Case study and General Facts about killing of Christian couple; Nationalism or Racialism – Series 19: By Pastor FS Bhatti


Being true Pakistani Christian, I would like to share my pain and burden for Pakistan’s sovereignty, prosperity, peace and restoration from the terrorists that is under jeopardy of different politic parties for personal’ power and politics for personal benefits than country’s sovereignty. Pakistan is standing on the extreme dangerous situation because of those elements that are against Pakistan.
Some powerful people for their fun and enjoyment, they are perishing human souls. Who could not be concerned Pakistani Christians that are sincere with law of Pakistan? Pakistani Christian had been serving with prayer and services for Pakistan’ peace, as good citizen from first day of Pakistan and before existence of Pakistan, Now our families had come under those strangers who can not understand our feeling, faith and trust. But they had been remained in the power of drunkenness.
It is like some powerful rich people who had made all of us as strangers in our house. Our family members are strangers for each other in Pakistan. But now body knows to whom belongs? Whole family atmosphere is in other hands. They are directing according to brutal mind to create conflict, frustration and confusion among family members to keep headship according to their desires. In this way, they can use any one according to their desires and purposes to eliminate Pakistani Christian generation. They sell out Pakistani Christian properties for their desires, purposes and play with all members of family. Then family atmosphere perished into conflicts and changed into different kind of ideologies than unity in one spirit. They can not walk one accord.
We moved from India confidently with Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Now how it is possible to see too much persecution on Pakistani Christian, churches, Pakistani Christian villages. They will be concerned with our next Christian generations. When we have no control our families, it is a tragedy with us in Pakistan. So many Hindus and Sigh families had moved back to India because of rape, sexual harassment, kidnapping and false Blasphemy cases by the terrorists and strangers for their personal power and political games. So many Christian families moved from Pakistan to Sri – Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and foreign countries for getting asylum through UNO because when Pakistani Christian have no protection of any one, then Pakistani Christian will have to leave their own country Pakistan. Pakistani Christian had tired to see persecution on Pakistani Christian in false cases.
Now the murder of Shama Bibi and Shazad Masih is extreme shock for whole Christianity in Pakistan after seeing a lot of persecution, the whole country is full of cries and mourning of Pakistani Christian. Christian of Pakistan are raising voice with great grief and pain for brutal murder of shama Bibi and shehzad Masih through protests before press Club and authorities offices for the justice who were victim of secretary’s lust and moral corruption of Brick Kiln factory. All Christian Parties, ministries and churches are protesting with their banners. May God bless us and restore our identity as true Pakistani Christian in Pakistan than discrimination, political games.
As a Journalist of “Pakistan Christian Post” I went to join the protest before Press club dated November 6, 2014, one of representative of Dunya News Tv came me to interview me, He asked me question, what is your demand. It was strange question for me as true Pakistani, we want peace in Pakistan. But he asked me question as only Christian, then I replied him as president of Faisalabad “Pakistan Christian congress”. We need justice as good citizen of Pakistan. Because the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is so wonderful for all human being who gave shelter to Jews and Christian traders in Mosque. But now we, Christian had been kept under terrorists who bomb blast our churches, villages, traps us in false blasphemy cases even now alive burning had been started. He told me ok. They will on air my interview. But he did not, I had been watching online for three hours because I had been watching careful online TV.
I was shocked to see that they did publish wrong news with wrong caption. He wrote on the news that Minorities are protesting for gas lack in the houses. Dunya News exaggerated news with his mind to corrupt the real news. Then I reported on their website, but thank God he did amend after few minutes. It means that Media also is not presenting us on good standard as valuable. I had card of representative. He again told me that he had on air my interview. Then after few minutes, he did not pick up my phone.
Then I decided to arrange Press conference for the peace of Pakistani Christian who are in shock and Pakistan’s sovereignty. But our party is self supportive; all workers are hand to mouth. But we are determined to arrange Press Conference for peace. We need your prayers and financial blessing to arrange this Press conference. We want to shine darkest aspects of life and plight of Christian in Pakistan.
Being true Christian, I believe in the Holy Bible, It is written in His holy words that people will persecute you by name “Christ Jesus” who is our personal savior and founder of faith. As like Pakistani Christian are crying now with pain under brutal system of discrimination and prejudice than Nationalism from decades. Israelite was crying under king of Egypt, God heard their prayers of crying heart. God answered their prayers to give them promise land for their generation. When politic leader and religion leader did not hear the voice of Israelite for decades, then God did justice with them. History tells us through Prophet Moses story from the Holy Bible.
But we, Pakistani Christian believe in God of peace, love and mercy and forgiven. We don’t want separate province and country because our forefather had been buried in this land of Pakistan. We want peace and justice as Pakistani not minority representatives. We are still praying to God of heaven and earth. May God do justice with us for peaceful living? Because our Lord Christ Jesus’ title is Prince of peace, we want to peace in Pakistan.
It is too much hurting to read play cards of protests in shape of slogan before press club and on face book. If you don’t like to see us as Pakistani national Christian, then send us to other Christian country as respected or burn us like Shama bibi and shahzed, these were slogans of protests before press clubs mostly in pain and burden for Pakistani innocent Christian. What was main reason of murder? Shama bibi did not compromise to commit adultery with secretary of brick kiln factory? It is cruelty with Pakistani Christian

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