Unfortunate Easter Day attack on Christians in Pakistan is not first. By Hem Raj Jain


Unfortunately Easter day attack on Christians in Pakistan is not first and if proper action is taken then will not be the last (ii)- Organized Christianity will not come to the rescue of Pakistani Christians (iii)- USFSDSAARC the only solution to the problem of Pakistani Christians (iv)- With $ ~ 15 Trillion tax money with government of India USFSDSAARC is bound to come (v)- Pakistani Christians should move SAARC / Asian American Christians to mobilize US government and UN etc for recovery of this Rs. ~ 1,000 Trillion tax money for India (vi)- Regulated-global-political-order is the only solution to Jihadi terrorism.
As per reports in ‘Pakistan Christian Post’ (PCP) in a terrorist attack in Gulshan Iqbal Park Lahore on Easter day, about 70 innocent Children and women were killed and about 300 injured. My condolence for people killed and prayers for early recovery of injured but at the same time Pakistani Christians should resolve that there will be no such condolences and prayers in future due to terrorist attacks.
It is easy said than done because organized Christianity with its religious leaders like Pope, Bishops etc in powerful Western world (who are more interested in acquiring properties and wealth than in the well-being of Christians all across the world) will not come to the rescue of Pakistani Christians. Moreover leader of free world the Christian majority USA is finding it too burdensome to shoulder this responsibility almost single-handedly. But fortunately a recent development in India (about $ ~ 15 trillion tax money) has changed the situation fundamentally and especially for the beleaguered and harassed people of SAARC region there is at last a guaranteed hope.
Here I need not go in detail (as it is mentioned in my various articles in PCP) that how the solution to (unresolved Kashmir problem and the problem of millions of Bangladeshi infiltrators in India and unresolved Tamil problem in Sri Lanka and gory political instability in Afghanistan and political turmoil in Nepal and communalism in SARRC region) is nothing but ‘United States of Federal Secular Democratic SAARC (USFSDSAARC). Moreover Jihadi terrorism which is inflicting Pakistani Christians will not be eliminated unless global Jihadi terrorism of ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc is eliminated from the world and this is possible only though regulated-global-political-order (RGPO) and for this Pakistani Christians should do the following in view of given below:-
(1)- The USA and its allies had already failed to bring peace in NAME region (especially in Syria) hence when Russia intervened militarily in the end of September 2015 people thought now peace will return to Syria etc and NAME will be free from not only Islamic terrorism of ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc but also from oppressive regimes like of Assad in Syria etc. But nothing of the sort happened rather (this month after Russia militarily has almost left Syria) now March, 22 terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium by ISIS has once again proved that unless mankind led by USA changes its global political paradigm nothing will work satisfactorily.
(2)- First and foremost global community will have to understand that in this age of globalization (brought about by tremendous advance in science & technology) mankind may not go for one-world-government but there is no escape from at least RGPO especially when people in many countries (especially in Muslim majority countries including Pakistan) are simply not competent enough to run their governments orderly & peacefully. For this RGPO, the PPI (‘Participatory Philanthropic Institutions’ registered at UN) and IPP (‘International Political Parties’ registered at UN), as I mentioned in my earlier articles in PCP, may be launched in second stage of this RGPO but Mandatory Protocol MP-1 instead of Optional Protocol OP-1 of ICCPR at UN (movable by aggrieved citizens of the member countries and not merely by member States) will have to be introduced without any further delay in the interest of bringing peace and stability all over the world which will also effectively eliminate the menace of global Islamic terrorism by ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc and by various local terrorist outfits in Pakistan.
(3)- But such RGPO with MP-1 is easy said than done for the simple reason that countries are increasingly unwilling to put boots on ground for enforcing human rights and bringing political stability in other countries. Presently USA (the leader of free world) has mainly European countries (through NATO) and countries of European origin as its combat partner who with USA go in different parts of the world to fight the battles in the interest of bringing peace and stability and enforcing human rights in such regions. But this much has not served the purpose as is evident from gory situation in NAME, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. which is mainly due the reason that there are no UN sanctioned adequate boots on ground in these countries where millions are bleeding and weeping profusely. It is precisely here (adequate boots on ground) that India can be of much help and assistance to USA and to world community in the interest of enforcing human rights as per ICCPR of UN.
(4)- Though USA has been carrying out military exercise with India but other countries too do the same hence it is meaningless for the purpose of combat requirement of the leader of free world, the USA. India of ~ 1.25 Billion people (with ~ 250 million Muslims including illegal immigrants) is the largest secular democracy of the world and that too in this part of Asia. Hence India is the natural ally of USA and should have been the combat partner of USA in making remaining world the human-rights-friendly-free-world (HRFFW). But India could not become so for the simple reason that it thus far has not been in a position to take the risk & dangers of combat (in different parts of the world in tandem with USA etc) which naturally come to any economically humble country.
(5)- Fortunately for USA and for HRFFW not only economic hardship of India can be eliminated but it can provide enough money to India for purchasing modern military equipment, arms, ammunition etc which will enable India to become combat partner of USA if government of India (GOI) recovers Rs. ~ 1,000 trillion tax money out of black money (this in view of the fact that if with $ ~ 4 Trillion reserve China can be so powerful then it does not require a genius of political economy to understand what India will be with these extra $ ~15 trillion). Based on RTI information and a PIL in Patna High Court as per expose of News Nation TV Channel (which created huge noise in March, 2016 session of Parliament too) in 2011-12 nearly 650 thousand farmers earned Rs ~ two thousand lakh crore (Rs 2,000 trillion ~ 25 times of then India’s GDP) which mostly of course is black money shown as agriculture income (on which there is no income tax) to evade tax. And in last mainly 8 years such ~ 1 million tax evaders have shown Rs ~ 2,200 trillion as agricultural income where as in 2006 only 85 persons declared Rs 16 million as agricultural income.
(6)- Here it is in context to add that Prime Minister Modi during his election campaign promised (which contributed immensely in his victory in 2014 Parliamentary election) to bring black money from foreign countries which will amount to Rs. ~ 1.5 million per Indian and which comes to Rs ~ 1875 trillion. Hence PM Modi is under legal, political and moral obligation to take prompt action on this Rs. ~ 2,200 trillion black money from India alone (black money in foreign countries is separate) which will get Rs. ~ 1,000 trillion income-tax for GOI [As per government’s new scheme if 45 % of black money is given as tax then remaining 55 % can be retained by the person. Hence if 45 % of Rs ~ 2,200 trillion is taken by government as tax on this black money then Rs ~ 1,000 trillion will come to government as tax].
(7)- About 99 % Indians want this tax money to be recovered from ~ one million tax evaders (who are misusing & maligning the profession of agriculture to evade tax in a country where thousands of real / genuine farmers are committing suicide every year) and the government of India (GOI) should have immediately raised the demand of this Rs ~ 1,000 trillion tax money from these tax evaders (GOI can consider declared income minus maximum income from land holding as non-agricultural income hence black money because on this tax has not been paid). But due to corruption of public servants the GOI is not recovering this $ ~ 15 trillion Tax money also because out of these ~ 1 million tax evaders many are politicians (including MP, MLA and Ministers) hence they are seeing to it that nothing happens in this matter (in Parliament even adjournment motion & detailed discussion on this issue was not allowed).
(8)- Hence Pakistani Christians should mobilize Pakistani Americans (especially Christians including Editor of PCP who should be glad to give real service and not merely lip service to the cause of beleaguered and harassed Pakistani Christians) who in turn should mobilize SAARC / Asian Americans (especially Christians) in order to mobilize USA and especially US government to issue ultimatum to India that in case India does not proceed to recover this $ ~ 15 Trillion in a time bound period of say one year (three months for raising demands for tax and another three months for realizing tax and another three months for initiating recovery proceedings against defaulters in fast track courts to be constituted for this purpose and another three months for recovery through these fast track courts) then it will be left with no other option than to move United Nations to constrain India to recover (for the people of India and ultimately for the people of SAARC ) this $ ~ 15 Trillion tax out of black money in accordance with ‘UN Convention Against Corruption’.
(9)- Here it is needless to mention that with this extra $ ~ 15 Trillion tax money with government of India in addition to RGPO the USFSDSAARC is bound to come sooner than later and which is bound to restore and protect the human rights of not only Pakistani Christians but also of the other beleaguered and harassed people of SAARC region.
If Pakistani Christians think it will help then I can also assist Pakistani Christians in USA in order to mobilize people of USA, US government and UN at USA, as mentioned above.

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