Religious Extremism, Sectarianism and Terrorism promoted by Ruling Elite to Divide and Rule: By Yunis Khushi Advocate


14th Nov. 2014, Rahim Yar Khan: These views were expressed by Yunis Khushi Advocate, President Asian Institute of Peace & Development Studies in a seminar was organized by Children Welfare Society and Asian Institute of Peace & Development Studies Rahim Yar Khan at Abbasia Town Rahim Yar Khan. The aim of the seminar was to condemn the horrible incident of Kot Radh Kishan wherein a Christian couple was burnt to death by extremist mob of around 2000 people. Yunis Khushi also said that the ruling elite wants to continue to loot the wealth of the country so it promoted extremism so that the masses do not get united to demand their rights from the ruling elite and if the religious extremism is not stopped then the solidarity of Pakistan will be endangered and no one will be able to stop the disintegration of the country. He also said that religious extremism and terrorism suits the ruling elite because this helps people to release their anger against minorities, Shias and Ahmedis because there is a lot of bitterness among people due to inflation, unemployment, load shedding, lack of safe drinking water and lack of decent housing and violence against minorities, Shias and Ahmedis helps people to release their anger, which was actually supposed to be released against the ruling elite of the county. He also said that in human history different religions have been used for political and economic gains. Christianity was used against Muslims in Crusades, Judaism was used against Palestinians and other people, Islam was used to conquer many lands and even India and Islam is being used even now to continue the policy of divide and rule by the ruling elite of Pakistan. He also said that ruling elite can go to any extent to continue their loot and corruption, so far so that they can sell Pakistan into pieces and as a whole as well and people of Pakistan should never expect any good from the ruling elite of Pakistan. He also said that the dilemma of our society was that poets, writers and intellectuals who spoke and wrote about the rights of the masses were tortured and killed and jailed, but the terrorists were funded, supported and promoted by the state. Yunis Khushi Advocate also said that although no one is safe and secure in the country, but religious minorities are extremely insecure and unsafe because such mindset has been promoted that killing a Christian, a Hindu or a Shia or an Ahmedi has been made part of faith and one does become a true Muslim unless he does not kill all of them and the pity is that police, courts, and lawyers also side with the culprits and never help in brining the culprits to justice that is why none of the culprits who burnt Shanti Nagar, Gojra Christian slum, Joseph Colony Lahore, Sangla Hill or other incidents were ever punished by the state. He also said that the extremists were working against Islam and they had become the worst enemies of their own religion and in the presence of religious extremists and terrorists, Islam and Pakistan did not need any outside enemies. He also said that mass education was needed to be promoted to promote interfaith and social harmony because we all are kaffirs and believers and holy and unholy at the same time. We are holy and believers in our own eyes, but at the same time, we a kaffirs and unholy in the eyes of other people and our opponents.
Aamer Nadeem Advocate while addressing the seminar said that the incident of Kot Radha Kishan was very saddening and horrible incident and we all must condemn this incident. He further said that the main reason of such incidents was that none of the people who were responsible to burn Shanti Nagar, Gojra Christian homes, Joseph Colony, Sangla Hill or other such incidents were ever punished. He quoted the example of Rai Tahir, former Chief City Police Officer, Faisal Abad, who was responsible for the burning of the Christian slum at Gojra was nominated by the High Court Inquiry to be the main culprit for that incident and the High Court had recommended that he should never be given any operational responsibility, but he was appointed Regional Police Officer of Lahore and then he was appointed Regional Police Officer of Bahawalpur. He also said that these incidents must be condemned and the culprits be brought to justice if the society has to stop such incidents.
Muhammed Naveedul Hassan, head of the Sufia Tehrik presided the seminar and in his presidential address he said that it was not bad to be religious but it was very bad to kill innocent people just due to your religion. He said religion must teach us love and tolerance and bloodshed in the name of religion is very bad and it is very dangerous for society. He narrated a story about the Holy Prophet PBUH - that Prophet Muhammed PBUH was once asked: Who was the most poor and destitute? Prophet PBUH replied: The most poor and destitute will be the person who on the last day would have a lot fasting, Zakat, Hajj, and many charities to his credit, but he would have done cruelty and injustice to someone or would have taken away the rights of someone. Therefore, the performance of Haqooqul Abbad (the rights of people) was the most important for a Muslim.
Emmanuel Ammi, Director Children Welfare Society said we must contemplate and think about the causes of violence against minorities and weaker sectors of society.
Shehbaz Ali, a research, said all the religions emphasize the importance of caring for humanity and we must work for care and wellbeing of all the people.
The seminar was also addressed by Pastor Kamran, Ramesh Jay Pal, Khalid Mehmood Zakki and Ashraf Peerjee. Renouned poetess Shabnam Awan presented her poetry on the issue of peace and tolerance.

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