Russia should ask India and Pakistan to solve Kashmir problem (Chances of Caliphate, stronger after Peshawar incidence). By Hem Raj Jain


Russia, day in and day out, criticizes West (especially USA) for many things which allegedly disturb the global order & peace and many times rightly so. But Russia should realize that USA also takes lead in resolving global problems whereas Russia hardly does so. Rather in many cases as in Syria [in Syria (of Russia supported incompetent President Assad) a country of ~ 22 million, ~ two hundred thousand have been killed, ~ 11 million have been displaced including ~ 3 million in refugee camps of other countries (where sexual exploitation of women has been reported in social media in horrific details)] Russia is the cause and not the solution to the problem. Presently Russia finds itself in a situation (in Ukraine and in AF - PAK region) where it can contribute immensely to global peace and for this Russia (a UN veto wielding country) is expected do as explained below:-
(1)- Rest of the world including India has now started realizing that Peshawar incidence in Pakistan has history as mentioned in December, 17 letter at If articles and discussions in prominent media of India is any indication then people have started realizing that the way enraged Pakistan Military is indiscriminately killing even innocent people in the name of killing Talibani terrorists, the government of Pakistan is playing in the hands of the forces which want Caliphate in AF - PAK region
(2)- The articles and editorials are appearing in leading newspapers of India advising India to allow Pakistan to deal with Taliban terror by ensuring peace on border & LOC in J&K. But it is not possible (because Pakistan itself will not allow it) unless Kashmir problem is solved. India ‘s irresponsible policy wants Pakistan to deal with terrorism (emanating from Pak towards India) without solving Kashmir problem. Pakistan (after 1971 separation of Bangladesh) became militarily so weak that it could not think of war (like in 1965) with India for snatching Kashmir. Pakistan unlike India does not believe in giving merely lip service to territorial integrity . Hence PAK was constrained to go for proxy war in which Islam, as per media reports, has already laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Muslims for Kashmir. Hence Islam also will not allow theocratic Pakistan (govt. and its people) to forget Kashmir. Therefore terrorists like Hafiz Saeed etc will remain useful to Pakistan in its compulsory proxy war with India (even in civil law as per doctrine of adverse possession acquiescence and delay damage the title. Pakistan tried to take Kashmir through wars and proxy war but India never tried to take POK, hence Pakistan has legally better claim on J&K than India)
(3)- Irresponsible attitude of India can be gauged from the simple fact that India canceled Indo - Pak Foreign Secretaries talk in August, 2014 on the pretext that Pak diplomat talked to separatists before Secretaries talk (which as per India is against territorial integrity of India). Any body who knows anything about law knows that the relief prayed in a suit through final decree cannot be asked at starting stage in temporary injunction. But Government of India headed by PM Modi is absurdly trying to get the final relief (that entire J&K including POK is integral part of India) in initial stage of Secretary level talks.
(4)- In a nutshell martially deficient India (which did not take POK militarily so far, even before India and Pak became nuclear) will not take any interest in solving Kashmir problem and Pak can never forget it. Notwithstanding expression of solidarity after Peshawar incidence by India with the affected families in particular and with Pakistan in general, people should not forget what former President and Army Chief General Musharraf said about Indian hand behind Peshawar incidence. Musharaff is an insider (as far as all powerful Pak military and ISI is concerned) which is evident also from the fact that out of two, one person hanged on Friday in Pakistan was the terrorist who attacked Musharraf and court case against Musharraf related to treason (for military coup) is as good as closed because three more defendants have been included who will naturally ask for more defendants, with the result case will not be decided during Prime Ministership of Nawaz Sharif (the aggrieved from coup hence main driving force behind this court case) . Hence, even though the opinion expressed by Musharraf about Indian hand in Peshawar incidence is not true but it will have immense bearing on Pakistan policy towards India. And now with rage-blinded Pak military going after Taliban (indiscriminately, even killing innocent civilians including children and women) is a sure recipe for Punjabi / Tribe (Pashto etc) divide and for Caliphate in AF-PAK region as I mentioned in November, 4 letter at
(5)- Russia [which is entangled in Ukraine crises and is already on the verge of Russo - Ukraine war as I mentioned in December, 12 letter at and December, 19 letter at ] in order to avoid 'anti - human rights Caliphate' takeover of AF-PAK region should work for RUSIND ["Federal Secular Democratic United States of RUSIND" or with any other suitable name (comprising Russia, some former USSR countries and India, preferably SAARC)]. Through RUSIND, if Russia tries to bring peace and stability from Arctic to Indian Ocean then USA, its NATO & other allies and even China will certainly cooperate with Russia, even to the extent that they will persuade Ukraine to give Novorossiya (Russian speaking Crimea, Donetsk and Lukansk region) to RUSIND (and not to Russia). The constitution of RUSIND can be drafted in such a way that notwithstanding lesser numbers of Russians in RUSIND, Russia will have predominance in military matters of RUSIND.
It is hoped that President Putin will understand the present global realities and will motivate the Christian Russia to take the lead in solving the problems (created mainly by Hindus and Muslims in AF - PAK and SAARC region) by making RUSIND a reality and for which Russia (which has leverage with both) should first ask rather constrain India and Pakistan to immediately come to table, in order to solve Kashmir problem.

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