. Samuel Azariah who is officiating as Moderator of the Church of Pakistan, in complete violation of afore said orders of the High Court had proclaimed themselves as Bishops and by implementing result of the impugned elections. they started acting as Bishops in complete disregard and defiance to the order of the Court and started alienating and misappropriating assets and properties of the Church, within their respective dioceses. During the course of hearing some evidential proofs regarding the illegal sale and alienation of various properties situated all over the Church of Pakistan along with some pictures of sites were presented to the Court by Mr. Musharaf Azher, Advocate representing the applicant Bishop Dr. Ijaz Inayat Masih, Bishop of the Church of Pakistan and National Coordinator of ‘Church Property Bachao Tehrik, Pakistan’. The matter is to come up for hearing on October 13, 2014 and as directed office of the High Court has issued notices to the alleged contemnors for their presence in the Court on next date.
Moral Lesson
Tree is known by its fruit. Wolves are in sheep’s clothing. Who is right and who is wrong. God knows better truth. But it is vivid truth that who is selling Pakistani Christian heritage of up coming generation property. That is the work of wolves that tear down sheep and spoil their future.
There is war within church leadership. There is battle in mind of church leadership. That is why; there is much need to pray for Christian leadership. Christian leadership must think about condition downfall of Christian values.
Pakistani Christian leaders and Muslim leader’s demise
It is tragedy with church leadership that is under attack of devil’s destructive deception, tricks and traps. It is evil games against church and Christian leadership to create love of money and greed than to save souls to create peace of Christ but confusion, love of flesh and frustration. It is not only with Christian leadership but also Muslim leadership also in Pakistan. Here is example of Muslim Leadership motivation to innocent and ignorant Muslim leaders who obey the leadership. In Saudi Arabi, They picked up copies of Quran from gutter. If it has happened in Pakistan in city and town especially Christian area, then they must destroy that village or city. As we have seen so many churches and villages had been destroyed by Muslim extremists, it is extremism; even we did not hear and find any kind of extremism from that news of Saudi Arabia. Hell and Paradise is matter of personal devotion, acts and dedication with GOD almighty by grace not by works.
Why it is with Pakistani Leadership? Because they did not hear the voice of God but please people and feed their egos and pride than please God for saving souls and nobody want to be humble. There is one more fact; Church is under flesh thoughts and purposes.
It means that God’s wrath is on Pakistan’s leadership and people who are lost in their personal pursuits, greed, self-praise and self-prominence than humble before God to teach people on the right path of God Almighty righteousness. That is why, there are so many like Asia Bibi are under the death sentences. Please pray for Asia Bibi who is said that she never did blasphemy.

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