During Putin’s visit India should talk about RUSSIND because In modern world only countries with grand design, will survive. By Hem Raj Jain


Russian President Putin who will be visiting India on December 11, 2014, has been invited to address a joint session of Parliament. This unusual / sudden (there was no hint of it even up-to G-20 meeting) invitation by India to Putin to address Parliament, is mainly due to backdrop of likely Russo - Ukraine war as explained in my December, 4 letter at http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/letterdetails.php?letterid=681
Therefore this visit of Putin and Obama’s visit in January will be game changer for India.
India in no case should antagonize USA, but at the same time India should not forget that in addition to paying back its debt to Russia (for active support during 1971 war and for Kashmir issue all along) - the geography is destiny and in modern world only those countries will be able to survive honorably and with peace, who will be part of grand design (NATO is one such grand design).
India (which despite hollow boasting has miserable social indicators) has huge and economically unsustainable population of ~ 1250 million people with limited land of 3.287 million square Kilometer. Whereas Russia has huge land (with natural resources of every kind including petroleum) of 17.075 million Sq. KM with smaller population of ~144 million. Moreover India (with POK) has almost geographical continuity with Russia (in-between states like Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan were part of USSR and can easily be roped in by Russia).
Therefore India will do well if during this Putin’s visit it talks about "Federal Secular Democratic United States of RUSSIND” or with any other suitable name [comprising Russia, said former USSR countries and India (preferably SAARC which will be facilitated greatly if India retrieves its territory of POK, even militarily if necessary )] which can become one political unit of RUSSIND from Arctic to Indian Ocean. In RUSSIND Russia will be joining SAARC region which is not technologically backward (India and Pakistan both are nuclear powers and India recently concluded its successful and most economic Mars mission).
In a nutshell, when in this age of IT revolution it has become easy and possible to administer large areas politically, the future of India lies with Russia where RUSSIND will give tremendous advantage of every kind (economic, political, strategic and military) to all the constituents of RUSSIND (with four language formula in place of present three language formula of India by adding one more language Russian to it.If English could benefit India in many ways then there is no reason why should India not adopt Russian language too in order to get such tremendous advantage through RUSSIND. [For example people in Karnataka in addition to their mother tongue Kannada can have working (and not literary) knowledge of Hindi or Sanskrit, Russian and English].
Otherwise Russia without RUSSIND will keep on getting harassed by West (NATO and its Allies) and without RUSSIND China mainly through emboldened Pakistan (due to chronic martial deficiency of India) will keep on harassing India (which now has no chance of catching-up with China in economic and military power). The RUSSIND will have one important advantage for world community too. With SAARC in ~ 1900 million (one fourth of world population) RUSSIND, - about 710 million Muslims (~ 40 % of world Muslim population, if Indonesia and Malaysia are not there in RUSSIND) will be there and this will be a very powerful bulwark against global Jihadi terrorism. [RUSSIND will also get SAARC rid of mild communalism of Hindus and severe communalism of Muslims]
Therefore RUSSIND is the need of the hour for all its constituent people (including for ~ 1 billion Hindus) and this is precisely here that the diplomatic expertise and acumen of Modi government will be tested in coming days during visit of Putin and Obama - that how India keeps USA in good humor while at the same time working openly, incessantly, doggedly and deliberately for "FSD United States of RUSSIND".
However it should again be mentioned that in no case India should antagonize USA while working for RUSSIND.

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