Penultimate Signs of the Christ’s Return. By Ali A. Shah BA; LLB Hons; MA Politics; MA Economics


Almost every believer of every Faith feels that we are currently going through the End-Time ie the Last Days before the Promised Deliverance. Through my research in the eschatology of Abrahamic Faiths, I learnt that the first persuasive and convincing sign of the End-Time and of Messiah’s awaited Coming was, and is, the ingathering of the Israelites in the Holy Land eventuating in the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. All other signs naming moral decadence and degeneration, promiscuity, conflicts, wars, bloodsheds, economic and social evils, corruption, rampant injustices, presence of MacIntyre’s “new dark age” and the rest are, admittedly, mentioned in the scriptures and are equally persuasive but they are very broad. They could have happened during any age, epoch, or era. And they did happen in the past and were properly dealt with by the Almighty. But the specific signs which tie us with the End-Time portents are very specific, like the return of the Jews to the Middle East as stated above. Apart from the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, my research further leads me to further very specific signs which I’ll call the “penultimate signs” of the End-Time: Mainly and very importantly, it is the enthronement of the final Pope at the Holy See (Vatican) as predicted by St Malachy.
2. Saint Malachy (1094-1148) was an Irish saint. His prophecies concerning the Holy See and its eventual destruction by the Antichrist are well known among the Christian eschatologists. He predicted and gave an accurate list of all the Popes to come right up to the 111th Pope (Benedict XVI). Then he mentioned the final Pope before the emergence of the Antichrist in the following terms: “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock midst many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people” (see Peter Bander: The Prophecies of St Malachy and St Columbkille, 2005, Page 99).
3. Prophecies as stated in the scriptures/ books are mainly complex and difficult to decode. Half of them become clear only after the event. In my mind, the above said prophecy has three alternative meanings: (i) The current Pope (Francis) could be the reincarnation of St Peter; (ii) The spirit of St Peter may walk-in and take hold of Pope Francis’s body at a material time; (iii) Peter may appear, reincarnated, separately and take the charge of assisting the Pope and the rest of the flock, during those awaited tribulations.
4. In any case if St Malachy was correct, and I am sure he was correct, and if my interpretation of his prophecies is correct then Pope Francis is the final Pope before the appearance of the Antichrist and the Christ (Jesus). Also it is speculated that the Antichrist’s occupation of Italy and of Vatican will not happen by force. The Italian rulers, by default, may take the Antichrist to be the true Christ, may invite him in, who then will ask the Pope and his flock to vacate the Holy See. Thus the “Antichrist will rule from Rome”. And don’t forget, the rest of Europe will be taken by the Antichrist by force.
5. Equally important is the exact name of the present/ final Arabian ruler ie King Abdullah which is found repeatedly mentioned in the old sources on Islamic eschatology. After the said named King, Imam Mahdi is predicted to take the charge. Which also means that the Antichrist will appear during the lifetime of HM The King Abdullah (born 1 August 1924): as the Antichrist is supposed to appear before the Imam, according to the Islamic sources. Thus overwhelming menace from the Antichrist (Dajjal) will put pressure on the Muslim Ummah to ask the Imam (Mahdi), who will be around, to take the charge in order to lead them. And Jesus is supposed to come after the emergence of Imam Mahdi. [Those who believe in reincarnation believe Mahdi will be the reincarnation of Moses]. Also the Holy Prophet (of Islam) is reported to have said that before the appearance of Mahdi the Arabs will be at war with each other very badly.
6. It is believed that the Antichrist (Dajjal), a non-Abrahamic Oriental Avatar is going to emerge very soon in order to wage the Final Battle. He came out of Himalayas and is now living in a prominent city, a media centre. His message will be accepted by non-Abrahamic nations who will adopt him to be their awaited Avatar. (The concept of Antichrist or Dajjal was never given to non-Abrahamic Faiths). He will establish his base in a strong non-Abrahamic nation (Japan? India? China?). He will have seven strong lieutenants; also at least 10 strong oriental nations will confederate with him (Rev 12:3). At a time of his choosing his armies, some 200 million troops (Rev 9:16) will march westwards and if not impeded will capture the countries and towns of Abrahamic Faiths and will destroy their shrines and the places of worship. Behind his advancing armies, prophecies tell us, he will move his headquarters from Delhi (or Benares) in India to Isfahan (in Iran), to Jerusalem, to Rome. He will overrun Europe and will land at Britain, as predicted by Saint Columbkille (521-597 AC). Also it seems that the USA will be besieged from both sides by the Antichrist’s navies before it is rescued by Jesus. The Mormons believe that Jesus will land in the USA, as whole of Asia, Europe and Africa will be under Antichrist’s control.
7. It is felt that the Rulers of Abrahamic Nations should get together, form an Alliance of Abrahamic Nations, stop their infighting, and resolve their disputes, amicably. Also they should refrain from defense cuts. Instead universal military service should be implemented. Also they should arrest their moral decadence and mend their debauch and promiscuous ways: halt the “filth”, “fornication”, “abominations” and “blasphemies” that they have got “drunk” with (Rev 17-19). Also generating, fostering, and funding conflicts in foreign lands must stop. In short we must pull back from the abyss of the New Dark Age.
The above matters are detailed in a small book titled Alliance of Abrahamic Nations which can be downloaded free from AAN.350.COM.
Ali A. Shah BA; LLB Hons; MA Politics; MA Economics
Alliance of Abrahamic Nations (Proposed), PO Box 9294, Harlow, Essex, CM20 9AU (UK). Tel 01279 423915, Email: Web: AAN.350.COM (November 2014)

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