Indian Muslims should persuade ISIS to handover territories to opposition. By Hem Raj Jain


Indian Sunnis need not be so selfish and instead should come forward to help unfortunate coreligionist Syrians (ii)- Indian Sunnis should take lead in launching HRNGO to (A)- Persuade terrorists to handover territories to opposition in Syria (B)- Assist UN in carrying out elections in Syria
-- Huge territorial gains and massive humanitarian crises including refugee crises have been allowed [by UN, USA & its European and other Allies (including Muslim countries of NAME region), members of UNSC who passed December, 18 UN Syria resolution] to be made by Assad regime & Russia by bombing Aleppo etc in violation of UN December, 18 Resolution by falsely terming ‘opposition territories’ also as ‘terrorist territory’. This was conceded by US Secretary of State John Kerry also on Saturday at Munich meet where he said that - “To date the vast majority of Russia’s attacks in Syria have been against legitimate opposition groups”.
Therefore it is no surprise that everyone has smelled the blood hence not only Assad but regional stakeholders (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain) also have started saying they will enter militarily in Syria to fight ISIS which is another way of saying they all want ISIS territory which they all now consider a low hanging fruit. This proposed bloodbath (which of-course as usual will be watched as passive spectator by US & its European Allies) will bring further miseries to hundreds of thousand of Syrians who have been already profusely bleeding and weeping for the last five years. This is utterly unnecessary given the fact that as per UN Resolution what is needed is merely free and fair elections in Syria which can take place without shedding blood if terrorist territories are handed over by terrorists to opposition as explained at :-
But for this to happen Sunnis from all over the world will have to persuade ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc (and their affiliates) to handover territories under their possession (which in any case is going to be snatched from these terrorists by above mentioned blood smelling neighbors) to opposition.
In order to mobilize global Sunni community Indian Sunnis should take the lead and should launch a HRNGO to assist UN in carrying out elections in Syria. This ‘Syria Help Indian HRNGO’ (SHIHRNGO)’ can have members from all communities Muslims (Sunnis and Shias), Hindus, Christians etc and this SHIHRNGO can have association from such NGOs from other countries and / or can make joint body at UN level in the interest of (i)- Persuading ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc (and their affiliates) to handover territories under their possession to opposition and (ii)- Assisting UN in carrying out early elections in Syria.
On my part I will also contribute my social work for this SHIHRNGO and from today February, 14 will start meeting Sunni Muslims (and their leaders) and others at Bengaluru and hope that Sunni Muslims and others from all over India will help and guide us in taking this SHIHRNGO to successful end in the interest of bringing succor to beleaguered ~ 22 million people of Syria.

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