Selected Christian will never resign from parliament for rights of nation: By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


Nationalism or Racialism – series # 30: Patriotism – Part IV
It is crystal clear truth of Pakistan’s parliament, True man of his party (PPP) who resign from position for rights of people on the guidance of party. Most of people like character of “Nana Patekar” of India film industry for genuine role in film, Film had been so many cuts and edits so many time, today after seeing this reality of speech of Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi. I want to show you reality show of true man, you will see originality of truth, and how man is fed up with injustice of parliamentarians of Pakistan who are making laws, they are discussing Acts and Ordinance of Pakistan for peace, prosperity, development and justice.
Pakistan history’s strongest case had been presented by Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi to Chief Justice Ifftikar Ahmed Chowdry, this case had been promised by Chairman that it will be justified. Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi requested to all journalists, people of Pakistan, parliament’s chairman and parliamentarians. If senate of Pakistan cannot give justice to its senator, then why this drama had been showed for justice in Hall of parliament. He did present written case 113/2005, according to SOP supreme judicial with proof. He did take oath according ordinance book and defended this book of ordinance. He did file case according to law.
If senator’ case is being not justified, then who will be justified, murder had been carried out but parliament’ supremacy, if women are being raped but parliament’ supremacy, if people had been got out from busses and killed, then democracy is Zindaabad. What is name of democracy, democracy had sent me into parliament for justice, if I, Senator am not being justified with justice, then what kind of democracy in Pakistan. What parliamentarians are demanding from senate? Why questions are raised here? Will I have to protest on roads for justice? He did directly asked questions from Chairman for justice, because you had promised with me for three days. But now my party asked me to resign from parliament, because chairman had no justice for this case. You “Chairman” gave me words for justice after three days, but you have not fulfilled your given words.
He deliberately asked that has Parliament any kind of power? or just raise little clues?, But he said, I want to tell you truth, parliament is powerful, but our parliamentarians had become it powerless and destroy this book of Acts. We know power of the book of Acts, but we are not ready to accept the power of this book of Acts. He said that I had been explained in my case about leader who had been brought here on the shoulders of people, how much he was good and righteous?. He said that he had given proof in this case. He had spent so many years to collect proofs of the case for betterment.
All people had been trembling before him even powerful politicians did not take courage to defend this case, If I, as “humble son of Pakistan” tried to show boldness, You Chairman are giving me this kind respect for not giving justice. My party’s chiefs had told me to resign because you have no justice. At the end, he did thank to journalists, chairman, Parliaments and his party who had chosen me to be leader in the senate. He said that I happily resign from parliament.
And i left debts on the Hall of parliament for injustice and come Pakistan’ justifiers to justify Pakistan’s nations. You could not justify your own senator after giving so many guaranties.
If senator cannot get justice from parliamentarian; then who are minorities? and people of Pakistan? for demanding justice?, Have parliament power to do justice, ordination has power but rulers can not do justice with people and senators. Parliament’s senator has no justice from parliament.
Parliament did promise with Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi of PPP but it cannot do justice after long time ago, at the end, Senator Syed Abidi left parliament with resignation, because he had not been given justice by Parliament. All parliamentarians did give him “word” as guaranty for justice, but whole parliaments cannot do justice with the case of Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi. He happily resigns from Parliament of Pakistan because he could not get justice from Senate.
What is the purpose of doing question in the parliament? What is the purpose to sit in parliament? He openly asked question to all parliamentarians, you could not do justice for whole Pakistani nation. Where are those people who said to me that they will do justice with me, who raised me from protests? Where are those people who take oaths for the ordinance of Pakistan but only before cameras? Where are those people who talked on the Acts and ordinance of Pakistan? After oaths, this book of the Pakistan' ordinance had become only rough papers for them. If parliamentarian will make the book of ordinance as rough paper, then what will be the condition of common people out of parliament of Pakistan? Where are those people who gave me guaranties? But it is biggest question mark on the face of parliament of Pakistan’ hall.
It is also surprising after seeing this real video speech question, because all parliamentarians wanted to hear the truth and the voice of heart for justice. It is good that all parliamentarian wanted to hear truth, but they could not stand for truth with Syed Faisal Raza Abidi because of their parties limits, It means that their parties benefits and respects are important than national causes. It is not patriotism and nationalism but it is racialism.
It is a question mark on all minorities of Pakistan especially Christian nation who had been finding justice for jobs quota, rights as equal citizen, how it is possible to get rights from parliament for senator where laws and ordinance are being made and amendment are being carried out. I appreciate “ Daily Qudrat” news for bringing into knowledge on the social media facebook. Because Pakistan is for ruling parties, people are helpless and hopeless from all aspects of life.
Even Pakistani christian leaders can not resign from their seats because they had been selected on the minorities seats that is why, they can not get their rights as senators and ministers of parliaments. Even Christian cannot boycott for their rights, because their rights had been already reserved in the hands of their parties. This is democracy system in Pakistan.

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