UNHCR Bangkok responsible for death of Pakistani Christian woman. By Farrukh H.Saif


Is there any end to the suffering of Pakistani Christians in Bangkok? How many more children will turn into orphans, how many more families will be broken, How many more tears will be shed and how many more lives will be sacrificed.
It’s been years and years that we are begging to UNHCR Bangkok for treating the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers humbly, impartially and according to its constitution but all our efforts have gone in vain. We are clueless and cannot detect what is going on in UNHCR´s mind when it comes about Pakistani Christians. No matter how harshly UNHCR denies these allegations but everyone knows there is something fishy in the air.
With a very heavy heart we would like to express our sympathy and support for the family of Sanina Faisal who has become another victim of the cruelty of UNHCR Bangkok. Today she passed away leaving her husband and a two and half years old baby alone due to the hyper tension. Let us not forget that this woman had lost a 6 months old pre mature baby in her womb just 6 months ago and since then she was going through huge mental trauma. On December 20thwhen she was preparing for the Christmas celebration, she got arrested by the Thai immigration during a raid on illegal immigrants. Her husband called UNHCR´s office several times asking for help and explained about her physical weakness but no action or support was shown from UNHCR to get released Sanina. She fell seriously ill in the immigration detention center and taken to hospital where she took her last breath.
Her death was not accidental but a planned murder committed by UNHCR Bangkok which was supposed to take care of her needs and help her in any manner as a mother. But all what UNHCR did was to humiliate, insult, discourage and abandon her and her family.
Sanina is not the only Pakistani Christian who passed away in such conditions due to the negligence of UNHCR Bangkok. There are many others who have lost their lives due to the stress, uncertainty of future, fear of being deported to their certain death and lack of proper medical treatment committed by a self-proclaimed refugees rights defending international institution. UNHCR is clearly responsible for all those deaths which must be considered as human massacre. A deliberate discrimination and partial attitude from UNHCR has resulted into the destruction of various Pakistani Christian families in Bangkok who came here to seek protection trusting UNHCR but they ended up in losing their family members, being kept in detention center and eventually deported to their homeland where a certain death was waiting for them.
Shame is now a meaningless word to use for UNHCR. It deserves to be labeled as “murderer” now. Neither God nor the Pakistani Christian community will forgive UNHCR for Sanina´s death. Whenever her little child will cry missing his mom, thousands of curses will be sent to Katsunori Koike, the second protection head of UNGCR Bangkok who was always noticed to have a personal grudge against the Pakistani Christians.
UNHCR Bangkok´s hands are stained with Sanina´s blood. The Pakistani Christian community in Bangkok needs a response and culprits must be brought to justice. No more immunity for UNHCR, no more dictatorship and no more destruction of lives. Do you stand with us to take an action against UNHCR? Remember, now or never!

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