In light of Lahore Easter Sunday bombing: Patriotism – VI: By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


I am grieved to write on topic of bomb Blast over the humanity again and again. Blast recently was attacked in the Gulshan Iqbal Park, Lahore dated 27th March 2016. I want to lighten mysterious plan of Satan against Pakistani Muslim and Christian. I collectively want to present”school of thoughts” different scholars, politicians, religious leaders of theologies and spirituality.
1. Spiritual and divine thought of theologians. I am tired to see the blood of innocents human. Jesus Christ came into this world as human. Bible explains that Jesus Christ is Prince of Peace; A source of reconciliation of human with God, strange, unlimited patience and passion to teach human to love one another. Jesus Christ is not religion. He is HOLY relationship with God who said that i sent you sheep among wolves. Love your enemies; He takes care one sheep than ninety nine, who shed His Holy Blood on the Cross. He said that as you measure other, you will be measured with same measurement. Jesus Christ never teach on revenge but forgiveness and tolerance. God does not want to perish anyone but wants from everyone to come the point of repentance.
2. Political Point views. Parties try to fail each other party without taking care the feeling of humanity (if they are Christian or Muslim or Hindus and Sikh). They just want power by fair or unfair means through innocent’s people who have no political insight. They use their personal hatred and revenge against each other. They find opportunity to fail each other as like enemies find weakness of each other to hit. As many of them know that Christian had been fed up from Pakistan. They ran from Pakistan for getting Asylum in other countries because of persecutions and religious system of black mailing.
Most of cunning Minds knew that christian are morally low and lost their confidence because of politic system of Pakistan by Law. They might choose Event of Resurrection Day of Christian ( Easter) for bombing a blast in a capital of provincial Government. It means that they want to use sensitivity of innocent Christian for their politic games creating fight and war in mind among Christian and Muslim. They are creating differences among humanity. Religion is everyone personal' matter, No can please God by killing human to whom God had created on His image.
Most of cunning minds use religious leader for their politics. They think that religions are their servant of home to use anywhere for terror. It means that they are playing with religions. It means that they show God's laws and covenants for their purposes. Majority of People among religious leaders are uneducated, who are not highly qualified to see everything on the standard of God's pleasure and measure.
They present God with their own interests, benefits and sectarian wise or denomination wise. It means that they mix up spiritual thought with politics or worldly games for making everything worldly. There is no difference between divine and political thoughts. This was main focus Satan in the beginning of world's foundation. Satan pollutes God's divine commandment with doubts to destroy humanity. God does not want to perish anyone.
Terrorism has no religion but it was being used among religious leaders. Human make they superior than Almighty God's sovereign rule all over world. That is why, politics must be separated from religious system even churches. It clearly shows that human kills human for power , greed , lust and luxuries. as it is famous vicious law of sea, biggest fishes eat small fishes or Lion is king of forest want to deal with all animal of forest with power.
3. Scholars sensitive thoughts. Most of Scholars are worried about system of Pakistan where bombs had been blast on churches, Terrorist attacks on schools, burning Christian colonies, even living burning had been carried out, thousands of thousand Pakistani Christian had left Pakistan for their safety and security of new generation' future. But all Christian cannot run from Pakistan because of poverty lines. God had kept everyone in this world for purpose to be witness.
Government' order was for three days mourning for blast victim of Gulshan Iqbal Park, Lahore, Pakistan but it was not in practical commonly in Punjab, because electricity light has been off day and night. People are disobedient because of Government ruling teams against Government,
All other countries are obedient to their Government' orders because their rulers know about people' requirement But Pakistani ruler are not well informed about people, it mean that they intentionally prepare people to disobey, they say that how will they get their daily bread. It shows that Government order is not relevant for people as state order.
4. Historic persecution. Continual terrorist' attack over Pakistani Christian explain a long history of persecution after the existence of Pakistan. Pakistan' Government had been failed to give rights to Pakistani Christian in every field of life practically after verbal promises. These continual attacks are not only killing flesh of Pakistani Christian but also living patriotic spirits and feelings in Pakistan. It reminds new generations that Christian leadership who did not do justice with Christian generation in the time of creation of Pakistan.
It is not only terrorist attack on Pakistani Christian but it also perpetual inward WAR in Pakistan over new generation' feelings, confidence, trust, happiness by burning Christian colonies, Churches, nationalizing School and colleges to remind again and again. According to the motive of continual persecution, Pakistani Christian have no rights to live in Pakistan with freedom to worship their belief and enjoy their religious festivals. was it crime of Christian Leadership who did Vote for Pakistan's creation without conscious about Two Nation Theory?. Pakistan is going to be formed with discrimination between Hindus and Muslim. Christian has also different faith to practice.
Instead of referring to the twin bomb attack at a Peshawar Church 19th September 2013 that killed over 100 Christians injuring a further 123, or the Lahore bomb attack of 15th March 2015 that killed over 30 people and left 60 injured and was not too far from this most recent attack by either date or vicinity, they have opted to relate this incident to the the Peshawar gun attack waged at a school for military children of Muslim faith. However, this act of violence was intended for one purpose to target and kill Christians considered anathema in Pakistan.
5. Apostate People. Who want to use all of them for their own purposes without any good and against humanity? They make Government according to their desires for doing own business not for betterment of humanity.

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