Nationalism or Racialism – Series 20. By Pastor FS Bhatti


National spirit is above all to unite all religions, sects and denominations of minorities on the one platform for the betterment of Pakistan for the peace of world. Pakistan has so many sects of religion and the minorities of different denominations. If all people will keep difference of their own religion and special belief, they will never stand up for the sovereignty of Pakistan and for the peace of world, as it had been happening since 1947 in different spirits. Therefore national spirit must be in human’s nature to create God’s blessing, holiness, grace and righteousness of the majesty.
Other countries had developed and recognized as respected on the map of the world even most of them got independence after the existence of Pakistan and they have no divine scriptures of Holy Books with example Prophets and witness as Christ. Pakistan is devalued and disregarded from all aspects of life in the eyes of world because of inward problems; lack of national spirits and dangerous atmosphere of terror. Where human is under jeopardy through discrimination system of different sects of religion and point of views.
Religion is a personal matter of individuals among so many races, religions, sects, denominations, cast, tribes and colors. How someone keeps God’s Law and covenant holy in his heart and mind to please God not people. All Holy Books teaches about “Acts of individuals” who want to go the paradise without hurting fellow human being and who hurt creation of human, God is unhappy with him. If anyone wants to please people then they can not please God because God is holy.
Human can not please both God and fellow human. That is why, human try to please God who loves all without any prejudice and discrimination. When human will follow His Law and commandments, they will never disobey God. All human will follow instruction of His holy covenants to be happy and confident to respect all fellow being without discrimination and prejudice. Respect is give and take, we must respect fellow human belief and faith then we shows God’ kindness to whom we loves and worships.
God’ standard is holy, great and different from human thoughts. God does not want to perish any one but He wants from every human to repent from their wrong doing and be saved. God is not partial, God does not have favoritism. He loves all human being. God is impartial.
God does not give favor to someone and hates others human. How many human are walking on the temporary earth. Everyone has different face, nose, lips color, eyes, language and way of life. How many colors God shows us daily through His creations and creatures of heaven and earth and seas? No body had similarity in the nature and attitudes. There are so many races, casts, colors and tribes. God loves all because He made human on his image if they are black or white, poor or rich and minority or majority different from all creatures to have dominion ( Genesis 1: 26)
He rains on every human being; He shines sun and moon on all. He asked anyone about his religion, cast, color, race and tribes. He had done his good work and it is duty of human to know about His power and greatness of being. God loves Jews, Christian, Muslim, Hindus, Sikh, Buddhists and all human being even all of them have different faith and belief in His universal system from each other. God is ultimate and great power who has different names to praise and worship by human’s heart desires.
Prophets, Saints and Apostles are just messenger of God to give message to the fellow human beings on the earth who are on the wrong path. God had been sending Prophets, Saints and Apostles geographically in different regions to guide people on the right path according times and ages. But every one gets blessings according to his trust in Him, faith, deeds and acts. Nobody measures anyone heart, how much he loves God and how much depends on the God to walk by faith not sight. But only God knows about his creatures and creation. But tree is known by its fruits. Human can not think like Him. That is why, human is imperfect.
But human had been disobedient to God and His holy words from beginning. God was unhappy about first murder on the earth by brother named Cain who did kill his brother named Abel. God said to him, your brother’s blood is calling me from earth (Genesis 4: 10 – 11).
Why God had to send prophets for human guidance, because human himself did not try to please God in all ages and times from the beginning of world. Human is imperfect in his instinct of disobedience. God never forgets His promises to take care of human being from beginning. Human might lock their mind to understand and learn more and additional but God all time tries to teach all of us through different prophets, Saints and Apostle even through children and old people. God opens our mind to understand about His divine plans (Luke 24: 45)
If God and His Holy words are not allowed in schools, colleges and universities to do good with human being, then these educational institutes will be empty from His Holy word’s Law, commandments and new covenant. How peace will be established in the world and satisfaction will come in heart and minds with confidence. His Holy words are complete patron of life, geographically, morally, economically, socially and systemically about wonderful constitution of God for human being that is goodness of human, liberation of human, dignity of human, training of human on good standard, to respect human above sects, race, tribes, colors, cast, language and creed.
When everyone will respect other faith, belief and values to please God than human, because human are His Holy hand’ work. Then there will be peace in mind, heart, satisfaction and respect among all without prejudice of cast and creed. Then harmony comes by respect and standard. This will be human harmony and inter faith harmony. Nobody will hurt anyone because of faith and way of believing in Him with supremacy, God is ultimate supreme power all over human, prophets, saints, Apostle and world, who had created human, Who had sent Prophets, Saints and Apostles for the guidance of human being. Every body says to children, they are angels. Because they don’t know about mature worldly things, it is also written in the Holy Bible that your children will prophesy and old will see vision.
This kind of Pakistan is founded by Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who takes Christian in his confidence for the creation of Pakistan because of his education, good moral and shared two nation theories. Christian leader was not crazy who did not demand his own country before creation of Pakistan from the foreigners. They are harmless and peaceful citizen. Even 10 percent majority of Muslim than now the calculation of Pakistan’s majority disagrees with Quid – E – Azam but Christian agreed with him for the creation of Pakistan. Christian trusted in the Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali. Founder of Pakistan knew and understood about Christianity, Christian are harmless and peaceful citizen who can adopt and accommodate. Quid – E – Azam knew about History of Islam, Christianity and Hindustan.
Basic religious two nation theory is from Abraham’s son and Isaac and Ishmael. God likes human, He sent His spiritual son “Jesus Christ” whoever believe in Him, he will be spiritual son and daughter of God according to our Christian faith. God has given this privilege to all human to be called as spiritual son and daughter to call him as Abba Father. In the Garden of Eden, human had been separated because of his sin. Christ came into this world to reconcile man to God. Now God had given a human to control on his nature to obedience than nature of disobedience. Christ Jesus had complete power as being human to create, heal sick; rebuke evil spirits even raise dead. But he had been spending His life as friend and brother and servant to God who is serving God’ creation through teaching.
Now It is not good news for whole Christian communities in Pakistan, when national assemblies’ and any one who says to the Christians are infidel (Kafir). This kind of discussion of TV channels will create more disharmonies in heart and mind of sects of religion. If Christian had been infidel (Kafir) for Pakistan then why founder of Pakistan did get votes from Christian for the creation ofPakistan as decent human being to whom he can decide to live together.

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