Situation of minorities worsen under present Christian religious and political leaders: By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


Nationalism or Racialism - series 29: Patriotism - IV
Now after 68 years, it is happening more worse than past history with Christian political and religious leadership. We admit that our political leaders are powerless due to the system of Pakistan's law for minorities. They are selected not elected. They had to support their parties because of their selection system rather than Christian right' solution.
They are still following former Christian leadership' mentality who had been walking like dead people. Who did not take care of Christian generation? Now even religious leaderships who are establishing Prime Minister Prayer group in Lahore and asked membership from all over Pakistan to take part in this prayer Intercessor team. Prayer is the Key to talk with God. It is good. we should pray for our country. It shows Patriotic spirit for country.
Why these Bishops Sahib as like (Bishop Yaqoob Paul in Lahore or other bishops are not trying to get attention of Prime Minister for the Solution of Pakistani Christian' rights. It shows that they are like those leaders who did brutality with next Christian generation in Pakistan. they did play with christian' future and feelings. They should pray for new generation's future according to their godly duties. Our forefathers did prove that we are patriotic in creating Pakistan along with our faith in Christ. we work without discrimination.
Now we should need to encourage our Christian generation who are depressed, persecuted who are bruised in spirit and flesh both. Because our school and colleges had been nationalized. now our all national rights had been crashed down by Law. Christian had completely become powerless economically and institutionally. Our churches and christian colonies had been burnt even living burning had been carried out in Pakistan. Thousands of Thousands Christian families had left Pakistan for getting Asylum in other countries. Christian are morally down.
Why it is because Shepherd had become wolves over all. as written in the Holy Bible ( Jeremiah 10). our christian have no confidence in christian leadership as well as Muslim leaderships due to long suffering and persecution. Because our respect and rights had been crashed politically, morally, economically and socially. Even it had been discussed in National Assembly about forced conversion and false Blasphemy cases, land grabbing for personal benefits of someone.
A system of Pakistan's politics had proved that it is not democratic , secular or Islamic republic of Pakistan state. It is dictatorship that Muslim political parties select their dictators from Christian communities who are powerful and who can rule with power on their communities by fair or unfair means on their guidance. It is not politics, it is favoritism or power. as powerful overcomes poorest. It is not Nationalism. It is not patriotic spirit for humanity. It is racialism.
Spiritual and religious leaders had been consecrated and ordained to do divine work of Lord God as servants and sons of God. But Remember! teachers and preachers will be punished more than lay man and common people according to the words of God. It is shame on those Leaders who are guided by flesh people to get Materialistic benefits (Money, Cars, funds). We can not say that Media is responsible for not high lighting issues. Because Media only works of news with requirement of materialistic world. they do work according to demands of world, what they want to see. They have no divine insight and commitment for running Churches and SPIRITUAL KINGDOM OF GOD. They are not ordained and consecrated for God's works.
It is shame for leadership who are being considered that they are hands of political leaders and flesh people. Picture of 68 years of Pakistan is crystal clear that gives shameful sense of insecurity, honor for persecution. we say as Christian that we are sons of God, chosen people of God and have Royal priesthood. Without spiritual insight, these privilages are useless under flesh thoughts.
Pakistan's peace will be remained when they will have inner peace among people, communities and minorities. Battle is in their mind for power. On other side, political leaders are trying to change direction "Case of COT Radha Kissan". It has been observed that most of them are trying to compromise for injustice with Christian nation again. Why spirit is insecurity is being prevailed, It is also political traps. Because wicked people did not want that spiritual and religious leaders do their own work for Christian generation and church, they want to keep them busy into political games to pollute.
In the time of Creation of Pakistan, our Leaders " CHANDU Lal and Ralaram had been doing rallies with Quide - E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for a secular state of Pakistan all over Punjab sides. Our Christian Leaders urge all Christian to be counted as Muslims for the creation of Pakistan in sub - continent. It is on record.
It was a black day for Christian Communities in Pakistan dated 15th March 2016. It was memorial service "Martyrs of Youhanabad" where Twin Suicide Bombs had been attacked on the two Churches in Lahore, Pakistan. It is so sad to say that our Christian leadership is still same who betrayed Christian at the time of Pakistan's Creation except few of them who love humanity. it is unforgettable day !
We are so much grieved to say that thousands of thousands Pakistani minorities families had left Pakistan due to terrible situation in Pakistan. They are wondering in the wilderness for seeking Asylum in other countries for the safety of their lives and future of new generations. We did vote for Pakistan, even we were counted as Muslim for creating Pakistan due to Lack of people (estimations) on the guidance of our Christian leaders under Muslim leaders. How long they will kill their own Pakistani brothers and sisters for their power, glory and luxuries. How long they will do sacrifice their own brothers and sisters because of their selfish desires above humanity.
Christian leaders could get their homeland as like Pakistan for the independence of their beliefs as Muslim got Pakistan and asked for their freedom of belief from British Government. Even Majority of Muslim and Christian is still living in India. Our Christian Leaders had been walking like dead under other political parties. They are still living like dead conscious to please their political parties according to Law of Pakistan rather than to get peace and rights for humanity and Christian nation.
Our Christian leaders are selected not elected by Law. All of them get favor of their political parties rather than to solve problems of Christian Nation to be respected. They get favor from parties by pleasing them for next selection seats in election.
Our political Christian leaders did not get attention of Prime Minister of Pakistan who did not still visit Youhanabad for condolence after one year or why Christian feel insecure in Pakistan, why most of Christian are getting Asylum in other countries. Why Christian of Youhanabad still live under fears and doubts? they will not do until our Christian leader did not realize them with living spirit for Christian Nation. In fact, they knew that our Christian leaders has no interest and power for their Christian nation or In other words, they have no respect for their Christians due to selection system or they have no power politically to get their issues to be solved forever.
Why they did not think about humanity above religions. Are Christian not citizen of Pakistan, Even Youhanabad is still under doubtful and mysterious condition, even so many families had left Pakistan. They are getting Asylum in other countries because of leadership carelessness.
Is it Nationalism or Racialism?
It is humble request to All Christian religious and political leaders to think about the rights of Christian who are suffering so much, Most of Pakistani Christian had been seeking Asylum in other countries because they had been tired of persecution and lack of rights. They should work for christian' confidence who had lost their all hopes for good future for their generations. It is truth that who have power and money, they did not want to see truth and rights for innocents. It is dictatorship, Land lordship. Christ is Lord, Savior of World who shed His Holy Blood for all human being. But these christian leadership are killing their fellow Christian for their powers and interest and money. Even they stand wicked of politics on the front of truths to crash down truth and righteousness.
Or When Sun will rise up for Pakistani Christian nation and darkness will be off. what day will bring good day of respect and rights for Christian. When Girls and women will not be raped, forced conversions and land grabbing will be stopped.
When we will see Beautiful Pakistan where all human being Muslim and Christian will live together peacefully on humanity basic rather religious prejudices on all level from higher to lower.

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