JNU controversy has potential of solving Kashmir problem. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- PM Modi finds JNU controversy politically profitable as Muslim factor is involved (ii)- This JNU controversy has potential of solving Kashmir problem
---- The sedition charges slapped on Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) by Union of India have raised following important points / issues:-
(1)- Prime Minister Modi is involved in JNU controversy as is evident from the fact that Delhi Police Commissioner Bassi went to PMO in the morning on February, 17 and after that Delhi Police, despite order of Supreme Court of India (SCI), again allowed Hindutva goons (including and mainly advocates) to beat, journalist, students, faculty and even under trial JNU Student Union President Kanhaiya. The pro - Hindutva Modi is doing it for the simple reason that he finds it politically profitable as Muslim factor is involved (due to Pakistan, Muslim Kashmiri separatists, Muslim Afzal Guru, Islamic Jihadi terrorism etc )
(2)- Patriotism and Nationalism of citizens (real sovereigns) are not supposed to be questioned in any democracy. The State slapping sedition charges on citizens tantamount to be more loyal than the king.
(3)- The SCI has ruled (law as per Article 141 & 144 of Constitution) that unless a person is directly involved in violence sedition charge cannot be invoked. Though element of violence was not involved still government booked JNU students under sedition charges. Whereas government is not slapping sedition charges on hundreds of thousands of Jats (Hindus) in Haryana who were agitating for reservation and have indulged in wide spread violence, immense damage to government and private properties etc. This is legally objectionable blatant discrimination, if sedition law is interpreted according to Delhi Police.
(4)- Moreover since when such so-called anti-national slogans have become a crime in India especially when such slogans are regularly raised (especially on every Friday after Namaz) in J&K (Kashmir valley) ? Unless Union of India thinks that J&K is not a part of India.
(5)- Because coward & irresponsible Indian Muslims did not get status-quo-ante of Babri Mosque restored through SCI, the Hindutva goons got immensely emboldened which resulted in post-Mosque-demolition-riots including 2002 Gujarat massacre.
(6)- On February, 17 despite SCI order, Hindutva goons (including and mainly advocates) not only indulged in violence in and out of Patiala - house Court but these accused advocates (so-called officers of the court) are unrepentant and have been giving interviews to prominent TV Channels as to how they perpetrated this violence with the complicity of Delhi Police and in future also how they will do similar violence including murder of Kanhayia in Tihar Jail by Petrol-bomb. But SCI so far has not taken any prompt and exemplary action either against Delhi Police or against these accused advocates - which gives an unavoidable impression that SCI is also scared of Hindutva goons.
(7)- For healthy intellectual culture of the Universities free expression, debate, inquiry etc are necessary. Hence Police should be allowed to enter campuses only on such request from Vice Chancellors of Universities (on the basis of finding of internal mechanism of the University) otherwise creativity of the Universities will be finished.
(8)- All these problems are due to ‘martial deficiency of India’ (which did not retrieve POK militarily though Pakistan much smaller than India tried so many times). But this JNU controversy may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the people of J&K. Due to martial deficiency of India earlier mainly Kashmiri Muslims were suffering where Indian Military (instead of taking-on Pak military for retrieving POK) is showing its ‘bravery’ by training its guns on Indian citizens (the people of J&K), with the support of AFSPA etc.
(9)- Indian Muslims have rendered themselves as second class citizens of India, also by not filing writ petition in SCI (i)- To get reservation laws quashed under Article 13 and 14 of Constitution though these laws are discriminatory against Muslims, giving reservation to even those of Hindus who once ruled in India but not to Muslims (ii) To get justice in 2002 Gujarat massacre cases by invoking section 130 & 131 CrPC. But now in JNU controversy merely Muslims are not involved rather Hindus from not only JNU but from other Universities (including Jadavpur University Kolkata where too such slogans were raised) are also involved. Moreover involvement of more such Hindu Students (even with the support of Hindu faculty members of various Universities, Hindu politicians, Hindu social activists etc) is inevitable.
Therefore people of J&K (especially Kashmiri Muslims) should cheer-up and may hope for early Kashmir solution through this JNU controversy.

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