A letter to the slumbering Christians (elite) of Pakistan. By Faisal George


Please wake up my dear Christians – we are not less than 30 million (3 crore), a week has passed away after the most atrocious, horrible, terrible and awful death of this young Christian couple. Still it’s not too late – we should go on strike and do processions in front of every government office from Karachi till Peshawar and should not stop until the Government will not hang till death all the murderers. We should block the entire main roads even motorway all over Pakistan – and if Police will stop us we will bring more people – for this cause millions of Muslims from the civil society are also agreed to stand with us. I request my Christian Politicians, Clerics, Bishops, Pastors, School Principles, College / University Deans, Students from all over the Pakistan – please move now and just stop watching talk shows on this issue and be practical.
Stop these fundamentalists now or else it become their habit. Tell them today that we are a very modest society but we can become the worst if it will happen again. Block every road of the Supreme Court where our so called Justice is just sitting and waiting and waiting for the commission and committee reports – which will never finish. We should take the revenge (now or never). 65-years have passed – we are living worst than the slaves – until which time we will…
Again, my dear elite classes of Christians in Pakistan please do your part – just once in your life. You people just eat the Christian Aid and sleep; please do something worthwhile for us so that we can live proudly.
Every Christian family in Pakistan should donate 100 Rs. or more in the this cause and campaign for strikes and processions to our leaders who can guide us and we should sit in front of Parliament and Supreme Court endlessly until and unless – our government will not take the action of Hang till Death to all these Murderers.
I hope we will come out from some fantasy and will do die and live for each other just once in our life.

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On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.

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