Pakistan is violating the International Law by Protecting the War Criminals Of 1971. By Indranil Maitra


Prominent Pakistani Asma Jehangir once said that the government of Pakistan should brought the listed war criminals of the 1971 war time to the path of justice for their war crime, couple of years ago in her last visit to Dhaka. When we are celebrating our 43rd years of victory of our freedom some questions should be asked to the Pakistan government by their civil society. Because we're asking these questions for the last 43 years & now they have to answer it for the sake of themselves.
Firstly, why Pakistan didn’t trial the enlisted 270 war criminals of their armed forces, secondly, by doing this they're violating their own agreement, I mean Shimla agreement, which is an international offence according to the UN's law, agreed and signed by Pakistan and thirdly how can the international community remain silent (mainly the UN) after watching the 'encourage to crime' role of Pakistan.
After the surrender of Pakistan force, a joint Indo-Bangla team had enlisted some 270 names who're involved in mass raping, looting and murder which were accepted by Pakistan. According to the Shimla agreement those war criminals must face the trial of justice & it was the prime condition before hand- hovering the defeated Pakistan army (93000 Pakistani soldiers) to the Pakistan authority. All those war criminals were from Pakistan army (defeated force), not only this Pakistan also promised that the co-accused auxiliary force (razakar, al-badar & al-shams) would also be brought to justice & Pakistan government will help and assist their best for this trial. But Pakistan never ever brought them to justice and now when sheikh Hasina gov't is doing the process, Pakistan parliament is condemning the entire process and also advised us to forgive & forget the past. Then why Pakistan govt signed the Shimla agreement by admitting those facts and conditions. They have to answer it now and if they don’t then the UN should play its role.
Unfortunately Pakistan is opposing our war crimes tribunal from the very beginning & after the 'hanging' execution of Jamat Islami leader kader mulla (butcher of Mirpur), Pakistan national assembly openly condemned it by passing a parliamentary resolution. Not only Pakistan JI leaders, the Pakistan interior minister also issued statement against the present Bangla gov't and in favor of the '71 war criminals at public meetings.
Above all, the entire Pakistan state machinery takes an anti '71 war tribunal stand and campaign internationally against Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh always remember that they paid such a huge cost by sacrificing 3 millions of lives to get their liberty status. 250 thousands of Bengali women lost their honour who were being raped by the Pakistani army. Millions of houses, constructions & assets were burnt. After the 2nd world war it was the biggest man made destruction & of course the Pakistan army obtained the 'notorious' title after the Nazi force. So the Bengali nation can't ever forget & forgive 1971 and its war criminals. For the last 4 decades B'desh wants an unconditional 'heart full apologize' from Pakistan & after decades it's getting an advice of 'forget & forgive' from the Pakistani.
There should be nothing personal phenomenon, but again it seems a cruel joke to the people of B'desh. A planned military operation against unarmed civilians can't be replaced by forgetting & forgiving. But it not means that we're favouring for revenge. B'desh is a democratic state & its gov't evaluates the necessity of constitutional rule of law & undoubtedly the trials of '71 war criminals is the prime condition to establish a meaningful society. It could have been done many years ago but at this moment we shouldn’t divert our main subject of topics.
We've learnt a lot from the experience of 'Nuremberg trial' & still now it hasn’t declared an end to search for those heinous criminals. Very soon govt of B'desh would complete it's total trial process & execution of some main war criminals from the auxiliary forces of Pakistan army. But so far Pakistan govt is encouraging the 1971 war criminals by opposing the war crimes tribunal.
Now Pak civil society should pressurize it's govt to play a positive role & not to create any obstruction for trialing the '71 war criminals. Today when an innocent Christian couple were burnt alive by extremist mob in Pakistan, when the TTP don’t even spare a children school at Peshawar, then only Pakistan’s own civil society can act for a positive change.
Otherwise the state of Pakistan will pay for it & that would be a historical blunder for them. Don’t think that the UN & the civilized world would remain silent forever.

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