Without shaking (i) Obama etc (for UN mobilization) and (ii)- International Christianity (Pope Francis etc) - Indian Christians can’t get permanent relief; By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Shame that Christian countries are dominating-world-power still Christians suffer as minorities in many countries (ii)- Christianity will come increasingly under attack in ‘Sangh Parivar’ dominated governments (iii)- Like any other PM and CM, Modi is also helpless before ‘Sangh Parivar’ (iv)- Indian Christians should shake International Christianity (Pope Francis etc) to have links with them. (v)- Indian Christians should shake / get shaken Obama etc (for UN mobilization) (vi)- At least for religious freedom OP-1 should be replaced with MP-1 of ICCPR at UN (vii)- Conversion should be made inalienable right by UN.
A Catholic Church in India’s Capital Delhi (where ~ 3,000 people attended the Mass on Sunday) was completely gutted in a fire on Monday morning. Police confirmed to media that preliminary investigation pointed to deliberate attack (The forensic team found traces of kerosene inside the Church premises, which led the police to conclude that the attack was premeditated). Spokesperson of Delhi diocese and former Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police Maxwell Pereira also appeared on TV on Tuesday and said that targeted violence against Christian institutions, nuns, Pastors etc is increasing all over India despite on 100 days of completion of Modi’s government they gave a whole book enlisting all the instances of violence against minorities. This only shows the naivete of Indian Christians who expect that they will get relief by appealing to government and other constitutional authorities of India. If Indian Christian really want permanent relief then they will have to do the following:-
(1)- First and foremost Indian Christians should understand that (notwithstanding some Hindus especially western educated urban middle class and some others) most of the Indian Hindus are communally prejudiced. This is the reason ‘Sangh Parivar’ (RSS, VHP etc) has so much influence on people and on government machinery. Because in politics what matters is vote at polling station therefore ‘Sangh Parivar’ has immense influence on BJP for which it brings people at polling booth.
(2)- This is the reason that like any other Prime Minister and Chief Minister, PM Modi is also helpless before ‘Sangh Parivar’ [Even PM Vajpayee was helpless during 2002 Gujarat massacre where he ended only in giving sermons to then CM Modi about 'Rajdharma' (State Religion) but did not do anything to invoke section 130 & 131 of CrPC to stop the massacre immediately by using Army]
(3)- Therefore if Indian Christians are thinking that in present India (especially during Government of India headed by PM Modi) they will get relief then they are living in their make believe world. Indian (and other) Christians should also be ashamed that Christian countries (USA, its European and European-origin Allies) are dominating world in economic, political and military power but Christians are suffering as minorities in most countries (including in India). It is high time Indian Christian understand that only by shaking (i)- Obama etc (for UN mobilization) and (ii)- International Christianity (Pope Francis etc) - Indian Christians will get permanent relief, as mentioned below:-
(4)- In November 2014 end Pope Francis said that "What is required is a concerted commitment on the part of all to enable resources to be directed, not to weaponry, but to the other noble battles worthy of man (the fight against hunger and sickness),". For this to happen Christianity (its all the sects Catholic, Protestants etc ) should each come under one command of their international organizations / federations and should again start philanthropic activities with missionary zeal (of health and education institutions in all the countries) for which Christianity was once known.
(5)- International Christianity should also do the following by mobilizing the Governments of Christian majority countries to move United Nations:-
(i)- To replace OP-1 with MP-1 of ICCPR at UN so that in case of violation of at least religious freedom in any country, the UN can intervene even militarily.
(ii)- Right to conversion should be made inalienable right in every member country of UN [including in Hindu majority India where conversion is discouraged by absurdly making it criminal offense by giving lame excuse that conversions are done (mainly by Christian Missionaries) by lure of benefits (as if there can be any conversion without benefit).
[This is the absurd Indian law by which Hindus want to prevent mass conversion of socio-economically oppressed castes of Hindus and tribes ( who are ~ 25 % of population and who mostly, and some others, would like to become Christians for getting their condition ameliorated) but these absurd anti-conversion Indian laws do not allow them to do so ]
(6)- But International Christianity and Governments of Christian majority countries will not do the above mentioned easily and for this Indian Christians should do the following:-
(i)- Whenever any head of Government (President or Prime Minister) of Christian majority country comes to India at that time Indian Christians should carry out protest / demonstration in Delhi, at place where he / she stays in Delhi etc and at Embassy and Consulate of his / her country.
[Fortunately for Indian Christians the President Obama of most powerful Christian majority country, the USA is coming to India as Chief-guest at Republic day Parade on January 26, 2015. Hence during stay of Prez Obama in India, the Indian Christians should immediately plan to carry out protest / demonstrations in Delhi and before Embassy and Consulates of USA in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad and wherever Obama stays in India - in order to constrain Obama to move UN as mentioned above. Because without such protest / demonstrations, Obama will not do any thing to eradicate communalism from India, as mere appeals / letters do not move Obama http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/viewarticles.php?editorialid=2195 ]
(ii)- Various sects of Christianity should carry out protest / demonstration against their sect leaders (Pope Francis etc) in various States of India in order to constrain these sect leaders (i)- To organize their sect at international level by federation etc and to start philanthropic activities in all the Districts of India (ii)- To constrain government leaders of Christian majority countries for above mentioned.
Once this is done then not only Indian Christians will get permanent relief against targeted violence from Hindus (especially from ‘Sangh Parivar’) but it will also help vast part of Indian population in ameliorating its social -economic - political condition through conversion and otherwise (through missionary philanthropic activities of health and educational institutions)

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