Pak-Stan, Land of pure: Pakistani demanded expulsion of the students for displaying pro-Israel


ISLAMABAD: November 5, 2014. (By Shamim Masih) Rawalpindi city was seized for three days due to the Moharam riots in October, 2013. Roads were blocked, mobile service was off and the residents faced short fall off their household items. Sunni Muslims wanted to dictate the other faiths of the country. There is large number of Shia Muslims living in the country, on every year when there is Moharam, the situation become worse. This has been on for years, both targets each other; and thus situation is getting worse day by day (I am sorry, but it is fact). When there is different school of thoughts and people are from the different faith, you have to be tolerant. Tolerance is the essence of the faith you believe in.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah has conceived Pakistan as democratic state for Muslims and all others, for they could live together in peace and harmony. And every Pakistani can worship freely according to his belief. Unfortunately religious mind set have started ruling after its independence. As a result, insecurity, terrorism and intolerance are prevailing in the country. No Pakistani feels safe and secure in the country either from majority or minority. Minorities; weak segment of the society is especially targeted but majority Muslims especially shias are not protected.
Recently International Islamic University Islamabad – IIUI arranged international student fair at Faisal Mosque. Students publicly displayed Israeli culture & customs that include Israeli flags, photographs of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaho, orthodox Jews, a high-tech manufacturing plant, and Jerusalem’s Al- Aqsa. The mere presence of the display triggered a ferocious and immediate reaction led by religious and student groups on campus and across the country. After a firestorm of criticism, authorities at the university empanelled a disciplinary committee to investigate and punish the students behind a stall. Even this was discussed in the parliament and parliamentarians demanded to take strict action against those students, who have promoted Israeli culture and painted it as land of peace and prosperity. Unfortunately people don’t accept others.
When there is different school of thoughts and people are from the different faith, you have to be tolerant. Since, the people of Pakistan tied with Jordanians and Egyptians are the world’s most anti-Semitic people. According to the most recent Pew Global Attitudes Survey only 2% of all Pakistani polled reported favorable attitudes towards the Jewish people and Israel. Perhaps, they could be Christians. Christians around the world believe Jews as favorite nation of God.
For more than a decade; Pakistan is facing terrorism and you find different protest, mobile phone service off, sit in, energy shortage etc. law and order situation has reached to its worse. Politicians are smashing with each other and nationalism is seen only in papers. Normally on the every other occasion, when people are celebrating their special days, mobile service usually is off. This is so called precautionary measures taken for security reasons.
Biblicaly speaking, Jews, Christians and Muslims are siblings of Abraham. Thus Pakistani Christians believes and obey the Word of God. We being Christians believe that Jacob (son of Isaac) was named Israel by God. And God loved Israel throughout his life and ordered to bless Israel. It is written in the Bible; Genesis 27:28-29 ……. May nations serve you and people bow down to you. Be lord over your brothers…… may those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed.

When it is written in the Bible, we being Christian have to follow the teaching and we bless Israel. When it is written; those who bless you be blessed. Isaac’s blessing was irrevocable. Israel is land of prophets; most of massagers came from this soil.
I give you an example, Hindus of India chose to be secular as that is what their religion teaches; acceptance. When there are 330 million gods you have to be tolerant. That is the beauty of pantheism and polytheism. There are around 180 million Muslims in India. Not only population is increasing by the percentage but total population is increasing too. It is due to tolerance from Hindus that Muslims are just multiplying in India.
The authorities have to realize that many Hindus are migrating to India and thousands of Pakistani Christian and Shia Hazaras are seeking asylum in different countries. It doesn’t make any difference if Pakistan does not accept Israel. Israel exists and it is member of United Nations. And most importantly Christ Jesus was born in Jerusalem and set an example of tolerance. Land of peace and prosperity; live long Israel.


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