We Shall Prevail...Or Will We? By Ali Sina


"We shall prevail and they shall not," was the reassuring statement read by the shaken British Prime Minster Tony Blair, flanked by fellow G-8 leaders in response to four terrorist attacks against civilians in London, July 7, 2005, that killed at least 50 people and injured 700. Among them, at least 45 are in serious or critical condition, including amputations, fractures and burns. These are only preliminary numbers. The count of casualties will certainly rise.
Blair added: "Whatever they do, it is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country and in other civilized nations throughout the world,"
That is a heartening promise and in this time that the Great Britain is hit by the worst attack since Hitler, it is most welcomed. But is there any substance to it, or is it just a pep talk?
Unfortunately the promise that we shall prevail is an empty promise. The question is how we can prevail when we are not even fighting against the enemy? Billions of dollars are being spent and wars are being waged yet the enemy is not even identified let alone targeted. If anyone thinks the war against Islamic terrorism can be won the way it is being waged, he is deluding himself. We are fighting this war defensively. No war was ever won fighting it defensively.
Even that is an overstatement. The truth is we are just sitting ducks for the terrorists to hit us at anytime they want. The truth is that we are helpless. Each one of us can become the target of some sort of terrorist attack and there is nothing we can do about it. We are like frogs with a snake in the pond. As long as the snake is loose, anyone of us can be hit at anytime and all the assurance, naked hazard alerts have no other value than making us feel better.
To fight this war, first we have to identify the enemy. The enemy is an ideology. It is an ideology that promotes hate and incites violence. This ideology is called Islam.
One commuter evacuated from a subway train at King’s Cross station reported: “It was chaos. The one haunting image was someone whose face was totally black and pouring with blood."
A doctor rushing to the scene of one of the blasts said: “The front of BMA house was completely splattered with blood and not much of the bus was left,”
A surviving passenger who was sitting in front of the bus that exploded killing ten people, said: " The roof flew off and went up about 10 meters (30 feet). It then floated back down," he said. "There were obviously people badly injured. A parking attendant said he thought a piece of human flesh had landed on his arm."
As the city's transportation system grounded to a near-halt, buses were used as ambulances and an emergency medical station was set up at a hotel. Rescue workers, police and ordinary citizens streamed into the streets to help.
The Associated Press writer Jane Wardell wrote: "Some central London streets emptied of traffic. Groups of commuters who had been on their way to work gathered around corner shops with televisions, watching in silence. The mood was somber and subdued".
This is all in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Muhammad ordered his followers to instill terror in the hearts of those who did not believe in him (8:12). He exhorted them to fight against unbelievers (8:65), slay them (9:5), punish them by their hands (9:14), and make them feel subdued (9:29) .
This is exactly what is happening. The terrorists are not misguided Muslims. They are the real Muslims doing what their prophet instructed them to do.
Not all Muslims are terrorists. But the fact is that the Islamic terrorists hide among the Muslims, who in turn either protect them or are sympathetic to their cause. Islamic community is the breeding ground of Islamic terrorism. We can’t find the terrorists to eliminate them before they strike, but we can eliminate their breading ground.
Leaving the summit of G-8 behind and returning to London, Mr. Blair said he knew most Muslims worldwide "deplore this act of terrorism."
This could be true; but what good it makes when they support the ideology of terror at the same time? These Muslims who deplore acts of terrorism must ask themselves why they support Islam that advocates terrorism. There is an inconsistency between what they profess (their faith) and what they proclaim (their words).
More terrorist attacks will occur. More people will die and if we do nothing, Islamic terrorists will eventually win. Islam has won through terrorism ever since it began. Islam may not win to become the world religion, but it will win by burning the world into ashes and for Islam that is victory.
There is only one way to fight Islamic terrorism and that is to fight Islam itself. Islam IS terrorism. All we have to do is read the Quran and familiarize ourselves with the life of its author to see this fact. In the Quran, the incitement to kill and to instill terror is spelled out in clear language in hundreds of verses.
How do we fight Islamic terrorism? Our politicians have no clue. Islamic terrorism is not going to go away. So what should be done? Shall we sit and wait until millions of us are killed? For how long we can take these hits? How much it would cost to make our countries safer? For how long can we afford these costs? Do they make us any safer? You spend billions of dollars to make one target safe, the terrorists simply move to another target. The truth is that our governments can't protect us and there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves. So what shall be done? I believe we should debate this issue candidly. We can't fool ourselves. This is serious. We are in danger. We must find out a way to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Here is what I suggest. If anyone has a better idea let him speak out.
The first step that we have to take is to identify the supporters of Islamic terrorism, those who hate the West and kick them out. It is not difficult to identify these goons. They are very vocal on the Internet spewing their venom against the West. They can be easily identified. Mosques must be shut down and mosque goers should also be kicked out. Mosques are not places of worship as churches, synagogues and other temples are. The only deity worshiped there is Allah, the god of death and bloodshed. Ayatollah Komeini said, "Mehraab (the main hall of the mosque) means the place from which war (harb) proceeds". Mehraab literally means place of war. By definition, mosques are breeding grounds for wars. If they hate the West this much, why they should be allowed to live here? The terrorists are them. We should not wait until they strike, but rather kick them out for the very fact that they do not like us and despise our democracy and way of life.
The second step is to launch a massive ideological war against Islam. It is Islam that is inciting hate and is goading Muslims to become terrorists. How can we overlook this clear connection? Ironically, the British Parliament is debating a law to declare criticism of Islam, "incitement to religious hatred" and make it a crime. This is insanity. How can we fight this war and win if we protect our enemy? This is like banning the criticism of Nazism in the middle of World War II, or prohibiting the criticism of communism during the Cold War. In Italy, Oriana Fallaci, the author of the best selling book "La Forza della Ragione" is sued for denouncing Islam. Amazingly the Italian Judge, Armando Grasso, of the city of Bergamo, instead of throwing out the suit has ordered Fallaci to stand trial. Islam must not be protected by passing laws making illegal its criticism. On the contrary, Muslims must be forced to justify their terrorist faith and prove that it merits the status of religion. Do we give the hate spewing Creativity Movement the status of religion just because its followers claim it is? Would anyone in his right mind ban the criticism of cults such as Satanism, Branch Davidian, the Solar Temple or even the cult of Charles Manson? Why in an allegedly Christian country that even criticism of Christianity is not banned, criticism of an alien and dangerous cult such as Islam should be outlawed?
More lives have been lost in Londen and more will be lost in future but those who want to remain politically correct and the appeasers are not going to wake up. They will continue defending Islam, the very doctrine that calls for their heads. They will continue fighting for the right of Muslims to believe and promote their ideology of hate. It seems the non-Muslims are on a suicidal course. Ignorance is not always bliss; sometimes it is deadly.
One day, when they have had enough of it, perhaps after hundreds or thousands of terrorist attacks have left virtually everyone mourning for the loss of a loved one, or perhaps when a few atomic bombs have been blasted in their countries and a few million of them are incinerated; when their economies are totally destroyed and their cities have become wastelands, the Westerners will rise and slaughter their Muslim neighbors. Under pressure insanity prevails. The inability of the governments and the unwillingness of the public to denounce Islam as evil and fight against it, will inevitably strengthen fascism, racism and vigilantism. White supremacists will find a receptive audience and in the name of saving their countries from foreigners they will launch their genocidal campaign against non-Whites. The silent masses will remain ever more silent. Tired of the incessant Islamic terrorism and wary of their governments' inability to deal with the threat of Islam, they will receive the fascists as their saviors and will rely on them to cleanse their countries from Muslim immigrants and non-Whites. Fascism could come back with vengeance and everyone would lose their freedom. Yet many would welcome it because the threat of Islam seems to be far more greater than the home grown fascism.
Why take the route of insanity when we still have time to eliminate our enemy with words alone and in a rational way? And yet the British Parliament wants to suffocate even this word. This law would only make fascism to come back. Once you break people's pen, they will up the sword. We can’t win Islamic terrorism unless we demolish its ideology. Islam must be demolished or more lives will be lost, more body parts will fly in the air and more innocent blood will dye the streets.
At the end Islam will lose; but at what cost? The longer we wait, the heavier will be the price to pay.
Instead of passing foolish laws banning criticism of Islam, we must encourage the discussion of Islam in colleges, universities and in the mainstream media. Public debates must take place between the proponents and the opponents of Islam so the hidden facts about Islam come to surface. Muslims living among us must be brought to accountability. They must either leave Islam or forced to leave non-Muslim countries. The can't be the friends of the caravan and the partners with the thieves at the same time. Islam is a political movement that wants to destroy our democracies through terrorism. It should not be given the status of religion.
We are not talking about religious persecution. Islam is not a personal religion of love and kindness. It is a fascistic anti human ideology with a very temporal goal in the guise of religion. It is an ideology that wants to instill terror, to destroy democracies, take away our freedoms and dominate the world. Like Nazism and communism, Islam harbors ambition of world of domination and yet demands protection under religious status. We must not tolerate this ideology of hate masked as religion. It must be destroyed and its proponents must be kicked out. If Islam wants to conquer the world, it is political, and criticizing a political movement cannot be classified and "incitement to religious hatred".
If we do the same that we were doing, we will reap the same that we have been reaping. More lives will be lost and despite Mr. Blair's assurances, we shall not prevail. In fact we will lose and that means the end of the world as we know it. It is not good to lose hope but false hopes can be just as deadly.

Ali Sina is the founder of Faith Freedom International (www.faithfreedom.org) a grassroots movement of ex-Muslims that tries to lead Muslims out of Islam and into the fold of humanity. Because mankind has no future with Islam.

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