Kanhaiya can become national leader through J&K; By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Kanhaiya can become national leader through J&K / Kashmir (ii)- Speaking against AFSPA and rapes of women in J&K by security forces, not enough (iii)- Martial deficiency of India is the main reason behind all the problems in J&K (iv)- Kanhaiya should demand retrieve of POK (even militarily if necessary) (v)- Kanhaiya should become in charge of J&K of his party after ensuring new member based constitution of CPI (vi)- Kanhaiya should ensure rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits & POK refugees (vii)- Kanhaiya should add green also in red and blue for CPI coming to power in India (viii)- Without acquiring power the social – economic – political justice cannot be ensured to people / weaker section of India
--- Indian electronic media has reported that on Women’s day JNU Student Union President Kanhaiya, during a meeting in JNU, said that “[AFSPA in J&K should be opposed and (while respecting Indian military) there are cases where some members of Indian security forces raped Kashmiri women]”. This is a welcome development & indication that after showing the signs of breaking – down as mentioned at : http://www.alwihdainfo.com/Open-letter-Prison-on-Kashmir-issue-and-Muslim-matter-has-broken-Kanhaiya_a28816.html - Kanhaiya is now showing the signs that he is retrieving himself (and it is hoped he will now move High Court too for getting FIR quashed against all JNU students in sedition case).
It goes without saying that this resurrected Kanhaiya can not only easily become national level prominent political leader (through J&K / Kashmir) but can even bring his party CPI in power at center and in States if Kanhaiya does the following :-
(1)- Speaking against AFSPA and rapes of women in J&K by security forces, will not be enough rather Kashmir problem will have to be solved. Because unification of Kashmir / J&K is the only solution and martial deficiency of India is the main reason behind all the problems in J&K, Kanhaiya will have to demand the retrieve of POK (even militarily if necessary). Though there are some people in J&K who wants merger of Kashmir (if not of entire J&K) in Pakistan or independent Kashmir but their numbers are very small. Hence given proper persuasion the overwhelming majority of not only rest of J&K but even in Kashmir can be motivated to support unified Kashmir / J&K by retrieving POK.
(2)- Here Kanhaiya need not be deterred by the fear of nuclear flare-up between India and Pakistan in case of India pressing for retrieve of POK. Because otherwise also it is a Whiteman’s burden moreover the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written.
(3)- First of all Kanhaiya will have to establish his political party the ‘Communist Party of India’ (CPI) in J&K. Presently there is no CPI worth the name in J&K. For this Kanhaiya should become in charge of J&K unit of CPI after taking approval from CPI national leadership that it will allow member based constitution of CPI (to start with at-least in J&K if not at India level) where both the ordinary members (with one voting right) and active members (more than one voting rights) will have voting rights in periodic organizational elections.
(4)- Kanhaiya should keep one more the most important point in mind about political parties. All over the world political parties are increasingly becoming a tool to buttress the interests of criminal, corrupt, plundering and exploitative element of the society. Whereas political party is supposed to assist (by co-operation and opposition / protest) the government so that it runs as per diktat of law. Hence Kanhayia will have to ensure party offices in all the areas of J&K where CPI office bearers will help citizens in getting justice as per law.
(5)- Once cadre and office of this new CPI is established in every part of J&K then Kanhaiya should ensure rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits & POK refugees among the people and not in separate colonies like separate posh ghettos (as is being absurdly envisaged by Government of India) .
(6)- After coming out of jail in his speech at JNU, Kanhayia alluded to the combination / alliance of red (the color of communists which has progressive, modern, vocal and secular Hindus as the main support base) and blue (the color of Dalits / Ambedkarites and of other weaker sections). But Kanhaiya should add green (the color of Muslims as is popularly projected) also in red and blue which will be a sure recipe to bring CPI to power in India. This green will easily come if Kanhaiya deals properly first with Muslims of J&K (especially of Kashmir) and then from rest of India who all are in dire and desperate need of some genuinely secular political party WITH KILLER INSTINCT.
(7)- Without acquiring political power the social – economic – political justice (much talked about by Kanhaiya) cannot be ensured to people especially to weaker section of India. Therefore instead of unnecessarily wasting time in further academic pursuits, Kanhaiya should take the plunge in full time politics through his party CPI in J&K / Kashmir.
It is hoped Kanhaiya will understand that ‘time waits for none’ and will not allow himself in a situation where he will have to repent in future by saying that ‘when opportunity was knocking at my door I took it as noise’

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